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Mental Health Up-Skill Jo Skinner London Metropolitan University Kalwant Sahota Ealing PCT.

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1 Mental Health Up-Skill Jo Skinner London Metropolitan University Kalwant Sahota Ealing PCT

2 Assessing the needs Issue of mental health skills gap raised in mental health needs assessment Steering group set up with key stakeholders Networking event 23 April with PCT, voluntary and statutory sectors attended to identify: Gaps in the skills base

3 Process Used Skills for Health Competency website to develop a list of key competences Set up focus groups to discuss and finalise list of key skills to be identified: –Community Development Workers –Health Trainers –GP Practices

4 Aims of curriculum design and training  To provide relevant package(s) of education and training for front line primary care staff to develop their competences in mental health  To design specific progression options for staff  To foster lifelong learning and care quality

5 Principles of course design  Make easy to participate and get engaged  Integrate Skills for Health competences  Make relevant to work needs and personal goals  Make interactive and foster networking  Use a personal development model

6 Methods Blended learning:  3 study days at University and PCT input  Virtual learning Environment Support  Action Learning  Work based learning activities

7 Programme Overview Assess current level of mental health competences Update knowledge Recognise common mental health problems Develop signposting skills Professional development

8 Where we are now?  Training course delivered 3 times via a structured programme at London Met over 6 week period  Courses 1 and 2 completed by 20 participants  Course 3 in progress - total expected participants will be 35  A range of frontline staff participated i.e. Health Trainers; Community Development Workers; Reception Staff; Community Matrons; 3 rd sector

9 Evaluation Skills for Health Competences Comments: “Although MH is a vast area I felt the training provided a good avenue to reflect and improve practice” “How to develop my role. Make work easier by signposting” “Excellent presentations – good handouts which I will use over and over” “ Had a fab time and would love to enhance my learning opportunities” “Mood mapping – using non verbals [communication] in documenting and referring on”

10 Evaluation “The time between the action learning sets was very quick and didn’t allow for all of the actions to be completed” “I felt some of the first and last days could be compacted” “Understanding mh and being able to identify symptoms and effects of depression, anxiety & dementia” “ …improved understanding of signposting” “Enhanced knowledge and feel able/motivated to start postgraduate course” “Course also boosted my confidence, KSF allowed me to see I knew more than I originally thought. To help me set personal goals (and [feel] encouraged)”

11 Challenges Time and staff commitment Recruitment and diversity Expectations and learning styles Use of web resources Intellectual Property Process for progression

12 Outcomes to date Networking and shadowing Increased knowledge of common mental health conditions Actions from ALS – signposting being undertaken Competences developed and developing Materials designed for staff e.g. flow charts Progression and onward development identified

13 Next Steps Evidence base to monitor signposting Follow up networking event - review competences - progression Impact and strategy for onward development

14 Mental Health Up-Skill Any Questions?

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