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Area Meeting in Riga, April 28, 2012 Governor D21 Ruth Brunner Hässleholm Zonta Club Lt. Governor D21 Liisa Sulin Elmqvist Jönköping Zonta Club II.

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2 Area Meeting in Riga, April 28, 2012

3 Governor D21 Ruth Brunner Hässleholm Zonta Club Lt. Governor D21 Liisa Sulin Elmqvist Jönköping Zonta Club II

4 61st Zonta International Convention Torino, Italy 7-12 July 2012

5 1.Convention in Torino a.Registration b.Delegates/proxy c.Travelling allowance d.Report from International Bylaws and Resolutions Committee e.Biennial goals / service projects f.Elections / international board & nominating committee g.Proposed budget

6 1a. Registration Registration on line - on ZI website Registration fee, by May 31 at the latest € 400,- Registration fee as of June 1 or on site € 450,- Non-zontian guests € 75,- One day registration fee € 150,- On site one day registration fee € 225,- Registration at Convention starts on July 5, at H

7 1b. Delegates / proxy Registration of delegate or proxy should be done on line on May 21 at the latest, copy to Governor and Club represented by proxy will pay proxy giving club 25% of registration fee (€ 325,-) and will also pay the proxy holder for travel expenses when proxy holder gives her report from Convention to proxy giving club

8 1c. Travel allowance Travel allowance of SEK 5 000,- (about LVL 394,-) will be given to all clubs sending a delegate! District treasurer will make the payments to the clubs during April

9 1d. Report from Bylaws and Resolutions Committee § § § § § § §

10 1e. Biennial Goals 2012/14

11 Goal ICREDIBILITY & VISIBILITY 1.Credibility and visibility – increase the global awareness of Zonta’s contributions to advancing women’s legal, political, economic, educational, health and professional status 2.Zonta increases the visibility globally and locally through Zonta’s members, the UN and Council of Europe, other associations, national governments and networks, ZIF, ZISVAW and education programs 3.Zonta meets its commitment to the UN agencies (as contracted) 4.Zonta continues to advocate to prevent violence against women locally and globally 5.Zonta promotes itself as the organization of choice for those individuals committed to advancing the status of women through service and advocacy (Articles 1-16 Convention of the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, CEDAW)

12 Goal 1, continued Zonta is an important actor for the UN, the European Council and national governments Increased membership – decreased resignations – retention of members Donations to ZIF exceed fundraising goals Clubs and districts increase written publications and success stories are shared within and outside of Zonta Tell the ”Zonta Story”

13 Applications for the Amelia Earhart Fellowship exceed applications for 2012 Fellowships All districts submit nominations for JMK and YWPA The number of past recipients of Amelia Earhart Fellowship, JMK and YWPA becoming Zonta members increases from the previous biennium The number of Z- och Golden Z-klubbar increases globally Zonta achieves its centennial milestones for the biennium The independent auditors continue to express an unqualified opinion on the financial statements ZI operates within its approved budget Committee work

14 Goal IIZI GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE The ZI Board approves the reviewed Strategic Plan by June Zonta bylaws and Rules of Procedure are reviewed on October 2013 and changes are recommended by November 2013 and are submitted to members for consideration at the 2014 Convention. Zonta policies and manuals are updated. A leadership development program for governors is developed and implemented 1.Zonta’s strategic plan is forward focused to enable to achieve Zonta’s mission 2.Zonta’s bylaws, rules of procedurs and policies are aligned to the Strategic Plan 3.ZI as well as district and club leaders fulfill their fiduciary responsiblities and are encouraged to realize their leadership potential 4.A smoothe leadership transition occurs between and

15 Contribute to Zonta’s international projects & education and leadership development programs. Your contribution can make a difference! Donate onlineDonate online

16 Goal IVZIF FINANCES – proposed fundraising goals Total $ Internationella Serviceprogram $ ZISVAW $ Rose Fund $ Amelia Earhart Fellowship Fund$ JMK $ YWPA $ All clubs make annual donations to ZIF 3.Contributions to ZIF increase from individual members, friends of Zonta, corporations and other external sources

17 Goal IV ZIF Finances, continued Exceed ZIF fundraising goals through increased giving by individuals and clubs By May 31, 2013 an additional 5% of clubs have donated to ZIF compared to May 31, 2012 By April30, 2014 an additional 7,5% of clubs have donated to ZIF compared to April 30, 2012 By April 30, 2014 an additional of 10% of individual members have donated to ZIF compared with April 30, 2012

18 1e. Bienniel Goals, continued PROPOSED FUNDRAISING GOALS - International Service Projects $ ,- Liberia Fistula program (UNFPA) $ ,- Elimination of New Pediatric HIV Infection & Prevention and Response to Survivors of Domestic and Gender Based Violence in Rwanda (UNICEF)

19 PROPOSED FUNDRAISING GOALS - ZISVAW $ ,- Mass Communication with a Purpose: Global Partnership on Edutainment for Social Change (UN WOMEN) 1st year in Bangladesh och Nigeria. 2nd year Afghanistan, Cambodia, Egypten, Mali, Niger, Pakistan, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan and Vietnam. $ ,- Safe Cities for Women in Honduras (UN WOMEN) $ ,- Empowering Women in Rural Samoa to Combat Violence (UN WOMEN)

20 PROPOSED FUNDRAISING GOALS - ROSE FUND $ ,- Rose Fund PROPOSED FUNDRAISING GOALS - Education and Leadership Development Programs $ ,-Amelia Earhart Fellowships $ ,-Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarships $ ,-Young Women in Public Affairs Awards

