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POSNA COUR International Scholars

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1 POSNA COUR International Scholars

2 Template 1. Full name (and photo)
2. Current title, work location (since when) 3. Medical School and pediatric orthopaedic fellowship. (dates) 4. Clinical interests. 5. Research interests. 6. Something unique personal or professional about scholar 7. POSNA or IPOS meeting attended (date and location)/observer-ship (date and location) 8. Name of presentation(s) at the meeting 9. Sponsor information. Post meeting observership. 10. address, or other contact information.

3 Scholar Statistics 2007-2013 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 total
Annual Meeting 6 4 2 5 27 IPOS 3 12 Total 8 7 39

4 POSNA Annual Meeting, Hollywood, Florida May 23, 2007
2007 COUR SCHOLARS POSNA Annual Meeting, Hollywood, Florida May 23, 2007

5 International Scholars POSNA 2007
Country Sponsor Huynh Manh Nhi Vietnam Mike Joffe Idgie Garnier Haiti Kaye Wilkins Martha Hernandez Ecuador Vrisha Maduri India Rick Bowen Flavia Montana Paraguay Juan Carlos Hernandez

6 Emails 2007 Scholars Idgie Garnier:
Vrisha Maduri: Juan carlos Hernandez : Flavia Montania: Martha Hernandez: Huynh Manh Nhi:

7 POSNA Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, NM April 29, 2008
2008 COUR SCHOLARS POSNA Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, NM April 29, 2008

8 International Scholars POSNA 2008
Country Sponsor Jhonny I. Melgar Ecuador Rick Schwend Joseph Theuri Kenya Marybeth Ezaki Luis F. Caicedo Columbia Harold van Bosse

9 s 2008 Scholars Jhonny Ivan Melgar: Joseph Theuri: Luis Fernando Caicedo:

10 POSNA Annual Meeting, Boston, MA April 30, 2009
2009 COUR SCHOLARS POSNA Annual Meeting, Boston, MA April 30, 2009

11 International Scholars POSNA 2009
Country Sponsor Thy Vann, MD Siem Reap, Cambodia T. Desmond Brown, MD Ali A Ahmed Al-Iedan, MD Basrah, Iraq James Roach, MD Eliiha Nzeki Muteti Kenya Marybeth Ezaki, MD Kongkham Sounthavong, MD Vientiane, Laos Fred Dietz, MD

12 2009 Annual Meeting Boston (L-R) Thy Vann, MD, Siem Reap, Cambodia; Ali A Ahmed Al-Iedan, MD, Basrah Iraq; Eliiha Nzeki Muteti, Kenya; Kongkham Sounthavong, MD, Vientiane, Laos PDR

13 Kongkham Sounthavong, MD, Vientiane, Laos PDR
Dr. Sounthavong is currently on staff at the Friendship Hospital in Vientiane and is deputy head of orthopaedic surgery. Dr. Sounthavong received much of his orthopaedic education in France, including one year pediatric orthopaedic surgery training at Nancy Hospital of University Center as well as additional training in plastic, reconstructive and reparative surgery in Paris. As the only pediatric orthopaedic surgeon in Laos, he has taken on the responsibility of training other surgeons and students. He is considered the best person in Laos to develop a pediatric orthopaedic program for the country. Research interests include etiology and treatment of congenital foot disorders, supracondylar fractures of the humerus in children, treatment osteomyelitis, LCP in Laos, treatment of congenital pseudarthrosis in NF1 and intramedullary elastic nailing. At the COUR symposium Dr. Sounthavong presented a 6 year follow-up of pseudarthrosis of the tibia and fibula. Sponsor is Fred Dietz, University of Iowa. Post meeting visit is planned to University of Iowa.

