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AAOS International Surgical Skills Scholarship Program

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1 AAOS International Surgical Skills Scholarship Program

2 Program Goals To improve the quality and outcomes of orthopaedic care worldwide by: Providing knowledge and skills that the recipients will share with fellow colleagues Helping to shape the careers of aspiring orthopaedic leaders Opening doors to mentoring and exchange opportunities

3 97 orthopaedic surgeons from 45 countries
Scholarship Recipients 97 orthopaedic surgeons from 45 countries

4 Program experience Hands-on surgical skills course in USA
3-5 day observership at a US surgical center “The spine course [in the OLC] upheld my knowledge and refined my surgical skills.” - Dr. Dave Dizon, 2010 Alumni, The Philippines

5 The Lasting Exchange “Doing my observership with Dr. Jupiter at one of the best hospitals in the U.S. has been the most valuable experience of my career.” - Dr. Marta Foteva, 2009 Alumni, Macedonia "My colleagues and I enjoyed the opportunity to interchange information and surgical techniques with Dr. Foteva. The AAOS program is a marvelous opportunity for future orthopaedic leaders throughout the world.” - Dr. Jesse Jupiter, Hansjorg Wyss AO Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Harvard Medical School

6 Observership Programs 40 sites in 14 USA states..we need more
Scholarship recipients come to Chicago to attend a surgical skills course at the OLC. 40 sites in 14 USA states..we need more

7 What makes the AAOS program unique
Each recipient must complete a needs assessment Fine-tuning the scholarship experience Selecting the right OLC course/program Selecting the best match for the observership AAOS conducts post-program and six-month post-program evaluations There is a growing, robust Alumni community

8 Outcomes “ Two months after the program, I was promoted to Residency Coordinator, directly managing 33 residents. The scholarship gave me the chance to offer my patients better and newer treatment options.” - Dr. Evandro Pereira Palacio, 2008 Alumni, Brazil (seen second from the left)

9 Leadership Development
AAOS has a track record of selecting individuals who can and do make a difference in their communities: Dr. Christian Chukwu, 2003 Alumni Minister of Health in Nigeria Dr. Virginia Capor-Cabling, 2006 Alumni Board of Directors Member The Philippines Orthopaedic Association Dr. Arsen Avakyan, 2009 Alumni Chairman, International Activities The Armenian Orthopaedic Association Dr. Nils Calderon, 2012 Alumni President Bolivian Association of Arthroscopy

10 Emerging Leaders (IEL)
2013 International Emerging Leaders (IEL) Program Alumni custom design their own scholarship Goal: To assist Alumni with the next stage of their careers and professional development Choice of a variety of education offerings, including: AAOS Course for Orthopaedic Educators SIGN Fracture International Annual Conference SIGN-IGOT Flap Course POSNA International Pediatric Orthopaedic Symposium, etc. Attend any other meeting in their country, region or abroad

11 Special IEL Opportunity
For newly appointed Chiefs of Orthopaedic Departments or Service Chiefs/Leads: Intensive observership at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) shadowing Dr. Harry Rubash, Chief of the MGH Orthopaedic Department Two to four weeks shadowing in both clinical and administrative environment Observe surgeries of their choice

12 International Scholarship Facebook page
Keeping in touch with Alumni & orthopaedic surgeons around the world

13 Ways to contribute Spread the word Host an observership
Create your own scholarship program General Fund - Examples: Spain, Mayo Clinic, The Permanente Medical Group Specialized scholarships (country or specialty specific or both) - Country examples: West and East Africa, Indonesia and Bangladesh - Specialty Examples: Spine and Arthroscopy Combination

14 Current Contributors Dr. Richard Gayle Dr. Sandra Reidel
The Permanente Medical Group, Inc. Dr. Richard Gayle Dr. Sandra Reidel For a complete listing of current contributors please visit

15 One of the first AAOS Scholarship Recipients
Thank you “The AAOS international scholarship program was a mirror, it showed me the type of surgeon I wanted to be.” Dr. Christopher Amuwa One of the first AAOS Scholarship Recipients Nigeria

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