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BACKGROUND Established in 1993 Started as a trading company Took over M Y & Company – HK in 1999 and its shares of the Metal Factory in Shenzen Started.

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2 BACKGROUND Established in 1993 Started as a trading company Took over M Y & Company – HK in 1999 and its shares of the Metal Factory in Shenzen Started Own Polyester Button Factory in Sri Lanka in Year 2000 Transformed from a Trading company to a 100% manufacturer Currently workforce: 450 personnel (Globally)

3 BUSINESS MODEL The company operates in the following way. Manufacturing PlantDistribution CentreSales Offices China (Metal, Polyester and ABS accessories manufacturing plant Sri Lanka (Polyester accessories manufacturing plant Hong Kong Sri Lanka Hong Kong Sri Lanka USA China Bangladesh Pakistan Indonesia India Vietnam

4 PRODUCTS WE MANUFACTURE 1.All Types of Polyester Accessories (Buckles, Buttons, cord ends, beads) 2.All Types of Metal Accessories (Shanks - Jeans Buttons, Rivets, Grommets, Buckles, Sew on Buttons, cord ends, beads, Tabs, Snap buttons, Prong Snaps, Hook and Bar, Hook and Eye, Drings and much more) 3.All Types of ABS Accessories (Sew on Shanks, Sew on Buttons, cord ends, beads) 4.Fabric Covered Buttons, Fabric Covered Buckles 5.PU and Leather Patches 6.In addition to the above we outsource the following items: ◦ a. Laces (Cotton and Stretch Nylon) ◦ b. Tapes (Cotton and Polyester) ◦ c. Cords with Metal Ends ◦ d. Elastics (Printed, Knitted, Stretch) ◦ e. Bra Wires ◦ f. Belts ◦ g. Zippers (We can supply YKK Zippers from Indonesia, Taiwan and Malaysia)


6 EXECUTIVES Mr. A G M Basheer - Chairman Mr A G M Yaseen - Managing Director Mr. A G M Ashraff - Director Mr. A Hafeez M Siddique - General Manager Country Managers Mr. Jay Knorr - USA Mr. Waffrin Mutaliph - India Mrs Fong Pik Sim - Far East Mr Fazil Deen - Bangladesh Mr Imtiaz Sangani - Pakistan Factory Managers Mr. M. Zeeshan – Expo World Buttons (Pvt) Ltd – Sri Lanka Mr Charles Mui – M Y & Company - China

7 NOMINATED SUPPLIERS FOR: We work directly with the following buyers and are nominated directly or through their partner offices to supply trims around the world.

8 OTHER BUYERS: We also have worked for the following customers through vendors around the world.

9 M Y & COMPANY Take over in1999 Location: Shenzhen, China At Present our capacity is as 50 million Gross Per Month (All Accessories) Staff 220 personnel Annual Turnover: US$ 23 million (Approx) Class 1 Okeo-Tex Certified Manufacturers We Produce all types of Metal / ABS / Nylon / Polyester / Chalk Garment Accessories

10 IMAGES OF OUR METAL BUTTON FACTORY Factory OfficeMould Making DepartmentMould making Department - Electric discharge machines Mould Making – CNC Engraving Department Alloy Die casting DepartmentPlastic Injection Moulding Area

11 IMAGES OF OUR METAL BUTTON FACTORY Brass Stamping Department Alloy Die Casting Department Assembling DepartmentQC DepartmentPacking Department

12 IMAGES OF OUR METAL BUTTON FACTORY QC Department QC Department – Lead Testing MachineQC Department

13 EXPOWORLD BUTTONS Commenced Operation in Year 2000 Location: Sri Lanka Started with 50,000 gross per month capacity and 35 staff At Present our capacity is 400,000 gross per month Staff 150 personnel Annual Turnover: US$ 11 million (Approx) Class 1 Okeo-Tex Certified Manufacturers We Produce all types of Polyester / Chalk / Front & Edge Lazer / Coconut / Horn-Rod Buttons

14 IMAGES OF OUR POLYESTER BUTTON FACTORY Casting DepartmentColour Matching – Casting Department Casting Department Punching DepartmentTooling DepartmentRod Button Casting Department

15 IMAGES OF OUR POLYESTER BUTTON FACTORY Turning Department - Front LazerTurning Department – Edge LazerTurning Department Latest state of the art Sampling Machine – MIRON Polishing Department

16 IMAGES OF OUR POLYESTER BUTTON FACTORY Paint Button Making DepartmentQC DepartmentQC Department – Button Pull Testing QC While ProductionQC DepartmentPacking Department

17 ADVANTAGES OF WORKING WITH US 1.Branches around the world and most importantly close to the most famous manufacturing locations. 2.Only one trim needs to be approved and will be delivered around the world where ever the manufacturing takes place. 3.We maintain stock for sampling at all branch location which makes it very convenient for buyers for making samples. 4.A computerized database consisting of more than 10,000 items is in place which makes it easy for buyers to get what they want. 5.Our sales team will always provide similar samples which we have in stock allowing buyers to have a variety of accessories to select from 6.All Product are Nickel free, lead free, ferrous free and we make sure we are updated with the new regulations imposed by the western countries Most importantly the EU and USA 7.All our Metal and Polyester products are certified under Class 1, which allows us to even supply to Kids 8.We visit all our buyers every season presenting our new product range. This makes it easy for buyers to know the new trends in the market. We acquire a team of 20 designers at our manufactories who consistently keep making new designs. 9.We provide our technical comments during sampling and we make sure all mockups are received and analyzed by means of releasing approved Datasheets and GCR to the vendors on time before goods are dispatched. 10.We provide free moulds and samples for all loyal buyers we ship samples Free of charge to any vendor around the world 11.Our technical team provides training to machine operators at vendors and certificates are issued after successful completion.

18 TECHNICAL SUPPORT Pull TestGCR / Data SheetsBulk Die set Checking Before Delivery Production visits and random inspection Sample Mockup and Bulk Mockup Testing Attaching Machines

19 SAMPLE ROOM Catalogue Making and Sample Arrangement Sample Stock Sample RoomCatalogue Design Team and Sample Stock Data Maintenance Sample Stock


21 Sri Lanka Hong Kong China Delhi Bangalore Bangladesh Pakistan Indonesia (Representative) OUR SALES / SUPPORT OFFICES AROUND THE WORLD USA Chennai Tirupur

22 ON GOING PROJECT a)Set up a new manufacturing plant in Bangladesh producing all Polyester and Metal products. This plant is under construction and expected to commence by December 2014 1. No Child Labour 2. No Discrimination / Equal Rights 3. All Business Practices are adhered to local Regulations 4. All our Plant consists of proper water treatment plants and are approved by the local bodies 5. Clean and Convenient work environments for all our employees

23 ONGOING DEVELOPMENTS Convert Existing Metal plant in China to specializing units AlloyBrass We will use our existing factory for this purpose Replace the location for Brass to accommodate more machines and upgraded QC techniques Shenzhen Dongguan

24 NEW FACTORY IN DONGGUAN Factory Office Brass Production

25 NEW FACTORY IN DONGGUAN Assembling Department QC and Packing

26 BETTER PACKING METHODS TO AVOID CARTON DAMAGES ESPECIALLY WHEN RAINING We use better packing methods to avoid carton damages during transportation Cartons are covered using special Polythene Special packing for prong snaps Plastic packing for enamel accessories

27 Thank you

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