14 Ali A Ahmed Al-Iedan, MD, Basrah Iraq
Dr. Al-Iedan is a lecturer at Basrah Medical School. Dr. Al-Iedan has overcome tremendous adversity to develop his interest and expertise in pediatric orthopaedics in Iraq. Research projects have included “Missile hand injuries in Basrah” and “Skeletal traction in older children with DDH”. Dr. Al-Iedan had previously visited Salt Lake and San Antonio in 2007. His desire is to become the first true pediatric orthopaedic surgeon in Iraq. At the Annual Meeting COUR symposium, Dr Al-Iedan presented “Infected non-union fracture of the femur with marked shortening” Dr. Al-Iedan was sponsored by Dr. James Roach. His plans for the scholarship include a visit to Salt Lake Shriners Hospital before the 2009 Annual meeting in Boston and to TSRH in Dallas after the meeting.

15 Eliiha Nzeki Muteti, Kenya
Dr. Muteti lives in Kijabe Kenya and works at the AIC-Cure International Children’s Hospital. He is staff member and honorary lecturer at Moi University. He was trained at the only approved orthopaedic residency at that time in East Africa, Kampala, Uganda. Since his return to Kenya, he has been a leader and teacher in the new orthopaedic residency in Kenya and was actively involved in initiating this program in 2008. Research interests have included quadriceps fibrosis, femoral neck fractures with femur fractures and mirror hand ulna dimelia. He is a dedicated pediatric orthopaedic surgeon and is known to be soft-spoken, humble intelligent and hard working. At the Annual Meeting COUR symposium Dr. Muteti presented a talk on infected non union of the femur with fibrous dysplasia. He is sponsored by Marybeth Ezaki with a planned trip to TSRH after the 2009 annual meeting in Boston. or

16 Thy Vann, MD, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Since 2001 Dr. Vann has worked at the Ankor Hospital for Children as a general pediatric surgeon. Dr. Vann attended University of Health Sciences, Phnom Penh and did some fellowship training in Singapore in 2006. In his current position Dr. Vann is responsible for the general surgical needs of a large population of children at his hospital. This includes all of the pediatric orthopaedics surgery.. Because of the historic problems in Cambodia and a loss of a generation of educated physicians, there is no pediatric orthopaedic surgeon at the hospital. Dr. Vann was sponsored by Desmond Brown, Boston University and visited with him as well as to the Children’s Hospital, Boston, after the Annual Meeting. Dr. Brown has been working with Dr. Vann in Cambodia to develop pediatric orthopaedic surgical capabilities.

17 POSNA Annual Meeting, Waikoloa, HI May 4, 2010
2010 COUR SCHOLARS POSNA Annual Meeting, Waikoloa, HI May 4, 2010

18 International Scholars POSNA 2010
Country Sponsor Thanh Van Do Vietnam Vincent Mosca Klane White Dr. Chhoern Cambodia Keith Gabriel

19 Thanh Van Do- Vietnam Dr. Van Do is from Danang, Vietnam.
As the Vice-Chair of orthopaedic surgery at the Danang Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Hospital where he is a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon, he is emerging as oneof the leaders in pediatric orthopaedics in Vietnam. He trained in orthopaedic surgery in Danang and pediatric orthopaedic surgery in Hanoi. From he spent one to three months on four different occasions at the Seattle Children’s Hospital and also at hospitals in California. His clininical interests lie in the use of the Ponseti casting treatment for clubfeet and the results of early surgical management of DDH. Sponsors: Vince Mosca and Klane White

20 Vuthy Chhoern- Cambodia
Dr. Chhoer works in the major pediatric hospital in Cambodia where he teaches pediatric orthopaedics to surgical residents, noting that orthopaedics is one of the least developed fields in Cambodia. He is a general surgeon from Phnom Penh, Cambodia who pursued a trauma fellowship at the Leuven University in Belgium and pediatric orthopaedic fellowship experience in Springfield, Illinios and Brisbane, Australia. His major clinical interests reside in the Ponseti method of clubfoot casting and the correction of lower limb deformities in children. Sponsor: Keith Gabriel

