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Geothermal Power in Serbia Ralph WEIDLER CEO. About Geothermeon AG.

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1 Geothermal Power in Serbia Ralph WEIDLER CEO

2 About Geothermeon AG

3 Company Structure Geothermeon AG project development & management project investment Q-con GmbH (subcompany) consulting & technical services geothermal / oil & gas industry Project Companies

4 foundation: 2007 (Q-con: 2000) legal structure: Aktiengesellschaft (AG) with registered capital of 2.15 million EUR head office: Landau, Germany corporate objective „The prospection and exploration of geothermal resources and the development of projects for the production and commercial utilization of geothermal energy.“ Corporate Data Geothermeon’s Office in Landau

5 countryprojecttype AUSTRALIA Cooper BasinEGS / HFR Limestone Coasthydrothermal Cooper Basin Tight Gasoil & gas CANADA Athabasca Tar Sandoil & gas ENGLAND Cuadrilla Shale Gasoil & gas FRANCE Soultz-sous-ForetsEGS / HFR GERMANY Bad UrachEGS / HFR LandauEGS / HFR GeneSysEGS / HFR FinowfurtEGS / HFR BochumEGS / HFR Munich-Sendlinghydrothermal Taufkirchenhydrothermal Mauerstettenhydrothermal Bruchsalhydrothermal INDONESIA Duri – SumatraEGS / HFR JAPAN HijioriEGS / HFR SWITZERLAND BaselEGS / HFR TURKEY Kulahydrothermal Kestanbolhydrothermal Manisahydrothermal USA CosoEGS / HFR Reservoir Development Experience Geothermeon‘s team has been involved in more than 20 projects all over the world. Reservoir development in hydrothermal, EGS and oil & gas projects.

6 Track Record Competence for our Customers & Partners Geodynamics Ltd Hot Fractured Rock Project Cooper Basin  Project coordinator for reservoir creation  Design and operation of seismic monitoring  Thermal & hydraulic modeling and reservoir assessment Santos Ltd. Tight Gas Stimulation  Design and operation of seismic monitoring systems  Hydro-mechanical modeling of shear stimulation  Stimulation design Stadtwerke München Geothermal Project München-Sendling  Numerical modelling of a geothermal doublet system Panax Geothermal Ltd Geothermal Project Limestone Coast  Simulation of waterlevel drawdown in a geothermal doublet system BioEnergie Taufkirchen Geothermal Project Taufkirchen  Numerical Modeling of a geothermal triplette system Geothermie Zentrum Bochum  Feasibility study for the geothermal development in vulcanic rocks Transmark Renewables B.V. Geothermal Projects in Turkey  Joint Venture for project development Kanton Basel Deep Heat Mining Project Basel, Serianex Group  Seismic risk analysis Rhein-Main Deponie GmbH Geothermal Project Südtaunus  Partnership for project development Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe European HDR Research project Soultz-sous-Forets  Task leader for the development of stimulation technologies  Seismic data processing & analysis  Hydraulic modeling and reservoir assessment Institut für Geowissenschaftliche Gemeinschaftsaufgaben Project GeneSys  Design and operation of seismic monitoring systems  Thermal modeling Enro Geothermie AG Geothermal convoi Brandenburg  Feasibility study for HFR reservoir stimulation  Thermal & hydraulic modeling University of Utah Geothermal Project Coso  Reservoir stimulation design Stadtwerke Bad Urach German HDR Project  Project leader for reservoir stimulation  Seismic real-time monitoring service and data processing  Hydraulic modeling and reservoir assessment Shell Project Tar Sand  Feasibility study for seismic reservoir monitoring and characterization Universität Karlsruhe/EnBw Geothermal Project Bruchsal  Design and operation of seismic monitoring systems Ministerium für Umwelt, Forsten und Verbraucherschutz Expert Panel  Seismic Risk Analysis for Landau Geothermal Project Hochbauamt Ulm Geothermal Project Pfullendorf  Seismic risk analysis GeoEnergy GmbH Geothermal Project Brühl  Installation and operation of seismic network  Seismic risk analysis Geothermie Neuried Geothermal Project Neuried  Seismic risk analysis GeoEnergie Taufkirchen Geothermal Project Taufkirchen  Geothermal Modeling Customers & Partners

7 Team of Geothermeon AG Technology Leader for Enhanced Geothermal Systems Active participation in almost all EGS projects over the last 30 years!

8 Enhanced Geothermal Systems The Key Technology for Serbia? Enhanced Geothermal Systems The Key Technology for Serbia?

9 Serbia = EGS/HDR country? “Serbia is considered to be a country rich in geothermal resources that appear as heat originated from hot and dry rocks of large Neogene granitoid intrusions. Therefore, by applying … HDR technology Serbia is capable of becoming a major producer and exporter of electric power.“ Mihailo Milivojevic (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mining and Geology)

10 Key technologies for developing an EGS Project Reservoir Testing Reserve Evaluation & Well Targeting Reserve Evaluation & Well Targeting Reservoir Modelling Drilling Project Cycle Stimulation & Seismic Monitoring Stimulation & Seismic Monitoring

11 reservoir stimulation is the most powerful tool to improve the economics of a geothermal project Geothermeon’s team has successfully increased production rates in more than 20 operations no “dry” wells so far! Reservoir Stimulation turning „poor“ wells into profitable producers

12 Microseismic Monitoring „What you see is what you get!“ The stimulation process is monitored and controlled by microseimic monitoring technology. Real-time data processing allows immediate visualization of the reservoir creation in 3-D

13 Video Animation of a Hydraulic Stimulation Stimulation of GPK-2 (Soultz-sous-Forets, France)

14 Geothermeon‘s in-house technologies design of engineered reservoirs reservoir stimulation treatments specialized well completion concepts monitoring systems (hardware & software) real-time monitoring during stimulation mapping and characterization of engineered reservoirs seismic risk analyses computer simulation of hydraulic, thermal, mechanical and transport processes economic reserve assessment optimization of well design & well targeting parameters optimization of operation parameters design of well test programs well test analyses reservoir interpretation

15 Business Opportunities

16 What kind of business relations are we looking for? Joint Venture Partners local investors (private or public) who are interested in a joint development of geothermal power projects Customers governmental or private institutions who are looking for technical and management expertise for geothermal projects

17 Excellence in Geothermal Project Development Geothermeon AG 76829 Landau Germany Q-con GmbH 76887 Bad Bergzabern Germany

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