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A Coordinator’s view “Do’s and Don’ts” Professor A. O

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1 A Coordinator’s view “Do’s and Don’ts” Professor A. O
A Coordinator’s view “Do’s and Don’ts” Professor A. O. Moscardini Cardiff Metropolitan University UK Tempus IV Information Day 19/11/2012

2 Experience Professor Alfredo Moscardini
Cardiff Metropolitan University Have been involved in ten Tempus projects (both JEPs and Structural Measures) mostly as Coordinator in Bulgaria, Hungary, Estonia, Kyrghystan, Uzbekistan, Russia ,Ukraine, Jordan and Egypt

3 Cardiff Metropolitan University
Currently running a Tempus project with Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia and Morocco LHEM- Leadership in Higher Education Management It is a Structural measure i.e. involves four Ministries


5 Partners EU Partners: ) University of Bari - Italy
Ionian University - Greece Leadership Foundation - UK Magna Charta Observatory - Italy MEDA Partners: Ein Shams University - Egypt Fayoum University - Egypt American University in Cairo - Egypt King Hassen II University - Morocco Superior Institute for Science and Technology - Morocco Cadi Ayyad University in Marakesch - Morocco Modern University of Business Studies - Lebanon Beirut Arab Academy - Lebanon Sfax University – Tunisia University of Sousse - Tunisia Associate Partners: Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - Egypt Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technology - Tunisia Ministry of Higher Education, Lebanon Ministry of Higher Education, Morocco Arab Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education- Egypt Association of Arab Univerities- Jordan

6 All views expressed in this talk are my own
Presentation The aim of this presentation is to give you my thoughts on managing tempus projects and use examples from the current project at Cardiff Metropolitan University. All views expressed in this talk are my own

7 Tempus Programme Tempus is the European Union’s programme which supports the modernisation of higher education in the Partner Countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Western Balkans and the Mediterranean region, mainly through university cooperation projects. 

8 More details Equalisation of University standards or systems
Sustainability of Outcomes Dissemination

9 Equalisation of Standards
Bologna Process Not a prescription but a mutual harmonisation of systems. Keep an open mind. Not always clear which system is best.

10 Leadership in Higher Education Management - LHEM
Bologna Process We have produced 47 learning objects on the Bologna Process We have used the expertise of two of our experts who are former secretary Generals of the Magna Charta Observatory, Dr Andris Barblan and Mr Bastian Baumann

11 Coordinating Institution
The cordinator must ensure that the project objectives are met on time and within budget

12 Achievement of Project Objectives
Not easy - must work with the system that exists in the partner countries. No patronisation Cannot change long standing systems overnight Must have flexibility and ability to react to circumstances

13 Working with existing Systems
For a UK coordinator, the role of the Ministries in partner countries is different. Cannot change this - must work with it. Need to have the presidents fully aware at all times.

14 The President’s Network
LHEM has set up a network of leaders of universities in the project to discuss, advise and learn about issues that will affect the University of the 21st Century.  The network can then be extended to all MENA countries and universities and become a global network.

15 The President’s Network

16 Example of Changing Systems
Whole idea of self and peer assessment. Although obligatory in Western education now, is actually only around thirty years old. Did not exist when I started. Our elearning material is having two peer assessments and an external assessment.

17 Example of Changing Systems
We are preparing E-learning modules. For external Assessment we have an external expert Dr Andris Barblan and also the Magna Charta Observatory For internal assessment we are organising peer reviews

18 Example of Flexibilty A project aim was to produce E-learning courses.
In LHEM this developed into producing an Adaptive Learning System for deans and an on-line masters degree.

19 The Unexpected The European volcanic ashes 2010
The Tunisian revolution 2011 The Egyptian revolution in 2011 Political instability in Lebanon

20 Sustainability Typical outcomes that are sustainable are; Networks
Centres Degrees Good Practice

21 Networks A good network will be self sustaining but there are also actions that can aid the process in LHEM we have formed two networks Arab and European Leadership Network for Higher Education(ARELEN) Women in Higher Education Elite Leaders (WHEEL)

22 Sustainable Outcome Women in Higher Education Elite Leaders
The WHEELERs have got togther and formed an NGO called Nour which will be self funding and provide money to continue the network after the end of the project.


24 ARELEN - Arab and European Leadership Network for Higher Education
Professor Sultan Abou Orabi, on behalf of Association of Arab Universities and Professor Antony Chapman, on behalf of Cardiff Metropolitan University signed a memorandum of Initial Agreement to host the Arab and European Leadership Network for Higher Education, (ARELEN). The network is an outcome of the Tempus Leadership in Higher Education Management project, coordinated by Professor Mohamed Loutfi of Cardiff Metropolitan University in association with the UK Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.

25 Dissemination Three Types; Institutional National International

26 Institutional Dissemination
People tend to keep power to themselves It is important to disseminate the project in the individual institutions from the beginning of the project.

27 Poster

28 National Dissemination
Ministries of Higher Education; Centres E-learning Masters

29 International Sustainability
ARELEN, WHEEL –NOUR International Dissemination Event Website International Media Coverage

30 Pitfalls Equipment Finance Offices Visas Unexpected consequences

31 Personal Attributes Need to be diplomat. Have a long term vision.
Accept setbacks. Be transparent in all communications.

32 Media Coverage/Dissemination
Mr AbouBakr Fathalla Cardiff Metropolitan University 19/11/2012

33 Website









42 Thank you… Questions & Comments?

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