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Obj Experiment ways to organize living space.

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1 Obj. 13.01 Experiment ways to organize living space.
Teen Living Notes Obj Experiment ways to organize living space.

2 Organize living space Private space: bedroom or bathroom
Shared space: kitchen, living room (Den), dining room, or garage.

3 Organize living space Personal Living space: space for his/her belongings {private areas like clothes drawer’s, desk cabinets or closets for one individual}. When someone invades your personal living space they do not ask permission before borrowing or looking through your items. Drawing a scaled floor plan remember to use the same scale for the furniture and the room.

4 Organize living space When sharing rooms within a house each partner must consider the other individual needs; if sharing a bathroom, plan a schedule for use. Ex: who will get ready for school first or take nightly showers? When sharing a bedroom, one can create their own personal living space through furniture arrangement. Ex: beds facing opposite walls.

5 Organize living space Traffic pattern: Path used through the house. Being able to walk through a room without weaving in & out around furniture. Never put too much furniture in a room, individual’s must have the ability to be able to walk through without squeezing past a piece of furniture. This could improve traffic pattern and safety in a house.

6 Organize living space Efficient (useful) storage: keeps frequently used items easily accessible {easily to reach and get too in a hurry} An advantage of sharing a room with a family member is that it will help teach you responsibility for shared space.

7 Organize living space Before moving furniture several times, decide how to arrange furniture first by placing large pieces of furniture on a scale floor plan. When ready to move, arrange large pieces first, then add smaller items into the room. A good first step to cleaning a cluttered & crowded bedroom would be to organize the items in the room.

8 Organize living space Multiple use of space – means being able to perform more than one task in that given space. Ex: doing homework at the dining table. Scale floor plan can help someone to organize a room by arrangement of furniture so that you can get the most out of the space that is available.

9 Organize living space A potential problem for a household would be: the more people who live under one roof, the harder it will be to have enough private space available. If a family must has one bathroom in the house, then this room becomes a shared space. Must make schedule or arrangements to share space.

10 Organize living space Shared family space is used by more than 1 person. A key to organizing space would be to group like (similar) items together.

11 Rate home safety practices.
Obj Rate home safety practices.

12 Home Safety Practices For disable or handicap family members an important safety precaution to have in a home would be handrails and ramps. Home security system would help communicate with local emergency agencies if a burglar tries to break-in the house while the family is away. In apartment building’s families can help with safety by installing special monitor’s to observe the halls and lobbies.

13 Home Safety Practices To avoid electrical shock one would unplug the electrical appliance before you clean it. Having a plan of action & practicing 2 escape routes from the home in case of a fire would be important procedures to have in place.

14 Home Safety Practices In case of an emergency situation, and you are home alone call In the event of a fall, if swelling occurs immediately and the pain is very strong still call 911, you may have broken a bone. Poisonous items like bleach, paint, pesticides, fuels, & care care products should be stored in their original containers

15 Home Safety Practices Using a hair dryer with dry hands would be a safety practice to use in the home. When using appliances, be sure to check the cord for any cuts or expose wire near the plug. If you see this replace the cord/plug before using the appliance. This could start an electrical house fire.

16 Home Safety Practices Most common cause of Fatal (DEATH) home accidents is falls. A safe way to store medicines & poisons in a home would be to keep out of reach of children. Smoke detectors should be placed on each level of a home. Ex: if a house has 3 floors, each floor needs their own smoke detector. Check batteries every 6 months.

17 Home Safety Practices If a person’s clothes catches on fire, remember to drop to the ground and roll over to put out the fire. Young children are mostly involved in poisonings that occur in the home. Automation use in a “smart house”would be a feature like central on/off systems for lights.

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