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Tablet PC "101" Using the Gateway M280 Tom Farrell Ralph Oxley Slater Ohm.

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1 Tablet PC "101" Using the Gateway M280 Tom Farrell Ralph Oxley Slater Ohm

2 What Is Tablet PC? A full-featured computer running Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, a superset of Windows XP Professional A highly mobile computer that enables new usage scenarios A powerful platform enabling a new generation of business applications Windows XP SP1 Tablet PC Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 Tablet PC Components

3 The Convertible Redesign of the Gateway Laptop line as well as the very successful M275 All of the Laptop functionality with the convenience of a Tablet PC http://gateway.com

4 The Front of the M280

5 What the 4 in 1 Memory Card Reader Supports

6 The Left Side M275

7 The Right Side M280

8 The Bottom M280

9 The Keyboard Area

10 Status Indicators

11 Tablet control buttons

12 Five Way Switch Controlled by the Mode Button Two Modes

13 Using the EZ Pad touchpad

14 Converting the display from notebook to tablet mode

15 Pen Lost Alarm

16 Using the Pen

17 More Tablet Information From Microsoft Spend Time Here

18 Tablet and Pen Setting Dialog Box Settings Settings Tab Active

19 Calibrating the System This will need to be done for both the Portrait and Landscape modes Will also need to be done on a periodic basis

20 Starting the Calibration Process Right side of the taskbar at the bottom of your Desktop Window Double Click the Change Tablet and Pen Icon Settings

21 The Calibrate Screen

22 Using the Journal Using the journal as a Smartboard with a wireless projector Important point is that each item on the screen can be printed to the Journal and then can be annotated Office 2003 replaces some of this functionality

23 Journal Continued Once items are in the journal you can –Highlight –Annotated –Cut/Copy –Enlarge using a the percent tool Works well for –Web pages –PowerPoints –Workbook pages

24 Windows Journal Pen Highlig hter Eraser Selecti on Tool Insert/Re move Space Flag Pen Toolbar

25 Other Journal Uses Receive student assignments Print to Journal Grade/annotate in the Journal Return Journal is capable of being read by virtually all windows machines Journal Templates

26 Three Modes of the Input Panel Service Pack 2 Enhanced This Mode is Character Pad This Mode is Writing Pad This Mode is On-Screen Keyboard

27 The Biggest Addition Is Ink

28 Demonstration of Features Word Excel PowerPoint

29 Additional Items to Think About Using USB Flash/Jump/Thumb drives USB extender cables USB expansion port Media Cards

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