21 2010 POSNA COUR International Scholars
Committee on Undeserved Regions IPOS, Orlando

22 International Scholars IPOS 2010
Country Sponsor Mahzad Javid Tehran, Iran Eric Gordon Atul Bhaskar Mumbai, India Toni, Herring Taral Nagda Andy Sullivan

23 Mahzad Javid, Iran Mahzad Javid, MD has worked at Milad Hospital, Tehran Iran, since March 2008. Her fellowship training was at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto. Research interests include one stage shoulder release and tendon transfer for obstetrical birth paralysis in older children, which was accepted for presentation at the 2008 POSNA Annual Meeting. Kaye Wilkins has described her as one of the rising stars in pediatric orthopaedics in both her country and Europe and is well respected by her orthopedic peers as a leader in pediatric orthopedic education in Iran. Sponsor: J Eric Gordon, Washington University.

24 Atul Rajeshwar Bhaskar- India
Since September 2001, Dr. Bhaskar Atul Rajeshwar Bhaskar MD has served as Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics, KJ Somaiya Medical College, Mumbai ,India. He is presently working as a Paediatric Orthopaedic Consultant, Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences. His clinical fellowship was at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto He attended IPOS 2010, Orlando and did an observer-ship at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital from 1Dec 2010 until 17 Dec Academic interests include social and economic factors in recurrence of clubfoot deformity, DDH, pediatric orthoaedics and pediatric spine and also neglected paediatric trauma. Dr. Bhaskar has written a textbook on the care of children’s fractures, which is widely sold and read in Indian. Kaye Wilkins wrote that Atul has the potential to be the ‘Mercer Rang’ of India, and that he has the gift of making paediatric fracture care simple and accessible to other doctors. For the POSNA scholarship, his sponsor was Dr. Toni Herring, TSRH. Tel:

25 Taral Vishni Nagda- India
Dr. Nagda is Director and Chief Pediatric Surgeon Institute of Pediatric Orthopedic Disorders, Parakh Hospital, Mumbai India, since 2005. Clinical interests include: Pediatric Fractures, spinal deformities, cerebral palsy. By organizing several POSI-POSNA outreach courses in India and Bangladesh, Dr. Nagda has become one of the leaders in outreach continuing education in India. His sponsors were Kay Wilkins and Andy Sullivan. He attended IPOS, Orlando And visited with Dr. Wilkins and Dr. Sullivan after the meeting.

26 POSNA Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada May 11, 2011
2011 COUR SCHOLARS POSNA Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada May 11, 2011

27 International Scholars POSNA 2011
Country Sponsor Francel Alexis Haiti Bob Cady Hitesh Shah India Viral Jain

28 Francel Alexis MD Haiti State University Hospital, Port-au Prince. Haiti Home: Les Cayes, Haiti Clinical Interests: clubfoot, scoliosis, congenital limb deformity and lengthening, osteomyelitis, tumors Sponsor: Robert Cady MD, Syracuse, NY

29 Hitesh H Shah MD Kasturba Medical College, Madhavnagar, Karnataka, India Interests: CPT, Perthes, tibia hemimelia, skeletal dysplasia, clubfoot, congenital knee dislocation Sponsor: Viral Jain, MD Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

30 2011 POSNA COUR International Scholars
Committee on Undeserved Regions IPOS, Orlando

31 International Scholars IPOS 2011
Country Sponsor Hai Li China Richard M. Schwend Nariman A. Oyoun Egypt Unni G. Narayanan Serdyuk Svetlana Ukraine Kevin Neal

