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Video Advertising Models on Google Display Network Types of Youtube Advertising.

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1 Video Advertising Models on Google Display Network Types of Youtube Advertising

2 Types of Youtube Channel There’re ‘User Channels’ that every Youtube members use.

3 Types of Youtube Channel There’re ‘Brand Channels’ that is designed especially let the brands try to introduce their products and services on Youtube

4 Types of Youtube Channel There’re ‘Customers’ channels’ that brands publish about brand’s highlighted videos on Youtube.

5 Models of Youtube Advertising

6 Youtube Homepage Advertisings are displayed on brand logo and top bar of Youtube’s homepage.Ads are displayed in this area based on daily reservation.Country targeting is essential only. Youtube Homepage Advertisings

7 This ads are shown before videos that users’ watch. For example ; 10 seconds ads is shown before being watched video but; when user skips ads in 5 seconds,there won’t be charged.In order to improve efficiency of video ads,first 5 seconds must be designed to attract users’ interests. Youtube Video Ads TrueView In-Stream

8 Known as “Displayed Videos on Youtube” provides you to publish one of your videos next to search results on Youtube.You pay only when audience chooses your video de facto and takes a look video content or continue to watch after first uploading Youtube Video Ads TrueView In- Stream

9 Published Videos on Youtube include kinds of ads such as location sharing,suggestions published video,related videos and Google Click Play.This kind of ads is used for publishing one ads next to Youtube’s videos or websites content’s on Google Display Ads Network Youtube Video Ads TrueView In-Display

10 This type of video ads are used for introducing before longtime(longer than 10 minutes) videos on Youtube or Google Display Ads Network. Before longtime video plays,three different watching options are offered to audiences like choosing one of three videos belong different advertiser or watching normal ads broadcasts.You’re only charged when audiences choose to watch the ads. Youtube Video Ads TrueView In-Slate

11 These ads are detached videos that include ads content in static opening image.Opening image is the static image that is seen before user start your click-play video ads.Video component is started when user clicks on play or opening image.Your video replaces the opening image and covers the ads space.You’re not charged in return of your ads are being played but you’re charged when clicks are driven to your website or opening image is seen. Youtube Video Ads Click-Play

12 In-Video Position Sharing ads are visible in the online video flow depending on time video ads publisher’s choose. Ads are showed %20 part below of video flow area.Ads can be minimized.In this way audiences can hide or show while they’re watching a video.A couple of seconds later ads would get minimized state automotically. Youtube (In-Video Position Sharing) Display Ads

13 Youtube Standart Display ads are ads that are showed up right side of the videos as standart image. Youtube Standart Display Ads

14 In order to get more information about Youtube ads contact us: Address: Dap Royal Center Residence No: 16 A Blok Daire: 2 Altayçeşme Mh. Çam Sk. Maltepe / İSTANBUL Phone: +90.216.469 66 80 (pbx) Fax: +90.216.469 66 84 Mobile: +90.555.980 28 92 Email:

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