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Greenhouse Technology Syllabus and Course Outline Teacher: Mr. Estridge Teacher: Mr. Estridge.

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1 Greenhouse Technology Syllabus and Course Outline Teacher: Mr. Estridge Teacher: Mr. Estridge

2 Course Description This course provides greenhouse technology and landscaping curriculum. Plant growth, development, and propagation are included as well as production and maintenance of bedding and container produced plants. Fundamentals of vegetable production may be included. Identification of landscape/greenhouse plants, site evaluation/preparation, design, calculation of estimates, bidding and installation of landscaping plans. Content may be enhanced by technology. Leadership development will be provided through the FFA.

3 Greenhouse Technology Credit –One credit Course Text –Schroeder/Seagle/Felton/Ruter/Kelley /Krewer, Introduction to Horticulture, 4E, Pearson Prentice Hall Interstate, 2004

4 Instructional Philosophy Student assessment will be based on: – group work –individual completion of projects – portfolio writing –written reports –quizzes and tests of students’ knowledge –demonstrations of important skills

5 Class Materials Required (*if you need assistance with materials see the Youth Service Center!) Three ring binder or Folder Highlighters Paper Pens or Pencils Flash Drive Student Email address Active and Working Gloves (If you don’t like to get dirty) Old clothes and shoes –(This is a hands on class and you will get a grade for your participation – NO MATTER WHAT you are wearing) YOU WILL RECEIVE A TEST GRADE FOR HAVING ALL OF YOUR MATERIALS!

6 Course Outline Understanding Horticulture Establishing the Horticulture Business Exploring Greenhouse Structures Using Irrigation Supplying Nutrients to Floriculture Crops Controlling the Greenhouse Climate Using Automated Systems in the Greenhouse Understanding Properties of Growing Media Understanding Growing Media Components Understanding Root Anatomy Understanding Stem Anatomy Understanding Leaf Anatomy and Morphology Understanding Flower Anatomy Understanding Plant Physiology Understanding Light, Temperature, Air, and Water Effects on Plant Growth Understanding Plant Growth Regulators Understanding Sexual Reproduction Propagating Plants Sexually Propagating Plants by Division, Separation, and Layering Propagating Plants by Grafting and Budding Greenhouse Crops Identifying and Managing Plant Pests and Diseases in the Greenhouse Identifying and Managing Plant Pests and Diseases in Fruits and Vegetables Managing the Greenhouse Business Applying Preventive Maintenance Practices Practicing Horticulture Safety

7 Hands on Activities Students will be grouped to complete the following –Research plants –Make a marketing materials for those plants –Take care of a designated area of the greenhouse (likely the plants you now have knowledge about) –Take turns with larger jobs like greenhouse watering.

8 Instructional Philosophy Students will be expected to meet course goals and be able to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts. Instruction will include reading, lecture, handouts, demonstrations, laboratory, and application based learning.

9 CLASS EXPECTATIONS I expect you to respect the me, your classmates, and yourself. I expect you to be on time and in your seat when the bell rings. Three tardies will result in a write-up. If you are with another teacher bring a note from them EVERY TIME! There will be no exceptions. Hall Passes: You will have two hall pass coupons that you must remit in order to obtain a hall pass. These coupons may be turned in at the end of the semester for extra credit points. Stay in your seat until the bell rings. I expect you to bring your own paper and writing utensil every day! This your responsibility NOT MINE! I expect that you will not use any games, radios, MP3’s, Ipods, CD players, cell phones, or any other electronic device during my class.

10 CLASS EXPECTATIONS I expect that during my class, you will not work on work from any other class unless you have my permission to do so. I expect you not make rude comments, noises or use profanity during my class or while in the hallways. I expect you to make up the work you miss if you are absent for any reason! –Please ask me for work if you have an excused absence. –I will place worksheets and other important classroom materials in a tray in the classroom. I expect students who are assigned to ISS to complete all work assigned to you as if you were in the classroom that day!

11 CLASS POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Safety is the top priority in all classes! Be careful and follow all safety rules at all times! You will not enter work areas without permission. The only time you should be in a work area (at tables in the back of the classroom) is if you are working on a project. You will not be allowed to disturb any other student’s work. Doing so will result in a write-up. You will put your own book back in its place at the end of each class. –I will not allow a class to leave my room until everything (books, papers and trash) are cleaned up from around desks. You will not leave the classroom until your work area is clean and organized. I will allow 5-10 minutes at the end of class for this chore if we are working on a project.

12 CLASS POLICIES AND PROCEDURES You will take notes from the PowerPoint's and lectures. All information is fair game for tests. –This class will move quickly –Because I can’t put everything you need to know on a PowerPoint, a lot of the information will be from the lecture that accompanies the Presentation. –You must pay attention in class!!! You will complete all assignments and turn them in on time. You will put work in the black box with your class period on it. After work is graded and returned, you are responsible for putting it into your three ring binder or folder. Your old tests, study guides, notes, and other papers will be used to prepare for your final exam at the end of each semester. DO NOT LOSE THEM!

13 CLASS POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Notebook checks will be done randomly throughout the year for 100 Points. Notebooks should included –All classroom notes from lecture/Lab (complete) –All worksheets and classroom handouts –All graded tests and quizzes –Classroom project materials and research –Student Record book (up to date) –Organization and neatness Table of contents and order of papers Legible handwriting All loose papers are hole punched

14 GRADING POLICY Student assessment will be based on group work, individual completion of projects, written reports, quizzes, and tests. Task Percentage Daily Work: 40% Tests/Quizzes: 35% Participation:25% Equals each nine weeks grade=100%

15 YOUR ATTITUDE DETERMINES YOUR SUCCESS IN THIS CLASS! I always treat my students with respect and I expect the same courtesy in return. Please don’t get aggravated at me if you break the rules and I punish you. I am only doing my job!


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