32 Hai Li, MD PhD, China Currently staff orthopaedic surgeon at Xinhua Hospital of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China. Training: Resident in Pediatric Orthpaedics 2008 to 2011, Jiao Tong University. Research and clinical interests: Intervertebral disc metabolism and degeneration, Expression of Leptin and its functional receptor on disc cells, spinal cord injury, OPLL. Effect of glucose on collagen synthesis and BMP2 in spine ligament, substance P in the control mechanism of nerve on bone metabolism and role in osteoporosis of SCI, bone graft for infectious bone defects. Sponsor: Richard M. Schwend MD, Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, MO Attended IPOS and visited Dr. Schwend in Kansas City and Dr. Eric Gordon in St. Louis after the meeting

33 Nariman Abol Oyoun MD, Egypt
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Assiut University Hospital, Egypt She spent 2 years in Germany as clinical fellow. Exclusive practice is pediatric orthopaedics Research/Clinical Interests: Doctorate Thesis on Early Onset Scoliosis., management of children with cerebral palsy, non-fusion techniques for EOS, Ponseti method clubfoot treatment. Founding member of EGPOS Personal: Fluent in English. Sponsor: Unni G Narayanan MBBS, Msc, FRCC(C) Did observership with Dr. Narayanan at Hospital for Sick Kids for one month before the IPOS.

34 Serdyuk Svetlana PhD, Ukraine
Department Head and Orthopaedic Surgeon, “Child’s Clinical Hospital” Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine, 2002 to present. Trained at Leningrad Pediatric Medical Institute, Leningrad Russia and Scientific Research Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Clinical/research interests: Has worked for 25 years providing care to children. She is currently working on doctoral thesis on DDH, connective tissue and pathology, surgical prevention of progression of scoliosis, laser radiation for rehabilitation after scoliosis surgery, pathogenic aspects of surgical correction of dysplastic lumbar scoliosis in children. Meeting attended: IPOS December 2011 Orlando. Sponsor: Kevin Neal, Nemours, Jacksonville She will then do observership, with Dr. Kevin M. Neal at Nemours, Jacksonville after the IPOS meeting

35 POSNA Annual Meeting, Denver, CO May 16, 2010
2012 COUR SCHOLARS POSNA Annual Meeting, Denver, CO May 16, 2010

36 International Scholars POSNA 2012
Country Sponsor Olayinka Oladiran Adegbehingbe Nigeria Jose Morcuende Binod Bijukachhe Nepal Kaye Wilkins,Dave Spiegel Ngiep Oucheng Cambodia Gabriel Ramos Zelaya Nicaragua Michelle James

37 Olayinka Oladiran Adegbehingbe MD, Nigeria
Senior lecturer and consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Obafemi Awolo University College of health Sciences, Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. Research/clinical interests: Musculoskeletal malformations in children, trauma, oncology, care in resource constrained nation, neglected clubfoot. Personal/Professional: International Affiliate member AAOS, member SICOT, FICS, Nigerian Orthopaedic Association, Fellow West African College of Surgeons. Would like to establish a Nigerian Paediatric Orthopaedic Association by identifying interested orthopaedic surgeons in each of the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria to form a research network of collaborating pediatric orthopaedic surgeons. Sponsor: Jose Morcuende MD, PhD, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Will be attending the POSNA Annual meeting, Denver, Colorado, then visit Dr. Morcuende for one month.

38 Binod Bijukachhe MD, Nepal
Orthopaedic Surgeon in Chief, Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children (HRDC) since This is the only hospital of its kind in the country caring for children with various musculoskeletal problems. Research/clinical interests: Spine surgery (did AO spine fellowship), spinal deformity in children, spine trauma, spine infections (tuberculosis), general pediatric orthopaedics, neglected trauma, chronic osteomyelitis and congenital anomalies. He organized the first international conference on Ponseti management for clubfoot deformity in 2009, First Nepal-American Spine conference in 2010 and First international conference on pediatric orthopedics and trauma 2011. Sponsors: Kaye Wilkins MD and Dave Spiegel MD. Attended the 2012 Annual Meeting in Denver, then visited with Kaye Wilkins in San Antonio for several weeks as well as a short visit to TSRH Dallas

