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Service Committee Mission  Promote international service and ZISVAW projects  Encourage and support local service projects focused on Zonta´s mission.

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2 Service Committee Mission  Promote international service and ZISVAW projects  Encourage and support local service projects focused on Zonta´s mission  Increase internal and external visibility of these projects to increase global awareness of Zonta´s contributions to advancing the status of women, as well as the credibility of our organization  Emphasize the importance of supporting these projects

3 ZI Member organization Income comes from member fees only Cover all operative expenses and costs regarding ZI and ZIF ZIF Charity organization Income comes from donations only Cover committments for service projects and education programs

4 GOAL / budget for the biennium 2012-2014 USD International Service programs2 000 000 ZISVAW1 162 000 Amelia Earhart Fellowship Fund 700 000 JMK 232 000 YWPA 144 000 Rose Fund 700 000 Totally4 938 000

5 GOAL / budget for the biennium 2012-2014 Zonta has about 30 125 members in the world meaning that if we all donate on average 164 USD/member this biennium (82 USD/year/ member) we will reach the goal During the last biennium we – District 21 – donated 1 Swedish Krona/ day each, which comes up to 138 USD per member on average (69 USD/SD/year/member) The District Board recommends all members in District 21 to reach and top the goal from last biennium, meaning that the Board challenges all of us to donate 164 USD/member in the biennium 2012/14

6 GOAL / budget for the biennium 2012-2014 How can we reach the goal?  All clubs make yearly donations to ZIF  Increase individual donations from Zonta members, Zonta friends, companies and other external actors and resources  Donate 1 Swedish Krona a day!

7 GOAL for the biennium 2012-2014 – International Service Projects  Liberia Fistula program (UNFPA)  Elimination of New Pediatric HIV Infection & Prevention and Response to Survivors of Domestic and Gender Based Violence in Rwanda (UNICEF)

8 GOAL for the biennium 2012-2014 – ZISVAW (UNWomen)  Mass Communication with a Purpose: Global Partnership on Edutainment for Social Change 1st year in Bangladesh and Nigeria. 2nd year also Afghanistan, Cambodia, Egypt, Mali, Niger, Pakistan, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan and Vietnam  Safe Cities for Women in Honduras  Empowering Women in Rural Samoa to Combat Violence

9 GOAL for the biennium 2012-2014 - Education and Leadership programs  Amelia Earhart Fellowships (Madeleine Holmberg 2012 i D21)  Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarships  Young Women in Public Affairs Awards (YWPA)

10 Zonta International Service Projekt Liberia Fistula program …21,9 % of women in Liberia are between 15 and 19 years old when they give birth for the first time …for every woman who dies, there are 20 more who suffer from the consequences of a difficult pregnancy or complicated childbirth

11 There is treatment… $675 will give a woman back her life $5 to feed a patient for one week after surgery has been completed $10to transport a patient to the hospital $80for surgical tools $60for a caesarean section

12 Zonta International (in cooperation with UNFPA) Zonta has supported the project since 2008 450 000 USD (2008-2010), 500 000 USD (2010-2012) 1 000 000 USD (2012-2014) Equipped 2 fistula centers in Liberia Trained 6 doctors, 70 nurses and assistants who have treated 875 fistula patients Trained 20 survivors from fistula, 16 journalists and 10 students in order for them to inform how fistula can be prevented and treated Socially reintegrated 196 survivors from fistula

13 GOAL 2012-2014 Fistula is a heart-breaking problem Zonta plays a major role in Raising awareness Building medical capability Giving many young women who live in a state of constant despair… Their Lives Back

14 Zonta International Service Project in Rwanda Republic in eastern Central Africa with a population of 10,9 million of which half are children One of the poorest countries in the world Critical problems  Treating HIV positive women  Prevent transmission of the virus to children  Give women health care and reproductive health service  Stop and prevent gender based domestic violence

15 Zonta International (cooperation with UNICEF) Supported the project since 2008 600 000 USD (2008-2010), 500 000 USD (2010-2012), 1 000 000 USD (2012-2014) Increased possibility for pregnant women to be HIV tested (42% in 2005 to 70% in 2010!) Helped 78% of HIV positive women and 74% of children born with HIV to be treated with antiretroviral medication

16 GOAL 2012-2014  Establish policies and guidelines to prevent HIV  Increased percentage of pregnant women receiving full PMTCT service for their children exposed to HIV  Decreased transmission of HIV after breast feeding to about 5%  Increased number of HIV positive women seeking help in health care centers  Increased number of young women who are aware of how HIV can be prevented and how unplanned pregnancy can be avoided

17 GOAL 2012-2014  Increased number of survivors seeking care after gender based domestic violence  Increased number of victims receiving multi disciplinary care and follow-up  Increase in evidence and interviews from one stop centers that lead to increased percentage of convictions for domestic and gender-based violence

18 GOAL 2012-2014  Eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Rwanda by 2015  Reduce incidence and lessen the impact of gender-based violence

19 Edutainment means to entertain and educate at the same time via mass communication (TV- and radio soap operas, music videos, computer games, cartoons, street theater, social media, talk shows & reallity shows)  Affect behavious, norms and attitudes  Give evidence to existing violence against women  Point out what can be regarded as normal and sound  Help survivors to understand their rights and how they can receive help ZISVAW project - Edutainment for Social Change (UN Women) 1st year an extensive program in planned in Bangladesh and Nigeria 2nd year the program will be implemented in 10 more countries

20 ZISVAW project - Empowering women in rural Samoa to combat violence (UN Women)  Physical and sexual violence in the home is common in Samoa. This abuse is considered an inevitable part of family life  Samoa Victim support group (SVSG) will carry out the project

21  Increased awareness of the frequency of violence against women  Increased number of people who - have changed their attitude regarding violence against women - speak up against violence against women - take steps to prevent, protect women  Increased number of organizations who have the capacity to carry out and organize successful edutainment campaigns GOAL 2012-2014

22 ZISVAW projektet Safe Cities for Women in Honduras (UN Women) Violence against women in Honduras has increased by more than 20% between 2010 and 2011

23 Use the same successful program as in Guatemala and El Salvador in order to  support women in their rights to participate in the establishment of a safe community  reduce private and public violence GOAL 2012-2014

24 Stronger community with women who have  Access to information of how the police and the legal system can protect them and their communities against violence  Resources and ability to form networks to fight violence against women  Self-confidence enough to fight violence in their own lives and in their society  Power and support to report violence to the police or SVSG  Increased self-confidence and self-esteem  Economically independent with ability to contribute to the national economy GOAL 2012-2014


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