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Action for Prisoners’ Families Seminar 25 June 2014 Quality services: ticking all the boxes.

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1 Action for Prisoners’ Families Seminar 25 June 2014 Quality services: ticking all the boxes

2 Evaluating to demonstrate and support quality Juliet Ramage

3 Working with neglect : Practice toolkit

4 One Year On…… What we did Key messages Sharing our learning growingourstrengths

5 Outcomes, models and tools Helping the VCS demonstrate how the services they offer make a difference to the lives of families Promoting access to models and tools to start measuring outcomes and demonstrating impact Some Things to Think About – A Quick Reference Guide Measurement and Assessment Tools Cost Effectiveness Tools Templates for self evaluation and tracking progress

6 Practice Zone Created by the VCS for the VCS, this store of examples aims to help you learn from programmes with tools and processes already in place as well as from those organisations taking an innovative approach to measuring outcomes Fathers Inside (Safe Ground and Prison Service) Prison Family Support Project (Pact/NEPACS) Time for Families (Ormiston Children and Families Trust)

7 Getting to Grips with Evidence Based Parenting Programmes A review which aimed to promote understanding of evidence-based and evidence-informed parenting programmes to the voluntary sector. In particular, it goes into detail summarising the main characteristics and research associated with four major parenting programmes Family Links Nurturing Programme (FLNP) Incredible Years (IY) Positive Parenting Programme (‘Triple P’) Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities (SFSC)

8 Useful Reading List - Research and Practice in Early Intervention Evaluation materials, Practice guides, Research articles and reports and Government guidelines Antisocial behaviour Child neglect Community work Domestic Violence Early Intervention Research Methodology Payment by Results Prisoners’ Families Substance Misuse

9 Outcomes Star™ - My Star Growing Our Strengths collaborated with Triangle Consulting on the creation of a new Children's Star Over 30 projects and services were involved in the creation of My Star, attending special workshops, joining in on conference calls and piloting draft versions of the Star with the children they have been supporting.

10 Building Effective Relationships Human relationships are core to the delivery of effective services, no matter how programmes and funding may change Developing effective professional relationships makes a real difference to outcomes for children, yet too often this is overlooked. Worked with a small number of community based services to understand more about how their contribution to engaging with families and building relationships improves outcomes for children.

11 Engagement and Relationships Training - presentations and accompanying hand outs, exercises and reference materials is on the website. Case Studies – Newcastle PROPS Action for Children Family Partners

12 Provides intensive early support where children are at risk of neglect Relationship-based model providing focussed intervention at an early stage to achieve change before problems become entrenched Providing challenge, practical help and support through one-to-one work, brokerage and community networking

13 Stages in service delivery: 22 week programme delivered over 3 phases Phase123 Focus of work Engage and Build Relationship and Set Individual Targets Make Changes and Improve Parenting Reviewing and Sustaining Change Duration4 weeks 12 weeks6 weeks Key methodsFamily Partners Family Partners and Community Activity Contact time Up to 6 hours per weekUp to 6 hours a week Up to 3 hours per week LocationFamily HomeFamily Home and Other Settings

14 Area of Physical Care Nutrition, housing, clothing, health and hygiene Area of Care & Safety Level of awareness, home environment, care arrangements, exposure to inappropriate adults/situations; traffic and safety features Area of Care, Love and Relationships Verbal interaction, warmth/affection, acceptance, stimulation, age appropriate social skills, learning social rules, interactive play Overview of assessment tool

15 Assessment - Neglect practice toolkit  Provides a common language and baseline- plots/records change over time  Promotes partnership with other agencies and joint assessment and planning  Comprehensively covers all areas of care and details the areas to be targeted

16 The house has a bad smell. The furniture is broken or unhygienic. There is no covering on the floor. The bedroom window lacks curtains./ blinds Conditions in the carer’s bedroom are very superior to those in the child’s bedroom. B. Décor

17 C. Facilities The home lacks showering/bathing facilities which work and are available for washing. The home lacks a toilet which works. The toilet and wash basin are dirty. The kitchen is dirty The kitchen equipment is unwashed. The house lacks a heating system which works. The child has inadequate bedding.


19 The demand for evidence

20 Effective Prison Family Visiting Using The Communication Friendly Spaces™ Approach ELIZABETH JARMAN® and Action for Children, embarked on action research project testing out and gaining understanding about the way that the environment and resources within it could be used to support better prison family visits, connection and transition for children into new environments. A ‘families led’ project using ELIZABETH JARMAN® Communication Friendly Spaces™ Bags for Families (renamed Family Visit Bags for this project) as an intervention tool. collected by the families.

21 The project captured observations of the process in action from different perspectives in a variety of ways from conversations, to analysis of the visual data collected by the families.

22 Thank you Juliet Ramage Improvement and Consultancy Manager Practice Improvement Tel 07590 00938

23 Action for Prisoners’ Families Seminar 25 June 2014 Quality services: ticking all the boxes

24 @Prisonerfamily

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