39 Ngiep Oucheng MD, Cambodia
Currently Senior Surgeon at National Pediatric Hospital and the Children’s Surgical Center since Both are teaching hospitals where he trains surgical residents to become surgeons. Received his pediatric surgery certificate, University of Paris, Research/Clinical Interests: teaching residents, would like to develop a pediatric orthopaedic program. Research has focused on chronic traumatic hip dislocation and tuberculosis arthritis. He is an acknowledged world expert in fronto-ethmoidal meningoencephalocele. Works both as a general pediatric surgeon and recently received training in the MoPOEd (Mobile Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery) program in Phnom Penh with Dr. Bernstein. Dr. Oucheng would like to become the second pediatric orthopaedic surgeon in Cambodia. Personal: He survived the purge by the Khmer Rouge as a teen, caring for his family, and became a physician because he recognized that there was no medical care available in Cambodia, as almost all physicians were killed during this time. Sponsor: Robert M. Bernstein, MD. Cohen Children’s Medical Center, Long Island, NY. Attended the Annual Meeting in Denver, then visited with Dr. Bernstein. or

40 Gabriel Ramos Zelaya MD, Nicaragua
Assistant Director Orthopaedic Surgeon at Hospital Fernando Velez Paiz, the public children’s hospital in Manuagua.. This is the only center of pediatric orthopaedics in Nicaragua. Attended Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua, Leon, Nicaragua. Research/clinical interest: Pediatric orthopaedic trauma, general orthopaedic surgery and hip surgery. Would like to begin a research program with POSNA member assistance. Works with neighborhood health clinics throughout Nicaragua. He helped to develop a pediatric hand program that won the HVO golden Apple award in 2011 and he also co-developed a spine surgery program at Hospital Velez Paiz. He has resolve and focus on taking the best possible care of children with orthopaedic problems. Sponsor: Michelle James MD. Shriners Hospitals for Children Northern CA. Attended POSNA Annual Meeting in Denver Then visited with Dr. James in Davis CA

41 2012 POSNA COUR International Scholars
Committee on Undeserved Regions IPOS, Orlando

42 International Scholars IPOS 2012
Country Sponsor Telmo Ivan Tapia Ecuador Elaine Joughlin Jose Pablo Munoz Costa Rica Alex Arkader Kubosja Bitta Tanzania Colleen Sabatini Wendafera Dea Ethiopia Arabella Leet

43 Telmo Ivan Tapia MD, Ecuador
Currently orthopaedic surgeon at Vicente Corral Moscoso Hospital and at Sta. Ana Hospital, Cuenca, Ecuador Research/Clinical interest: SIGN nail for patients who cannot afford surgical care. Has inserted over 70 of these nails, translated the SIGN manual into Spanish, presented research work at the annual SIGN conference in Richland, Washington, public health teaching of DDH and DDH screening of newborns, Ponseti method for treating clubfeet in Cuenca, osteomyelitis, pediatric trauma. Organizes and hosts many visiting surgeons from the US and Canada to provide care for children. Sponsor: Elaine Joughin MD, University of Calgary and Alberta Children’s Hospital. Attended IPOS Post meeting observership will be with Dr. Richard Schwend, Kansas City.

44 Jose Pablo Munoz MD, Costa Rica
Currently doing Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery Fellowship at CCSS, Universidad De Costa Rica. Research/clinical: Supracondylar humeral fractures with vascular lesions, AVN femoral head in leukemia. POSNA Sponsor: Alex Arkader MD, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Plans to visit Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, for two weeks after the IPOS meeting to learn more about spine surgery and musculoskeletal tumors.

