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Database Market By Ann Seidu, Keith McCoy, and Ty Christler.

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1 Database Market By Ann Seidu, Keith McCoy, and Ty Christler

2 Introduction Defining DB Market and major players Benefits of DB Market Power of major players Enterprise and Web Applications Major players’ product portfolio’s Comparing each of the four major players

3 Database Market Database – Database is a collection of data – A database management system (DBMS) is a computer program designed to manage a large set of structured data, and run operations on the data requested by numerous clients. – Examples of DBMS include customer support systems and accounting

4 Database Market – Major Players Oracle Corp – Market share: 39.4% – Sales: 2.3 billion in 2005 up 2.4% from 2002 – Database: 75% of revenue IBM – Market share: 33.6% – Sales: 2.5billion in 2005 up 5% from 2002 – Revenue from middleware: 3.7 million

5 Database Market – Major Players cont… Microsoft Corp – Market Share: 11.1% – Sales: 1.3 billion up from 1.1billion in 2005 – Revenue from middleware: 3.7 million MySQL – Over 4million downloads in 2005 – 2000 new customers in 2005

6 Benefits of DB Market Enables you to have access to large amounts of information. Time saving. Allows for in depth analysis of your relevant data. MySQL allows you to have access to important and large amounts of information at a low cost

7 Company Power Oracle – Oracle technology can be found in nearly every industry around the world and in the offices of 98 of the Fortune 100 companies. – Oracle is the world's leading supplier of software for information management, and the world's second largest independent software company. – The database business accounts for about 75 percent of Oracle's revenue.

8 Company Power IBM – Earned a revenue of $91.1 billion with a net income of $7.9 billion. – Have over $105.7 billion dollars in total assets around the globe. – 329,373 Employees.

9 Markets and Products Big ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Big Enterprise Applications Web Applications

10 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Players – IBM and Oracle SAP Oracle JD. Edwards/People Soft/Oracle IBM-DB2Oracle Databases ERP

11 Enterprise Applications Enterprise Application – Software that hosts a large number of users in an organization simultaneously. – Rather than serve only one user at time, can run a large number of computer software.

12 Enterprise Applications IBM – (DB2) software and solutions support multiple information types - such as images, documents, e-mail, Web content, e-records, and multimedia - and provide the appropriate content, based on user intent and relevancy. – Designed to help transform business with improved productivity and streamlined compliance. – Used for large applications. Oracle – (Enterprise Class Applications) – It is widely used in financial institutions and many other companies. – Very reputable. – Used for large applications.

13 Enterprise Applications Microsoft – (SQL) Structured Query Language is commonly used by businesses for small to medium-sized databases – Within last 5 years, made presence in some large enterprise databases – Popular due to “User Friendly” characteristics, significantly cheaper

14 Web Applications Web Application – An application delivered to users from a web server over a network such as the Internet or an intranet. – Popular due to the ability to update a web applications without distributing software on computers.

15 Oracle Products Database 10g Products : Enterprise, Standard, Standard One, Personal, and Lite Edition. Middleware- Helps to streamline and optimize business and IT operations. - Increase the accuracy and timeliness of business decisions. - Secure information and drive compliance — minimizing business disruption. - Applications - provide business information for effective decision- making. - Enterprise Management – 10g Grid Control Release 2 provides a single tool that can monitor and manage not only every Oracle software element in your grid, but also Web applications, hosts, and the network in between (

16 IBM Products Database Product: DB2 Consulting PC’s Mainframes WebSphere- To compete with MySQL and drive growth opportunities. Application and transaction infrastructure that delivers high-volume transaction processing for customers mission-critical applications through two application environments with excellent security ( sphere/#).

17 Microsoft Products Database Product: SQL Server Hardware Software- Office, Windows Business Solutions: Microsoft Dynamics helps to automate, and helps improve financial, customer relationship, and supply chain management. Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0- Web server that provides a highly reliable, manageable, and scalable Web application infrastructure for all versions of Windows Server 2003. It increases website and application availability, while lowering system administration costs ( x?CMP=KNC-SQLQ3-PS

18 MySQL Products Open-Source Database Others: -Software Tools- Query Browser, Administrator, Migration. - Consulting

19 Web Market Products Big database companies are trying to increase their sales by providing products that manage web sites (IBM's WebSphere, Oracle's Enterprise Grid, and Microsoft's IIS). Sales of these products are related to sales of the database products.

20 ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) Players – IBM and Oracle SAP Oracle JD. Edwards/People Soft/Oracle IBM-DB2Oracle Databases ERP

21 Published in SD Times in July 2004 Market Share Figures May 2003

22 Comparing SQL Server has had about 50 percent fewer security incidents than does Oracle. SQL Server 2005 has more high-availability options than DB2 UDB 8.2, including data mirroring with automatic failover, fast recovery, and page-level restore. Performance- Oracle seems to be the best, but SQL Server looks to be better than DB2 and is on the rise.

23 Comparing Costs Oracle 10g Enterprise Edition with Advanced Security Option Oracle 10g Standard Edition SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition SQL Server 2005 Express $50,000 U.S.Advanced security features are not available. $24,999 U.S.$5,999 U.S.$3,899 U.S.Free

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