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Arts and Older People Brighton & Hove 16 th March 2015.

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1 Arts and Older People Brighton & Hove 16 th March 2015

2 Themes How can we ‘grow the older audience’? How can/do the Arts help address loneliness in older people? How can we accommodate different expectations? What about excellence? How can we encourage older people to be more than just ticket buyers? Why personal stories matter

3 Learning There is an extensive arts and cultural offer available for all to participate Brighton’s arts programme offers chances to break away from the more stereotypical activities for older people eg bingo! Value of cultural venues as hubs of social capital Co-production and progression routes are integral to many cultural activities One size doesn’t fit all - need both targeted work & access to wider cultural offer

4 Learning We need greater clarity on the specific offer for older people We need to work with older people to ensure our programmes and communications are effective Increase multigenerational opportunities Create environments to nurture and sustain innovative practice locally Use evaluation and impact evidence to support practitioners and artists in developing shared initiatives and joint funding bids

5 The future Map current arts offer, clarify and communicate Share successes and experiences to widen scope and increase participation Co-design key messages with and for older people Identify gaps in provision, agree priorities, enhance collaboration (Arts & Heritage Network) Use personal stories of older people to inform the social history of the City and build skills of professionals Share evaluation tools Explore the use of dance more systematically

6 Case Study - Fabrica

7 ‘I think the gallery has become a welcoming space of culture and has opened up great opportunities to keep in touch with the current art world. ‘The GTSCT project has sent out an inspiring lifeline to those of us in the Brighton community who probably would not have normally ventured into many of these experiences alone. For that I am most grateful. This project has become very important to my quality of life as a retired person who lives alone. It has raised my spirits overall and made me feel more part of a community.’ – Going To See Culture Together participant Case Study - Fabrica

8 ‘We really enjoyed the session last week! I think the social cohesion offered by this project is even more valuable than the art we may produce and I think we’ll work towards bolstering the flagging Social Club at Somerset Point via the interest this project has attracted. ‘Helen and Vanessa were really fantastic with the tenants and made the art very accessible to all by emphasising how broad a spectrum there is for creative activities’ - Francesca Markland, BHCC Sheltered Housing Scheme Manager Case Study - Fabrica

9 Breathing and singing for health & well-being for older people and those with long-term health issues. Singing profoundly benefits health and wellbeing, it improves mood, relieves depression and isolation, reduces stress levels and boosts confidence. In a scan, all areas of the brain light up while singing - physical evidence for the stimulating and energizing effect of singing. Testimonials show that singing group members are more able to manage their disease and cope better with daily life. In addition the improvement increases their confidence and social ability. “I love going, the singing always makes me feel happy, and the breathing exercises make me feel very relaxed, also the friendliness of the group makes me want to go back each week.” “The exercises have helped me to relax and my doctor has halved my blood pressure medication.” Singing group participants Case Study –Singing for Better Health

10 Museum Mentors is an art group of 25 adults with complex social care needs held in Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. It aims to create a space where vulnerable adults can engage on their own terms, outside ‘standard’ social care environments. Evaluation found that: the project enhances the well-being of members, the social connection created through the project combats feelings of isolation, the focus on people’s strengths rather than ‘illnesses’ gives the group more control over their lives and a sense of ownership and achievement through creating art. “In this project I experience the rarely encountered freedom of being able to express what I want to say” Normally I find it really difficult to get out of my house.. I don’t really like open spaces, but here, it’s like a safe space for me” “I’ve become more confident. My art is still not that good but what I do I really enjoy” Museum Mentor participants Case Study –Museum Mentors

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