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Systems Analysis Introduction Nizar R. Mabroukeh

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1 Systems Analysis Introduction Nizar R. Mabroukeh

2 Nizar Mabroukeh, 20002 Systems and Procedures System: A network of interrelated procedures that are joined together to perform an activity or to accomplish a specific objective. Procedure: A precise series of step-by-step instructions that explain: –What is to be done. –Who will do it –When it will be done –How it will be done.

3 Nizar Mabroukeh, 20003 Definition of Systems Analysis It is the process of analyzing a system with the potential goal of improving or modifying it. It involves the study and design of a system in order to modify it, hopefully to the better. In the systems analysis approach, all major influences and constraints are identified and evaluated in terms of their impact on various decision points in the system. Decision Point: That point in a system at which some person or automatic mechanism must react to input data and make a decision.

4 Nizar Mabroukeh, 20004 Definition of A Systems Analyst A person who can start with a complex problem, break it down logically, and identify the reasonable solutions. To be affective he must be able to understand and analyze the existing system and procedures and design new ones when required. He views a systems situation in terms if its scope, objectives and the organizational framework.

5 Nizar Mabroukeh, 20005 Directives to the Analyst - Scope Scope: The scope of a system is its Range. What boundaries will this study encompass? These boundaries are the breadth that the study will encompass or cover.

6 Nizar Mabroukeh, 20006 Directives to the Analyst - Objectives Whatever the analyst is trying to accomplish. How can it be accomplished within the organization ’ s framework

7 Nizar Mabroukeh, 20007 Directives to the Analyst - Organizational Framework The Information Structure within which the system operates. It is very important to a systems analyst to understand the information used in the current system as well as information that may be used in a proposed system.

8 Nizar Mabroukeh, 20008 Job Descriptions for SA’s Manger of Systems Analysis. Lead Systems Analyst. Senior Systems Analyst. Systems Analyst. Systems Analyst Trainee. Programmer Analyst.

9 Nizar Mabroukeh, 20009 Relationship of the Systems Dept. to the Rest of the Organization.

10 Nizar Mabroukeh, 200010 Further Reading Jerry Fitzgerald & Ardra Fitzgerald, “ Fundamentals of Systems Analysis. ” John Wiley & Sons. 3 rd edition, 1987.

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