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Roaring Twenties “Roaring 20’s” – when there was widespread prosperity.

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1 Roaring Twenties “Roaring 20’s” – when there was widespread prosperity.

2 New form of music from African American music

3 jazz

4 “Right to vote”

5 suffrage

6 Method used for mass production

7 assembly line

8 Another word for “flight”

9 Flight aviation

10 “A person who uses up goods and services”

11 consumer

12 When people buy things on time…making payments each month

13 installment buying

14 Rebirth of African American culture that happened as a result of migration

15 Harlem Renaissance

16 Movement of people from one place to another

17 migration

18 Because of the availability of cars, this area of our nation grew quickly in the 20’s

19 suburbs

20 Famous American pilot who flew long distances

21 Charles Lindberg

22 Famous African American jazz musician

23 Louis Armstrong Duke Ellington

24 Famous African American author

25 Langston Hughes

26 New technology that created broadcast centers to entertain Americans

27 radio stations

28 Twenties dance craze

29 The Charleston

30 Another name for movies given because they had sound

31 The “Talking Pictures”

32 A group of people joined together in some kind of work or activity.

33 Company

34 The control of money that is earned and spent in a home, business, or government.

35 Economy

36 A person who moves from place to place to find work.

37 Migrant

38 Limiting alcohol in our culture

39 Prohibition

40 Famous comic actor of the 20’s who silently stole America’s attention.

41 Charlie chaplain

42 Famous woman who overcame her handicap and influenced America.

43 Helen Keller

44 Famous baseball player of the 20’s

45 Babe Ruth

46 Why did people have more free time during the Twenties?

47 Labor unions fought for shorter workdays; labor-saving devices invented.

48 How did many Americans make fortunes in the Twenties?

49 Buying and selling stocks

50 What were some of the new electrical appliances that saved time?

51 washing machines, irons, vacuum cleaners

52 Who was a composer of jazz? Duke Ellington

53 What cultural movement reflected African American life in the 20’s?

54 Harlem Renaissance

55 Where is Harlem?

56 New York City

57 What was the Harlem Renaissance?

58 Artistic movement that reflected the African American life during the 20’s

59 What item could many people with moderate incomes buy during the 20’s?

60 automobile

61 How did the automobile change American life?

62 brought city and country life closer; helped rural children get to school; helped farmers bring produce to urban markets; expanded tourism

63 What types of radio shows were broadcast during the 20’s? music, news, sports, comedy and soap operas

64 What entertainment invention was popular in the US in the 20’s?

65 The “Talking Pictures” or movies.

66 How do we use the word media in the US?

67 describe methods of communication that reaches a large number of people

68 List examples of media:

69 radio, newspapers, magazines

70 Who was Charles Lindbergh?

71 He made first nonstop solo airplane flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

72 Why did many women become involved in the suffrage movement?

73 Temperance groups and progressive reformers knew they could not get their goals of no alcohol and changes in working conditions without women’s right to vote.

74 What was the Nineteenth Amendment?

75 Women’s right to vote

76 Who was Susan B Anthony?

77 Susan B. Anthony was a suffrage leader.

78 What did many people returning from WWI believe about jobs in the U.S.?

79 Good jobs should go to people born in the U.S.. This caused people to be prejudiced toward immigrants.

80 What group of people continued to make life difficult for African Americans?

81 The Klu Klux Klan

82 What difference did the 19th Amendment make?

83 Women received the right to vote. Their right to vote influenced government policy.

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