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©Lenka Lexová Media and communication Source:

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1 ©Lenka Lexová Media and communication Source:,,,

2 ©Lenka Lexová Which media do you know?

3 ©Lenka Lexová Media What are the most common types of media today?  newspapers /magazines / radio / television / TV / the internet What is the role of the media?  to inform us / to provide information / to keep a check on government and big business / to entertain / to educate / to tell us the truth What should the media do and not do?  be honest / truthful / tell the truth / be objective / research a topic properly... should not / never lie / ruin someone’s life / gossip / reveal something which could place people in danger / create panic / cause fear

4 ©Lenka Lexová Newspapers What can you find in a newspaper?  headlines / the main story / world news  national news / film reviews / music reviews  concert reviews / the TV guide / editorials  the weather forecast / gossip columns  comics / sports coverage / classifieds  advertisements / puzzles / crosswords What types of newspapers are there?  broadsheets, tabloids, dailies, weeklies Do you know any newspapers and magazines from the English-speaking countries? Where do you buy newspapers and magazines? Where do you read them?

5 ©Lenka Lexová

6 Television What programmes can you see / find on TV?  the nightly news/ breakfast news/ current affairs programmes / entertainment programmes/ sports news / the weather forecast / talk shows / discussions/ films What channels can you find on TV?  24-hour news channels, like ČT24, CNN, BBC World or Fox News What is your favourite TV programm? Why?

7 ©Lenka Lexová Radio What news can you hear on the radio?  news updates / breaking news / traffic reports / weather reports / talk shows / music When and where do you listen to the radion, what is your favourite program? Which radio stations are there in the Czech Republic?

8 ©Lenka Lexová

9 Internet How often do you use the internet? What do you use it for? What can you find on the internet?  online newspapers/ magazines / radio stations / television channels / websites for specialised topics / blogs/ social networks such as Facebook, created for sharing personal information / photos / videos What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet? Is it safe? Can you imagine living without it?

10 ©Lenka Lexová

11 Talk about it Which type of the media do you prefer? Do you think that newspapers have a future or will they be replaced with online news? What is a hoax?  information that is not true / is meant to confuse people’s opinion, it appears in the newspaper on April Fool’s Day or on the web Which media are used for communication?

12 ©Lenka Lexová Which media are used for business?

13 ©Lenka Lexová Computers

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