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Optimizing the Cloud in Government Hyatt Regency, Miami 25 July, 2012.

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1 Optimizing the Cloud in Government Hyatt Regency, Miami 25 July, 2012

2 Agenda Cloud History Cloud & Service Types Moving to the Cloud Regional Cloud Service New Business Model Cloud Use in Gov’t Business Opportunity

3 Cloud History 3 Advent of broadband, virtualisation and increases in computing power have made much more possible. A 1950s Super Computer

4 Cloud Types Community cloud is shared by several organizations with shared concerns (e.g. policy, security requirements, compliance considerations) Public cloud is owned by an organization selling cloud services to the general public or to a large industry group Private cloud is owned or leased by a single organization and operated solely for that organization Hybrid cloud is a combination of 2 or more clouds that remain unique entities but are bound together by standardized technology that enables data and application portability

5 Service Types 5 Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform as a Service (PaaS) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

6 Service Types Software as a Service (SaaS) The consumer uses the provider’s applications running on a cloud infrastructure and accessible via various client devices but has no control over the underlying infrastructure Platform as a Service (PaaS) Consumer-created applications are deployed using the cloud provider’s tools. The consumer has no control over the underlying infrastructure but may have control over the deployed applications Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) The consumer rents storage, processing, networks and other fundamental computing resources of the provider’s cloud to run arbitrary software inclusive of operating systems and applications. The consumer does not manage underlying infrastructure but has control over deployed applications, operating systems and possibly select networking components (e.g. load balancers, firewalls)

7 Benefits of Cloud Focus on Service not Technology Reduction/Removal of Initial Capital Increase Agility to establish End to End Services Ubiquitous access On Demand Services Reliability and Availability Timely delivery service to Citizens, Businesses and Ministries

8 Moving to the Cloud Connectivity Change Management Business Continuity 8

9 9 Regional Cloud Service Case for Regional Cloud Service Hurricane Belt Lack of Capital Earthquake Zone

10 New Business Model 10 Technology Focussed

11 Cloud Use in Government 11 Internal Government Citizen Service Delivery

12 Business Opportunity US Patriot Act Supportive Legislative Environment 12

13 Why Should Gov Move to Cloud? 13 Faster ROI on ICT Investments Environmentally Sound Future Proofing Universal Access Predictable Budget Annually Greater Agility in Delivering Services

14 Thank You iGovTT Thank You iGovTT Lord Harris Court 52 Pembroke Street Port of Spain Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Telephone: (868) 627-5600 Fax: (868) 624-8001 Website: Facebook: Twitter: @iGovTT

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