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Draw this diagram on the next page in your Interactive Notebook Full page Page 138 M.A.I.N. Causes of WWI.

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1 Draw this diagram on the next page in your Interactive Notebook Full page Page 138 M.A.I.N. Causes of WWI

2 Title your boxes: Top left hand corner- Militarism Top right hand corner- Alliances Bottom left hand corner- Imperialism Bottom right hand corner- Nationalism As we go through the prezi, please fill in the boxes.

3 World War I Quote Interpretation top of 139 The Schlieffen Plan: Kaiser Wilhelm II proclaimed we will have “Paris for lunch and St. Petersburg for dinner.” During the 1890s, German General Alfred von Schlieffen drew up a plan of action that called for a lightening-quick attack against France while Russia slowly mobilized. Under the Schlieffen Plan, almost the entire German army would race west through Belgium to knock France out action before the Russian army was ready to fight in the east…Speed was vital to the German plan… 1. What does the quote say about the German view of the war? 2. How was the Schlieffen plan short sided?

4 The Two Fronts: Underneath Quote Interpretation on page 139  WESTERN FRONT:  France & Britain vs. Germany  Trench Warfare and new military weapons led to a stalemate (neither advanced).  Battle of Verdun, France, both sides lost more than 300,000 men, yet the Germans gained 4 miles. o Battle of Somme: both sides lost 500,000 men and Britain gained 5 miles. o Problems with Trench Warfare? o Trench foot o Rats o Lice o “Up and Over” – massive deaths o Mud o “No Man’s Land” - land between trenches  EASTERN FRONT:  “The Frozen Front”  Russians & Serbs vs. Austrians, Turks and Germans  Battle of Tannenberg: August 1914, the Germans crushed the invading Russians – Russia never recovered from its defeat.  Russia Struggles: Lack of food, guns, boots, blankets o Russia’s Asset: Enormous population – held Germans back for 3 years. o Results: Russia had the most casualties and helped the revolutionary leader, Vladimir Lenin rise to power.

5 New Technologies Pg. 140 Whole Page New TechnologyDescription from Presentations Trench Warfare Airplanes Submarines Machine Gun Howitzer Chemical Weapons Flamethrowers Tanks Telephone and Radio

6 Genocide and the Ottoman Empire: Top half of Pg 141 Genocide: the deliberate killing of a certain group of people. April 24, 1915: The Genocide began with the arrest and execution of several hundred Armenian intellectuals. Abuses by the Ottoman government:  Mass arrests  Killing squads  Forced death marches  Forced starvation The organized killing of the Armenian Christians living in the Ottoman Empire during WWI is considered one of the first modern acts of genocide. To this day, the Turkish government (replaced the Ottomans) denies the actions as genocide. The Century Clip

7 DO NOW: Please have out your vocab for review. Grab a dry-erase board and a marker for your team and be ready to review the vocab. Thank you.

8 The USA Enters the War Bottom half of pg. 141  The Century Clip 1914 – The U.S. issues a policy of neutrality, but…sold supplies and gave aid to the Allied side of the war…  April 2, 1917, President Wilson asks Congress to declare war on Germany based on… 1. Unrestricted submarine warfare – Germany was sinking any vessels they encountered in the Atlantic Ocean, even if they had American passengers on board.  Lusitania – British passenger ship was sunk in May, 1915 killing 1,200 people including 128 Americans. 2. Zimmerman Note /Telegram - Britain intercepted a message from German foreign secretary (Arthur Zimmerman) to Mexico. Message indicated Germany would support Mexico if they were to wage war against the U.S. to reclaim land in American southwest.

9 Russian Revolution Reading: Glue/tape the reading on half of pg. 142. Using the questions and the activities on the board read the document and answer the questions and complete the Russian Revolution Timeline. We will review when done. You can work with a partner, you have 10 minutes.

10 Title page 143 Treaty of Versailles and The Fourteen Points Using the worksheet, the textbook and a pencil. Draw and fill out the Venn Diagram to the best of your ability. Work with a partner, we will review when done. You can use the whole page You have 10 minutes.

11 Page 144 Paste in the Notes Sheet for the Great Depression Holding your notebook landscape style, paste/glue in the great depression notes sheet. Highlight the filled in parts of the notes.

12 Political Social Class Military Economic Cultural Basic Principles : authoritarian; state more important than the individual; charismatic leader; action oriented Characteristics of Fascism Similarities and Differences

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