21 1e. Continued // Previous goals Total Rose Fund Amelia Earhart Jane M Klausman YWPA Intl. Service Fund ZISVAW

22 Zonta International President Dianne K. Curtis District 9 Zonta Club of Santa Clarita Valley

23 Zonta International President- Elect Lynn McKenzie District 16 Zonta Club of Wellington, New Zealand

24 1f. Slate of candidates Naomi Arnold-Reschke Zonta Club of Gawler, Australia, District 23 International Director 1996 – 1998 Chairman, International Nominating Committee Maria Jose Landeira Østergaard Zonta Club of Copenhagen I, Denmark, District 13 International Vice-President 2010 – 2012 Beryl McMillan Zonta Club of Melbourne on Yarra, Australia, District 23 International Director 2009 – 2012 Sonja Hönig Schough Zonta Club of Kungsbacka, Sweden, District 21 International Director 2009 – 2012 Candidates for President-Elect One (1) to be elected Candidates for Vice President One (1) to be elected

25 1f. Slate of candidates Kathleen Hughes Zonta Club of Springfield, Ohio, USA, District 5 Zonta International Foundation Treasurer 1992 – 1996 Ellen Karo Zonta Club of New York, USA, District 3 International Treasurer/Secretary 2010 – 2012 Candidates for Treasurer/Secretary One (1) to be elected

26 1f. Slate of candidates Candidates for International Director Seven (7) to be elected Marie-Helene Mallet Zonta Club of Nimes Romaines, France, District 30 International Nominating Committee 2006 – 2008 Joy Orlich Zonta Club of Greater Reno, Nevada, USA, District 9 Governor 2002 – 2004 Gabriella Samara Paphitis Zonta Club of Nicosia, Cyprus, District 14 Governor 2010 – 2012 Laura Peters Zonta Club of Newport Harbor, California, USA District 9 Governor 2010 – 2012 Denise Quarles Zonta Club of Michigan Capital Area, USA, District 15 Governor 2010 – 2012 Sally Rankin Zonta Club of Houston, Texas, USA, District 10 International Nominating Committee 2008 – 2010 Maria Stefanova Zonta Club of Saint Sofia, Bulgaria, District 30 Governor 2010 – 2012 Kathy Swan Zonta Club of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA, District 7 Governor 2008 – 2010 Brenda Tanjutco Zonta Club of Muntinlupa, Philippines, District 17 Governor 1998 – 2000 Anne Walker Zonta Club of Manawatu, New Zealand, District 16 Governor 2008 – 2010 Elizabeth Woodgate Zonta Club of Peel, Australia, District 23 International Nominating Committee 2008 – 2010 Anita Schnetzer-Spranger Zonta Club of Mainz, Germany, District 28 Governor 2010 – 2012

27 1f. Slate of candidates Candidates for Nominating Committee North, Central and South America One (1) to be elected Juliette Tulang Zonta Club of Hilo, Hawaii, USA, District 9 Governor 2004 – 2006 Barbara White Zonta Club of Salt Lake Area, Utah, USA, District 9 Governor 2006 – 2008 Europe One (1) to be elected Regula Dannecker Zonta Club of Bern Ursa, Switzerland, District 28 Governor 2008 – 2010 Mirja Jarimo Zonta Club of Helsinki 1, Finland, District 20 Governor 2004 – 2006

28 1f. Slate of candidates Candidates for Nominating Committee Africa One (1) to be elected (One still vacant) O. Omotayo Morgan Zonta Club of Ibadan I, Nigeria, District 18 International Director 2005 – 2007 Australia and New Zealand One (1) to be elected Lynette Grave Zonta Club of Metropolitan Dunedin, New Zealand, District 16 Governor 2006 – 2008 Anne McMurtrie Zonta Club of Christchurch South, New Zealand, District 16 Governor 2010 – 2012

29 1f. Slate of candidates Asia One (1) to be elected Kikuko Hara Zonta Club of Yokohama, Japan, District 26 International Director 2010 – 2012 Virma P. Vergel de Dios Zonta Club of Mandaluyong – San Juan, Philippines, District 17 International Director 2008 – 2010 Candidates for Nominating Committee

30 1f. Slate of candidates At Large Four (4) to be elected Candidates for Nominating Committee Dilruba Ahmed Zonta Club of Chittagong, Bangladesh, District 25 International Director 2007 – 2009 Annette Binder Zonta Club of Hamburg - Elbufer, Germany, District 27 International Director 2004 – 2006 Dianne Curtis Zonta Club of Santa Clarita Valley, California, USA, District 9 International President 2010 – 2012 Judy Johnston Zonta Club of Fairfax County, Virginia, USA, District 3 International Director 1996 – 1998 International Nominating Committee Mari Ramsten Vangdal Zonta Club of Oslo, Norway, District 13 International Director 2003 – 2005 Tora Wigstrand Zonta Club of Jönköping, Sweden, District 21 International Foundation Director 2007 – 2008 Kathleen Yip Zonta Club of Hong Kong, China, District 17 International Director 2002 – 2004 International Nominating Committee 2004 – 2006

31 Supports the Zonta International President and Board of Directors by executing Board initiatives that support the goals of the organization Develops and implements biennial goals for Headquarters that are in alignment with the strategic plan, A Course for the Future Manages the Zonta staff (14) and the daily operations of Headquarters Jason Friske, Executive Director Headquarters in Oak Brook, Chicago

32 Zonta International and Zonta International Foundation PROPOSED BUDGET FOR g.

33 62nd Zonta International Convention Orlando, Florida, USA 2014

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