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29072014. Founded in January, 2000 Largest web company in Sri Lanka, in terms of staffing and clients Provides offshore Web, Mobile, Cloud and Desktop.

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1 29072014

2 Founded in January, 2000 Largest web company in Sri Lanka, in terms of staffing and clients Provides offshore Web, Mobile, Cloud and Desktop Application Software development Operates with three offices in Colombo, Sri Lanka. World wide client base Partners with Microsoft, IBM, Kaspersky, Symantec, and Adobe Company Profile

3 *Yahoo, Mattel, Conde Nast and Citibank were obtained through our sales partners We Have Provided Solutions to…

4 “From vision to venture ; One partner for all your technology needs”

5 What differentiates us from other IT services companies…..

6 1. A boutique software consultancy company. - We hand pick our engineers - Hire senior developers with 5+ years’ work experience 2. We specialize in handling complex, complicated projects and enterprise solutions. 3. Efutures caters to some of the largest institutions in the world, which cements the quality of the services we provide. 4. We are an end to end service provider, which has our own cloud team. 5.Low staff turnover.

7 Software Development We have over 13 years experience launching software systems that implement business channels for a wide range of industries. We can help you create software for PC’s, Mobile and the web to connect your services with consumers. IT Infrastructure From computer clusters, to connectivity to the Cloud we can supply the right cradle for your business fledgling. Expert Consultation Knowing is half the battle, and we can bring in veterans to help you make the right decisions Core Competencies

8 Software Development Quality Assurance Software Maintenance Professional Web Design Web Hosting Search Engine Optimization E-Marketing Project Management IT Consultation for Small and Medium Businesses Cloud computing and Monitoring Social Media Integration a complete Service spectrum

9 Technologie s

10 HTML / CSS JavaScript/JQuery PHP Java Platform Adobe Flash & Flex SDK Microsoft.NET Microsoft C# / VB Android SDK iOS Python Technologies - Application Programming

11 Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Apple Mac OSX Server Novell SUSE Enterprise Linux OpenSUSE 11.3 Ubuntu Community Edition 10 Ubuntu Server Edition Debian Based Linux Distributions Technologies – Operating Systems

12 Oracle Database MySQL Database PostGreSQL Database Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 IBM DB2 Technologies - Databases

13 SUN-Oracle Glassfish Server JBOSS Application Server Apache Tomcat Server Microsoft Internet Information Service Macromedia ColdFusion Zend Server Technologies - Application Servers

14 Cloud Support

15 “ “ Why use With ? ” EFutures ®

16 …Comprehensive Cloud Based Services Pay-As-You-Go Readily Scalable Flexible and Customizable Secure Tried and Tested

17 Inspiring Traffic and Health Monitoring 24/7 support and service for software installations System Security Our consultation can help you run a secure service, with support all the way. Cloud Migration Reach for the sky with a strategy that reduces risk and improves Your chances of success. Business Consulting We can assist you in developing your cloud based strategy EFutures ® Cloud Hosting Amazon Web Services – by quality engineers solutions

18 EFutures ® AWS Virtual Datacenter Planning and Implementation Analytical Reports Powerful Security 24 / 7 Server Monitoring and Support Task Automation High End Engineers Web Site Optimization Data Backup and Restoration Security and Vulnerability Scanning Capacity Management Sales Platforms Healthcare Systems Financial Systems E-Commerce Insurance Systems

19 Unparalleled support

20 Offers complete range services to help you get the most of your Software investments and consistently achieve your business objectives. In addition to start-up services and 24x7 global support for both software and hardware, you also get unrivaled technical expertise from our world-class support organization. Provide a single point of accountability so when you do need help, you can count on consistent, integrated support for your complete Software solution Support Team

21 Unlimited, 24x7 access to software specialists Essential patches, feature enhancements, new releases, and lifetime support for covered software. Knowledgebase access and configuration-specific update recommendations. Personalized, proactive support tools. Services that cover the full solution lifecycle. The Support We Give Our Clients

22 Free your staff to concentrate on core business challenges with consistent, well-defined Support services, helping you manage and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Save time and money when you reduce IT and management complexity with a single point of service accountability. Run your business technology confidently with secure, dependable support. Protect your data and help maintain data availability. How We Help


24 Borsa Italiana (Milan) Stock Exchange Some of Our Work System Administration Managing the Client's entire hosting infrastructure across development, staging and production environments. Recommending, upgrading and maintaining current Linux systems, database administration (MySQL), source control administration and network security. Ensuring on- going service provision meets the requirements of the business and clients. Change management – Interface with network resources and internal IT area to discuss and agree changes and service improvements. Own and manage delivery of key technology solutions and ensure testing and reporting is performed as required.

25 London Stock Exchange

26 LSE consists of several micro websites…

27 FTSE, another micro website of London Stock Exchange calculates unique indices in more than 80 countries…. FTSE

28 Italian Stock Exchange

29 Allianz Some of Our Work Development As part of a worldwide accelerated growth project, Allianz has decided to launch a warranty business arm. The objective of this project is to enable Allianz to offer a tailored software product to their clients quickly and at an affordable cost. The main functionality of the software is client policy management. EFutures is currently involved in Java based development work for backend modules, where the technology stack includes Groovy, Grails, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, JQuery and Twitter Bootstrap.

30 Philips – Van Heusen Corporation Some of Our Work Development PVH Corp. is the world’s largest shirt company and owns brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Van Heusen, IZOD, Arrow and many more.

31 CIMA Some of Our Work Development EFutures developed the online voting system for CIMA where the main purpose was to automate the voting procedure of selecting candidates. The Online Voting System consists of four modules: Election Management Module Voting Module Reporting Module User Management System Module EFutures also provided user training for the administrative tool and 24/7 maintenance throughout the voting period.

32 Mattel Toys Some of Our Work Development EFutures developed an e-commerce application for Mattel Toys, Australia. The ‘Wishlist’ based application was seasonal (during the Christmas period) and was targeted at children who did not have the actual online purchasing power. Children could therefore access their own wishlists, manage which toys they(from Mattel’s toy list) and forward the wishlists to adults who could purchase toys for them. *Mattel was obtained through our sales partner

33 Most of The following examples aren't just websites, as they have massive back-end solutions

34 UNDP – Regional CenterMattel - Toys Some of Our Work

35 Yahoo! Healthy Cooking ZoneYahoo! Land Rover Life Some of Our Work

36 GQ Men’s Magazine for Condé Nast for Condé Nast Some of Our Work

37 Walking SpreeCoast Capital Some of Our Work

38 Peer DreamseThor Some of Our Work

39 JobsterOCI Shipping Some of Our Work

40 EndIgnoranceTapGift Some of Our Work

41 MedihoodsDrumtable Some of Our Work

42 UrchiveRokkup Some of Our Work

43 DealerText – M3OneHug Some of Our Work

44 Colombo Stock Exchange Board of Investment Sri Lanka Some of Our Work

45 inspiring solutions EFutures

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