45 Kuboja Alex Bitta, Tansania
Dr. Bitta has worked at the Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute, Dar es Salaam, Orthopaedic and Trauma Pediatric Orthopaedic Unit, present. Education: MD, Muhimbili University, Dar es Salaam, 2004. Professional Interests: Pediatric fractures, flexible IM nailing, Sign nail, bone tumors, limb lengthening and deformity correction. Personal information: Lives in country of 40 million people with few pediatric orthopaedic surgeons, lack of access and resources, late presentations of illness, educational challenges. A general orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Bitta is looking to increase his capability in pediatric orthopaedics and improve the care of their 40 bed pediatric orthoapedic unit. Sponsor; Coleen Sabatini, UCSF. Dr. Bitta has visited with her several times for training. Plans to visit University of Colorado, Dr. Brian Shaw or Mark Erickson

46 Wendafern Dea, Ethiopia
Teaching staff and orthopaedic surgeon, Ayder Health College, Addis Ababa Education: Addis Ababa University, Gondar College of Medical Science, 1990 Clinical/Research interests: Clinical teaching, Ponseti method of clubfoot care and outcome, Pediatric fractures Personal/Professional: Ethiopia is a country of 84 million. Dr. Wende is the only pediatric orthopaedic surgeon in the country. He spent 12 months in fellowship at John’s Hopkins University. His long term plan is to establish a pediatric orthopaedic unit, to teach, to develop a pediatric ortho course and one day to establish a pediatric orthopaedic fellowship. “Dr. Wendemu soaks up knowledge like a sponge. He will bring the finest of pediatric orthopaedic care to his country”. Meeting: IPOS 2012 Sponsor: Arabella I Leet, MD Honolulu and Dr. Elaine Joughlin of Calgary. Dr. Wende has previously spent year working with Dr. Leet in Baltimore.

47 2013 POSNA COUR International Scholars
May 2013, Toronto, Canada

48 International Scholars POSNA 2013
Country Sponsor Francisco Nyiiro Uganda Andrew Howard Chasanal Rathod India Shital Parikh, Sevan Hopyan Tewodros Tilahun Zerfu Ethiopia Michelle James, Jose Morcuende Mario Sequeira Somoza Nicaragua Arabella Leet Hongwen Xu PR China Edward Southern

49 Francisco Nyiiro, MD CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital, Entebbe, Uganda
Medical School: College of Surgeons, Nairobi Kenya Pediatric Orthopaedic fellowship at Sick Kids, Toronto, June Clinical interests: Limb Reconstruction. >50% pediatrics. Research interests: neglected club foot, spina bifida Personal: one of two pediatric orthopaedic trained surgeons in Subsahara Africa. POSNA Annual Meeting, Toronto May 2013.)/observer-ship at Sick Kids, May 2013. Name of presentation(s) at the meeting Sponsor: Andrew Howard.

50 Chasanal Rathod, MD Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children, Mumbai, India Medical School: Pediatric orthopaedic fellowship: Severance Children’s Hospital, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea. March Feb 2012. Clinical interests: Obstetric brachial plexus palsy, neuromuscular, congenital upper extremity Research interests: Obstetric brachial plexus palsy Personal: Already very accomplished in obstetric brachial plexus palsy Will Attend POSNA annual meeting in Toronto, May 2013 and will then observe at the brachial plexus clinic at Sick Kids in Toronto. Presentation at COUR: “The treatment of syndromic clubfeet with ponseti’s technique through a community based program- Cure Clubfoot Worldwide” Sponsors: Shital Parikh and Sevan Hopyan

51 Tewodros Tilahun Zerfu
Current: Cure International Children’s Hospital, Kenya. Planning to work at Cure Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia when he is done with his COSECSA residency training. Medical School: Gondar University, Ethiopia, Sept 2000 Pediatric orthopaedic fellowship. (dates) Clinical interests: Will be training residents at Black Lion Hospital. He is interested in doing pediatric orthopaedic fellowship as there is no full time pediatric orthopaedic surgeon in Ethiopia. Research interests: Predictors for redislocation of DDH Personal: He is from Ethiopia and plans to return. There is only as of 2012 a pediatric orthopaedic and rehabilitation society of Africa . Will Attend POSNA Annual Meeting, Toronto, May 2013. Name of presentation(s) at the meeting Sponsor: Norgrove Penny.

