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Three Ds Focusing on the Early Career Teacher Digital Technology Diversity Dialogue.

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1 Three Ds Focusing on the Early Career Teacher Digital Technology Diversity Dialogue

2 Objectives- Examine and strengthen your digital footprint Brainstorm strategies for dialogue with community and schools Recognize the diversity state schools and implications for your classroom Develop one goal within each category that you can implement.

3 Usha Reddi Ogden Elementary School 1 st Grade Teacher USD 383 LouAnn Getz Eisenhower /Anthony Middle School Clinical Instructor KSU PDS

4 As a new teacher, what are you top concerns Current pedagogy and professionalism What is your skill level now?

5 Where do you expect it to be in five years? Pedagogy Skill level Professionalism

6 Where do you stand? Where do you expect it to be in five years? Goal today is to give you things to think about within DDD. How do you get there, what is your roadmap? Think about these things and two or three goals to share at the end.

7 D 1. Digital Technology How do you use T in your classroom and professionally (State Testing, behavior mgmt., worksheets, instruction Philosophy- Supplement to T, but as collaboration and creativity. Use what works for you in your situation, but examine your unintended consequences (differentiation) Social Media- John, Twitter Chats, RSS feeds, blogs, follow educational leaders For example Ways to use



10 D2. Dialogue For community outreach *Consequences of keeping conversation between teachers and in own classrooms? *You are with like minded people, *How to reach out to those who are patrons of the schools who don’t know or understand without insulting them. Keep it relevant to them. How do you do this? (make it about them- their money, their children, their relationships with the schools

11 Outreach Go where your parents are Welcome everyone Virtual meetings- smart phones, text messages Celebrate your classroom in the newspapers Include family in instruction- reading, tumble books, two way communication, math night Student led conferences Write letters to editor Site council and PTO Military parents Community organizations and partnerships, Get involved in service clubs, boards, - build relationships Check KSDE, Edutopia etc., for building school community relationships GET OTHERS TO TALK ABOUT YOUR SCHOOL IN A POSTIVE WAY

12 D3. Diversity Who are our students? State District School Cultural and family make up Military- Socio economic status (2= $15,960) Individualized Education Program English Language Learners

13 Students in Kansas Text Version

14 KS Students 2012 Almost 1 out of 2 (48.9%) Kansas students qualifies for Free/Reduced priced meals. For the first time since NCLB, the percent of students meeting standards decreased in Reading, Math, Science and History/Government. Populations that experienced the greatest declines in performance were Special Education, English Language Learners, Hispanic, African American, and students that qualify for Free Lunch. Although the Achievement Gap was reduced significantly over the past 12 years, it started to widen again in 2012.

15 Kansas Student Population Trends





20 Now it is your turn One new goal for this year. To address the three Ds Diversity Dialogue Digital Technology

21 Future implications for teachers *Alternate licensure and your role in that *Colleges of Education *State Funding and Gannon case *Professionalism – Teacher organizations *KNEA/AFT *Teacher leadership endorsements *Retirement issues and taking care of yourself

22 “What Teachers Make" First Grade Math Lesson

23 Contact information Usha Reddi LouAnn Getz


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