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Project Save Energy at School Gimnazija Murska Sobota.

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1 Project Save Energy at School Gimnazija Murska Sobota

2 School Overview When was the school built? The school was built in 1982/81. How many hours per week is the school in use? 40 hours. How many people are in the building every day? Around 650. How big is it (m 2 )? The school is 3570 m 2 big.

3 In addition to the school itself, what else on the school property uses energy? (Such as athletic areas, storage or facilities areas, outdoor lighting, transportation, etc.) The Gym. What type of energy is used to power lighting, heating, cooling and water heating? lightning – elektrika - lightning:electricity - heating: oil - cooling: air condition, electricity - water: electricity, bojleri

4 Is there a developed system for maintaining energy-powered equipment? No. Who is responsible for controlling the schools energy use? Is there a developed system for monitoring the schools energy use? Controlling the schools energy use is janitors responsibility. Yes there is a developed system for monitoring the schools energy use.

5 Lighting What type of lighting is used in the school? Neon lightning is used in the school. How are the lights controlled? Can they be turned on and off? In which areas of the school? Can the lights be dimmed? If so, where? The lights are controlled by switches. They can be turned on and off in all school areas but they can not be dimmed.

6 Examine and record the natural lighting of the school? Natural lightning is rather good. There are 7 windows in every class-room. There are no windows in hallways. What type of lighting is used when school is not in session? Mainly daylight.

7 Building Exterior What material is the building made of? The roof? What is the general condition of the building exterior? We use only ground and 1st floor of the building. How many exterior windows does the school have? What is the general condition of the windows? (Note any broken windows.) The school has 156 exterior windows. General condition of the windows is good, there are no broken windows.

8 Are there any exterior windows or doors that let air in or out when closed? No. Examine and record the schools ability to receive sunlight. Which direction does the school face? Are there shade-providing trees near the school? Are there awnings on the windows? The school does not have sun collectors, we have shade providing trees near the school and steel curtains. The school is facing east.

9 Heating What type of heating and cooling system does the school use? We use radiators filled with hot water, heated by oil. For cooling we use air-conditioners, but only in server rooms and cabinets. How is the temperature for both heating and cooling controlled? Radiators are controlled by knobs and air- conditioners by remote controller. Investigate and record the maintenance of the heating and cooling systems. The maintance of the heating and cooling system is good.

10 How is the schools water heated? Water is heated by boilers. How is the waters temperature set and controlled? Water is heated with electric boilers (where needed, for example chemisty lab). Elsewhere water is not heated. Does the water heating system have any leaks? Are the pipes insulated? Water heating system does not have any leaks. The pipes are isulated.

11 Appliances What type of appliances does the school use, in the office, computer labs, and kitchen? We use computers, servers, projectors, active-board and overhead projectors in offices and computer labs. The kitchen is not a part of our school. What year were the appliances purchased? Are they Energy Star products? They were purchased in the last few years. Some of they are Energy Star products. Is there a system developed for maintaining the appliances? What are the procedures for using the appliances?

12 Costs How much money is annually spent on energy in your school? 46.000 Split the costs (f.e. what is spent on water, heating, appliances etc). Water20.000 Heating20.000 Appliances5.600

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