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Amy D. Wohl Wohl Associates./.

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1 Amy D. Wohl Wohl Associates./.

2  Agenda  SOA and Services  Benefits of SOA  Services need Governance  Benefits of Governance  Different Varieties of Governance  Cloud Application Development  Benefits of Cloud Computing  How SOA and Governance Make Cloud Computing Better

3  SOA is becoming more important with the increased use of cloud computing ◦ More than 70% of enterprises are currently using or plan to use cloud computing ◦ Cloud computing demands a services approach to application porting and development  Companies who already use SOA for services development are a step up on the cloud services chore

4  Faster Development  Reusable Code  Less Expensive  More reliable (already tested)

5  Avoid moving from traditional sw silos to SOA silos  Reuse code  Divide the cost of governance across the organization  Know where your services are in use ◦ Value to updates ◦ ROI for further investment

6  Faster Development – Easier to Respond to Changing Business Needs  Code for Reuse is easier to find  Fewer Errors – Services from Registry are Already Tested  Less Expensive  Prevents unnecessary duplication of effort  Allows patches and updates to be applied to all instances automatically

7 How does SOA Governance fit into overall Governance? Think of nesting, connected policies: IT Governance ce IT Governance ce SOA Governance Business Governance

8  Cloud Architecture requires applications be developed as a set of services  SOA is ideal for services development

9  Cost Savings  Transform expenditures from CapEx to OpEx  Scale up and scale out built in  Fast and flexible  Multiple cloud resources ◦ Infrastructure (IaaS) ◦ Platform (PaaS) ◦ Applications (SaaS)  Multiple cloud styles – pick one or more ◦ Private ◦ Public ◦ Community ◦ Hybrid Cloud Environment

10  Make cloud computing application development faster  Manage across multiple cloud environments (and your data center)  Avoid silos of computing and create a seamless computing environment

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