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The mythical creature By: Tania Hernandez.

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1 The mythical creature By: Tania Hernandez

2 Background Conspiracy theory on mermaids First story told in Assyria
Christopher Columbus and Taro Horiba believe in mermaids Going to show proof if its True/False

3 Political Motivations
Discovery channel explains that the government threatened scientist not show proven facts Sound Effects and video shown government didn’t want them exposed

4 Evidence Confirming Conspiracy Theory
Discovery Channel/ Animal Planet shot an interview of marine biologist about the discovery of mermaids They show proof in the video

5 Evidence Refuting Conspiracy Theory
Marine biologists in discovery channel were actors In the end they had a disclaimer An actual marine biologist knew it wasn’t true and gave us evidence

6 My Opinion With proven evidence mermaids don’t exist
Hernandez 6 My Opinion With proven evidence mermaids don’t exist Marine Biologist (David) gave me enough proven facts The show its self said it was fake

7 What I learned Mermaids do not exist
The show in discovery channel about mermaids was fake Legend/ Theory still continues now in this day

8 Work Sited Adams, Quincey. "Is the Government hiding the truth about mermaids? | Battle of the Bilge." MOAA Blogs. Web. 13 Jun <>. "Animal Planet." Animal Planet. Web. 6 Jun < evidence%3Fpage%3D0>. " 'Mermaids: The Body Found' fake documentary confuses viewers |" | Denver | Colorado's online news leader | Breaking news, headlines, weather, sports, business and more.. Web. 6 Jul < documentary-confuses-viewers>. Shiffman, David . "Mermaids aren’t real: Animal Planet’s fake documentaries misrepresent “ ocean life. - Slate Magazine." Politics, Business, Technology, and the Arts - Slate Magazine. Web. 6 Jul <

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