52 Mario Sequeira Somoza Work: Hospital Dr. Fernando Velez Paiz, Managua Nicaragua Medical School: University Del Noreste, Mexico 1982 Pediatric orthopaedic fellowship. Hospital Infantil, Mexico City, Clinical interests: Foot deformities, spina bifida, CP Research interests: Has given many international presentations on Ponseti method of clubfoot. Personal: Passionate about teaching. One of only a few pediatric orthopaedic surgeons in Nicaragua. He is la leader in Central America on the Ponseti method. POSNA Annual Meeting, Toronto, May 2012. Post Meeting will visit Shriners Hospital, North California and the University of Iowa Name of presentation(s) at the meeting Sponsors: Michelle James Jose Morcuende

53 Hongwen Xu Work: Associate Professor, Guangzhou Woman & Children’s Medical Center. Chief or orthopaedics at this 700 bed hosital Medical School: Tongji Medical University, Wuhan Hubei, PR China 1992 Pediatric orthopaedic fellowship: Chinese Medical University,PhD, Shenyang, Liaoning, PR China, National Children’s Medical Center, Spine Fellow, April to October Has also studied at University of Graz, Austria ( ) and the Australia Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital (2006) Clinical interests: pediatric orthopaedics, DDH, spine, cerebral palsy. Research interests: Growth and development of the normal acetabulum, DDH Personal: Extremely dedicated to children’s Orthopaedics. Sees 100 patients/day Will attend POSNA Annual Meeting, Toronto, May 2013 Name of presentation(s) at the meeting Sponsor: Ed Southern Post meeting observership: Children’s Hospital New Orleans

54 2013 POSNA COUR International Scholars
November 2013, IPOS, Orlando, Florida

55 International Scholars IPOS 2013
Country Sponsor Sandeep A Patwardhan India Scott Mubarak Sergey Khmyzov Ukraine Dan Hoernschmeyer

56 Sergey Khmyzov Sytenko Institue of Spine and Joint Pathology, Kharkov, Ukraine. Chief of Pediatric Orthopaedics Medical School: Medical University, Odessa, Ukraine and pediatric orthopaedic fellowship. (dates) Clinical interests: Limb deformity, lengthening, external fixation Research interests: femoral head deformity, paralytic hip dislocations Personal: Expert in external fixation treatment of deformity. Has developed his own unique fixation devise and system. Styenko Institute is the premier orthopaedic facility in the Ukraine Will attend IPOS. Name of presentation(s) at the meeting: Sponsor: Dan Hoernschmeyer Post meeting observership: Dror Paley, Florida. Dan Hoernschmeyer, Columbia MO, Richard Schwend, Children’s Mercy Hospital. address:

57 Sandeep Arvind Patwardhan
Professor Pediatric Orthopaedics, Maharashtra University Sancheti Institute for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, Pune, India. Medical School: Seth GS Medical College, Bombay 1990. Pediatric orthopaedic fellowship: Lokmanya Tilak Medical College, Bombay, 1996. Clinical interests: growth modulation, fractures, infection, arthrogryposis, hip Research interests: clubfoot, fasciocutaneous flaps, percutaneous fracture techniques, post infection bone cysts. Personal: Previous visiting experience in Singapore, Stutgart, and Arkansas. Hosted the very well organized and outstanding POSI-POSNA meeting in Pune, India, Jan 2012. Will attend IPOS, Orlando, November 2013 Name of presentation(s) at the meeting: Sponsor: Scott Mubarak Post meeting observerships: Rady Children’s Hospital, Rick McCarthy, Little Rock Children’s Hospital, Min Kocher, Children’s Hospital, Boston.

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