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Reap What You Sow: Cultivating Excellence in the Online Classroom.

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1 Reap What You Sow: Cultivating Excellence in the Online Classroom

2 Presenters Liz Dzabic Quality Assurance Coordinator Karen Kaemmerling Training Director/Social Science Division Chair Donna Hall Instructional Design Team Coordinator 2011 eLCC Conference 2

3 Overview Training Design Standards Quality Assurance Ongoing Communications 2011 eLCC Conference 3

4 Training opportunities Synchronous Recorded Webinars Face To Face Annual Faculty Conference Asynchronous Online Workshops Faculty Wiki Just-In-Time Tutorials 2011 eLCC Conference 4

5 Training Requirements Required Workshops Before hire potential faculty are expected to complete Getting Started Basic LMS (D2L Essentials) First year faculty must complete Managing Discussions 2011 eLCC Conference 5

6 Training Requirements Follow up training Earn 1 training credit/year Method determined by faculty & supervisor Outside training in field Webinar Workshop 2011 eLCC Conference 6

7 Course Design Collaborative team Faculty– knowledge expert(s) Division Chair Discipline Lead Instructional Designer Communication is essential! 2011 eLCC Conference 7

8 Design Standards Course appearance Consistent look Students don’t have to relearn navigation Style sheet to maintain Font sizes Colors Readability/accessibility ADA/Section 508 compliance Troubleshooting easier 2011 eLCC Conference 8

9 Course Homepage 9

10 Content 10

11 Files 11

12 Quality Assurance Program Courses reviewed on regular basis Before semester Beginning (3 rd week) of semester Midterm to end of semester 2011 eLCC Conference 12

13 Before Semester Starts First-day checks For every course Corresponds to Course Readiness Checklist 2011 eLCC Conference 13

14 14

15 Beginning of Semester Administrative reviews for new instructors Corresponds to Threaded Discussion QA Rubric 2011 eLCC Conference 15

16 16

17 During Semester Full QA evaluations For every instructor once/year Corresponds to Threaded Discussion QA Rubric 2011 eLCC Conference 17

18 Ongoing Communication ProfHelp Wiki News Community Blogs 2011 eLCC Conference 18

19 ProfHelp Instructors submit tickets Get help by Email Phone Elluminate Face-2-face 2011 eLCC Conference 19

20 20

21 Wiki Professional development Tech tools Teaching resources Policies & procedures Instructional Design Who to contact 2011 eLCC Conference 21

22 2011 eLCC Conference 22

23 Community Created as training space Transformed into academic lounges Stores departmental communication through discussions News on course home page for faculty announcements. 2011 eLCC Conference 23

24 Faculty News Blog Email RSS feed through Portal 2011 eLCC Conference 24

25 25

26 Cultivating Excellence Blog Joint project of QA & Training weekly posts Purpose - to foster excellence in courses Strengths/challenges 2011 eLCC Conference 26

27 27

28 2011 eLCC Conference 28

29 Questions/Discussion Questions? What are you doing to cultivate excellence in your classroom? 2011 eLCC Conference 29

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