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CHAPLAINS Orientation.

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1 CHAPLAINS Orientation

2 We invite Priests and nuns (with Bishop’s approval)
Deacons (with Bishop’s approval) Seminarians (with Rector’s approval) Religious (with Superior’s approval) WHO WILL GUIDE US TOWARDS A BETTER AND DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF THE GOSPEL AND THE SOCIAL TEACHINGS OF THE CHURCH Chaplains

TASKS Chaplains

4 WHAT TO EXPECT Exposure to families striving to become authentic domestic churches Widen your exposure in making Christ better known and loved by a community hungry for God’s Word Include in your social network laymen striving to remain true to their marital vows who may also inspire you to be faithful to yours. Chaplains

National Chaplain is Most Rev. Gerardo Alminaza, D.D. Bishop of the San Carlos Diocese Reads the signs of the times and delivers programs, in response to the needs of these times. Extensively use the Methodology of Life (Observe, Judge & Act) Known for its original staple: Family Life Apostolate (FLA); and Advocacy. Moved on to offering services to enhance pastoral care and to train Christian servant leaders 1956 Chaplains


7 MAJOR ISSUES Absent Parent(s) Both parents working
One or both parents working abroad Schools have already taken over sex education at the latent stage of the young. Less time for family & parent-child dialogue. Increasing number of dysfunctional families Inadequate marriage preparation Domestic Violence on the rise Chaplains

8 Typical CFM deployment
Spirituality of Stewardship (SoS) in aid to Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC) Families of Overseas Filipinos (FoF) Child & Youth Development (CYD) Delivery of Family & Life Programs. Christian Servant Leadership Seminars Advocacy Micro-financing Serve Cooperative Unions Chaplains

9 A community of families called to witness to Christ.
VISION MISSION A community of families called to witness to Christ. To be evangelized and to evangelize Chaplains

10 ICCFM Methodology of Life International Confederation of ICCFM
Christian Family Movements Continental Asia North America South America Oceania/Australia Europe Africa ICCFM CONTINENTAL. ASIA CFM PHILS CFM AREA CFM DIOCESE CFM PARISH Methodology of Life UNIT OBSERVE, JUDGE, & ACT

11 CFM UNIT five (5) – eight (8) members
Hold regular prayer meetings through which they are evangelized Implements action agreed upon Become a community of families witnessing to Christ. Members are composed of individuals, dual-led and solo-led families Chaplains

12 EVANGELIZED Regular Prayer Meetings, following CFM Family Evangelization Guidebooks, addressing on specific family issues that are rooted in Holy Scriptures and the Social Teaching of the Church. Retreats, Recollections Reception of the Sacraments Chaplains

13 CFM Unit Meeting Format
Focus: Specific Topic Opening Prayer/Song OBSERVE: Read written account of what she/he saw and heard regarding the topic for this meeting – “IS” JUDGE: Use any of the gospel sharing methods to discern what it “SHOULD” be in the light of Scriptures and Church Teachings. ACT: Turn to God. Select by consensus the best way for conversion; e.i. bring the “IS” closer to the “Should”. Synthesis/Integration by Chaplain or Gabay Reports Preview of the next meeting. Closing Prayer/Song Agape All in just 1½ hr Organizational Meeting

14 Gospel Sharing Methods (GSM)
Bibliarasal Approach The Seven Steps Twin Picture Watching Jesus Group Response Look – Listen – Love Parish-Search Method Prayer Response Life-Bible-Notes Lectio Divina in Community See: Appendix of the BEC Bible Chaplains

15 Bibliarasal 3 - Steps per cycle: WHAT IS TO BE SHARED
One member reads aloud the scriptural text for the meeting, while others listen attentively. Silent reflection by all Personal Sharing WHAT IS TO BE SHARED 1st Cycle: Word or phrase that caught my attention 2nd Cycle: What God is telling me 3rd Cycle: My response to God 3 Simple rules when sharing: 1. Personal – “i-2-i & MDP” 2. Brief - KISS 3. Confidential - DT Chaplains

16 Basic Formation Books Evangelization Book For Young Members
1st yr: For Happier Families 2nd yr: Growing in Love 3rd yr: Vision & Commitment For more mature Members Stewardship Book 1 Stewardship Book 2 Stewardship Book 3 FOCUS AREA Husband-Wife Relations Parent-Child Relations Discipleship Self Family Community Chaplains

17 Other CFM Guide Books Unity & Renewal Lay Vocation and Mission
Mid Life Years Maturing In Christ The Challenge of Singleness Sex Education in the Family Advocacy for Stronger Families God’s Precious Older Children The Filipino Family in Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC). Spirituality of Stewardship Chaplains

18 As we walk the talk of Christ, where we are; and at all times.
WE EVANGELIZE As we walk the talk of Christ, where we are; and at all times. As we deliver our Institutional Programs; Strategic Programs Chaplains

19 STRATEGIC PROGRAMS Spirituality of Stewardship (SoS)
Child & Youth Development CYD) Families of Overseas Filipinos (FoF) Advocacies Domestic Violence – R.A. 9262 Solidarity Movement – against Political Dynasties and Corruption New Evangelization Chaplains

20 Institutional Programs
Continuing Education Formation Membership Development Solo Parents Chaplaincy & Gabay Family Life Apostolate Chaplains

21 Formation & Ministry Balance
Formation without ministry (service) might lead one to becoming like the DEAD SEA Ministry with no continuing formation, might lead to a BURN-OUT Chaplains

22 FLA PROGRAMS Covers entire life cycle (from cradle to grave)
Youth Enrichment Marriage Preparation Couple Enrichment Family Enrichment Solo Parenting Special Programs Chaplains

23 FLA PRIORITY PROGRAMS Couple Enrichment
Pre-Cana (Pre-marriage Orientation) Post-Cana (Follow-up for Newly Married) Tipanan (Marriage Enrichment) F.I.R.E.S. Marriage Encounter Family Enrichment Parent Child Inter-Action (PCI) Tipanan ng mga Mag-Anak (Family Enrichment) Chaplains

24 Child & Youth Development (CYD)
FIRES Sons & Daughters Encounter (SADE) Young Adults Program (YAP) Self-Awareness for the Youth Chaplains

L-I-F-E L - listening I - inspiring F - faith-seeking/faith-enriching E - empathizing & compassioning Chaplains

26 What some priests say about CFM
They are reliable and always available. They helped me build the church, both the physical structure and the people of God. My priestly vocation was strengthened by their love and fidelity to one another. They support me in both my pastoral and personal concerns. Their life experience enlivened my sermons.

27 Questions? Chaplains

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