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Defects Procedure 26-35 Hilda Dukes Way, East Grinstead.

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1 Defects Procedure Hilda Dukes Way, East Grinstead



4 Hilda Dukes Way, East Grinstead Mixed-tenure (Private and Housing Association) new- build estate Built by Croudace Homes. 10 properties owned and managed by RHT 1 x 2-bedroom house & 2 x 1-bedroom flats for Shared Ownership 2 x 3-bedroom houses, 3 x 2-bedroom houses & 2 x 1-bedroom flats for General Needs Rent

5 Management of the site RHT- manages tenants. Estate Management Company – Grounds Maintenance of communal areas (HM can advise which areas of garden are in each properties boundary)

6 What is the Defects Liability Period ? Usually 12 months from handover of the keys Contractor has responsibility for correcting defects RHT holds money from the contractor as a ‘retention’ Retention paid at end of defects liability period when all defects are made good Property then treated as normal

7 What is a defect? A fault with the structure of the building or fittings supplied by the builder, which are not due to:- Action by the tenant Wear and tear These are the items that RHT are normally responsible for, as detailed in the tenants handbook. Defect must materialise in first 12 months apart from structural defects for which there is a warranty

8 DefectRepairs Drain blocked by builders rubble Leaking roof, doors or windows Leaking radiator Loose paving Lifting floor coverings Cracks in plaster Leaking wc Drain blocked by nappy Condensation Broken window Accidental damage Cracked wc pan

9 Defects Procedure Yes Is it a Defect? No Normal procedure Contact Croudace

10 Reporting Defects Residents will contact RHT, who will in turn contact Croudace. During normal working hours, report to Croudace on: –tel no –fax no Out of hours, report to Homeserve (on Croudace’s behalf) on: –tel no Keep all defect reports on file.

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