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Sustainable Clubfoot Care in the Developing World

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1 Sustainable Clubfoot Care in the Developing World
Sue Banton steps Charity Worldwide

2 Clubfoot - a spiral into Deformity Disability Dependency Demoralization Depression Despair
Worldwide there are 136,500 annual newborns with Clubfoot - the majority in the developing world have little access to treatment. Neglected & inadequately treated CF is one of the biggest causes of locomotor disability.

3 Why treat clubfoot?

4 Uganda Sustainable Clubfoot Care Project April 1, 2004 – September 30, 2010
Participants University of British Columbia (UBC) Makerere University Medical School (MUMS) Orthopaedic Technology Training School, Mulago (OTTS) School for Orthopaedic Officers, Mulago (SOO) Nursing Council of Uganda (NCU) Comprehensive Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Services of Uganda (CORSU) Uganda Ministry of Health (MOH) Christian Blind Mission (CBM) Canadian International Development Association (CIDA)

5 Canada-Uganda collaboration to improve sustainable clubfoot care
6 year CIDA funded project. 1500 babies are born with clubfeet each year in Uganda. pilot project introduced a non-surgical method of clubfoot correction (the Ponseti Method). Aims: Build capacity throughout the Ugandan Healthcare System for the early detection and treatment of the congenital clubfoot. Build capacity in Ugandan Healthcare Schools to teach detection and management of the clubfoot. Collect baseline and efficacy data of this method in Uganda.

6 Outputs: (end of 2 years)
Incorporated clubfoot detection and management by the Ponseti Method into the curriculum of all medical and paramedical schools in Uganda. Clubfoot clinics were established at five Regional Referral Hospitals. An Ethnocultural Survey was completed. An incidence at birth survey was started.

7 Does it work in Uganda? A multi-partner collaboration is building capacity in Uganda by: teaching clubfoot care. detecting and treating clubfeet in a way that is economically and socially sustainable for Uganda.

8 Can it work Globally? The dream is for all countries to have a sustainable clubfoot care programme to eradicate the neglected clubfoot disability that stops so many children from walking.

9 steps involvement Supported training in:
Bulgaria Brazil China Ethiopia Fiji Kenya Looking for funding to develop a Sustainable Clubfoot Care programme in Kenya.

10 Thank You Ignacio V. Ponseti, MD Shafique Pirani, MD, FRCSC
Professor, Department of Orthopaedics, Faculty of Medicine University of British Columbia Project Director - Uganda Sustainable Clubfoot Care Project Ignacio V. Ponseti, MD University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Department of Orthopaedics, Iowa City, Iowa Dr. Norgrove Penny University of British Columbia Canada

11 steps Warrington Lane Lymm Cheshire WA13 0SA Tel. 0871 7170044
website - - uk steps Charity Worldwide Registered Charity No

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