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Tablet PC – A mobile “ notebook ” 電機三 李智群. Coming up next … Introduction Hardware view Software view.

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1 Tablet PC – A mobile “ notebook ” 電機三 李智群

2 Coming up next … Introduction Hardware view Software view


4 “ Tablet ” stands for … ?

5 “ Tablet ” stands for…(con’t) A plate on which we can write.

6 The History of Tablet PCs Concepts of writing on computer is not new – 1. Pen Windows OS from Microsoft (In the time of Windows 3.1) 2. Windows 95 Pen Edition 3. Newton Pen input device (from Apple Computer) But all failed …

7 The History of Tablet PCs Bert Keely – the dreamer of Tablet PCs. First drawing the future of Tablet in the SGI lab. In order to fulfill his dream, he met the CEOs of Apple and Dell, but all of them refused Keely. Finally, Bill Gates accepted his suggestion, and soon decided to develop an OS for his dream. Microsoft software architect Bert Keely shows a prototype of the Tablet PC during Bill Gates' keynote at COMDEX/Fall 2000.

8 What we can expect for Tablet PCs ? Function as a real “ Notebook ”

9 What we can expect for Tablet PCs ? Can we expect more ? …. All functionality one computer could has.

10 What is Tablet PCs ? It is a superset of – (1) PDA (2) Notebook (3) Desktop

11 What is Tablet PCs ? Software view – Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. Hardware view – the computers which running the tablet OS. 1. “ Slate ” Tablet – has no keyboard or mouse but a pen as input. 2. “ Convertible ” Tablet – like traditional notebook, but has a rotatable screen.

12 Different Designs: Slates And Convertibles

13 What feature should Tablet PCs have ? An electromagnetic digitizer to convert handwriting Rapid hot docking Fast standby resume

14 Screen rotation Legacy-free – you should not expect any serial/parallel ports or PS2 on a Tablet PC. Log-on and log-off at the click of a button (from Microsoft : Hardware Assumption for Tablet PCs) What feature should Tablet PCs have ?(con ’ t)

15 Coming up next … Introduction Hardware view Software view


17 Tablet PC Structure

18 Buttons Hard Buttons

19 Buttons (con ’ t) Soft Buttons

20 Writing On Computer ? In Addition to a screen and a pen, you should have one ” sensing technique ”. For PDA -> resistive-control panel. For Tablet PC -> Electromagnetic Digitizer. 3D-Control

21 The Tablet Pen

22 Electromagnetic Digitizer The sensor – which is embedded behind the display. The pen – which contains only the LC-circuit but no battery.

23 Getting the Position

24 Getting the Position (con ’ t) The coupled energy resonates with the circuit. And reflects back towards the sensor by forming a shaped h-domain field at the tip of the pen.

25 The Coil Switch

26 Power Consumption – Larger than normal notebook LCD. Power management is a main concern in the design of Tablet PC.

27 Additional feature Pressure Angle Eraser-like tip – to simulate the eraser. Additional button – to simulate the right button of the mouse.

28 Comparison

29 Where does the data go ?

30 Where does the data go? (continued) The raw data – gathered by the sensor, then send to the tablet control chip (W8001). From analog to digital – which is done by the W8001. Data Processing – the digital data is relay to the MCU, and then be computed into (x, y, z), pressure, tilt angle. To Client – sent by either an asychronous serial interface (UART) or a synchronous one (SSI, SPI, I2C)

31 Other Concerns Should perform error correction calculation to counteract many distortions. (inductive components and metals)

32 Next Coming … Introduction The hardware view The software view

33 Ink Ink is what we write on paper. The “ Digital Ink ” technology has been developed by Microsoft.

34 The concept of Ink A visualization of pen strokes. A data type supported by OS – you can use ink on every application !!

35 Input Panel Write Anywhere Writing Pad Character Recognizer On-Screen Keyboard

36 What ink can do … Mouse Text editing Drawing Gesture

37 From Ink to Money “ Digital Ink ” technology – support the ink data type from the os system. The prospect of ink – 1. Business signature security. 2. No need to teach people how to use computer. 3. Many chances waited to be discovered …

38 Gesture Software developer can design his own gesture. ex. 3D rotation, special move … Recognition issues solution : ink-only mode, Gesture-only mode, or Mixed mode.

39 How to pen-enable your computer Pen-enable – to use electromagnetic pen as mouse. Need hardware support.

40 How to ink-enable your computer ? Ink-enable – to draw and edit ink on an ink- enabled application. Download the Windows XP SP2 and Experience Pack for Tablet PC, then execute.

41 How to develop ink-enable applications ? Windows Tablet SDK v1.7 available. us/dntablet/html/TabPC05RcPk.asp Visual Basic.NET C# Managed C++

42 Four scenario of ink- supported scheme

43 Ink to Text Conversion For an application itself does not accept pen and ink input directly. It can still receive ink and handwriting input through Tablet PC Input Panel.

44 Ink Controls You can position the controls on the user's screen to a fixed region for pen and ink input.

45 Surface Ink These application support features such as selection and editing ink. Do not convert handwriting to text. Do not reflow ink.

46 Ink Manipulation Handle ink as a data type as surface ink. But support reflowing and overlay ink object.

47 Speech Control The Tablet APIs also provide many feature for speech-enable apps. User can do things in the same time – Send control via speech input Retrieving data from speech output Do pen editing

48 Other Concerns for Tablet Applications Rapid hot docking Fast standby resume Legacy-free Log-on and log-off at the click of a button Power Issues.

49 At last … How to buy a tablet pc ? My experience

50 Thank you for your attention ! Let ’ s take a look on some tablet applications.

51 Reference us/tpcsdk10/lonestar/whitepapers/designguide/tbconinkandinking. asp us/tpcsdk10/lonestar/whitepapers/designguide/tbconinkandinking. asp 01.html 01.html

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