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SEA-EU Higher Education cooperation: the ACCESS experience Fabio Nascimbeni, MENON Network.

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1 SEA-EU Higher Education cooperation: the ACCESS experience Fabio Nascimbeni, MENON Network

2 The MENON Network Legal structure Non-profit EEIG (European nature) established in Brussels since 1999. Mission: To facilitate the evolution of the Knowledge Society in Europe and in other parts of the world, making learning a priority issue in policy agendas around economic, social and cultural development at both national and international level. Members: Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary) CEPCEP – Universidade Catolica Portuguesa (Portugal) Institute for Learning Innovation - University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany) Lambrakis Foundation (Greece) SCIENTER (Italy) The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (UK) Relevant experience More than 10 years supporting international cooperation in HE and research, with projects such as SINCERE (DG RTD) and ACCESS (DG EAC).

3 The ACCESS project Legal structure Support: Erasmus Mundus (Action 3) Duration: 2009-2010 Coverage: All SEA countries Partners: MENON, UPV, European Students Union, AUN, SEEAIR Activities: Survey on SEA students perceptions and expectations Promotion of of EU-SEA HE collaboration (events, website…) Policy Roadmapping

4 Survey Green Paper Project Conferences - Students involvement - Mob. & integration - Challenges for EU-SEA coop Brussels Seminar White Paper Services AB Seminar The ACCESS process: a constructivist approach

5 ACCESS I Student Involvement in University Management: An Inter-regional Dialogue Higher Education Cooperation Students Policy makers ICT experts Academic Executives ACCESS II Mobility as an Instrument for Integration: Sharing Experiences & New Ideas ACCESS III Challenges for SEA-Europe University Cooperation in the 21 st Century The ACCESS themes: Stakeholder Driven Approach

6 Outputs from the ACCESS Dialogue Events Policy OutputsKey Focus Areas Recommendations onStudent Involvement in University Management- An Inter-regional Dialogue Recognition of student as an active key stakeholder expand local/international network or platform of student-executive cooperation Universitys support to student development University governance ASEAN-EU Mobility: A Framework for Sustainable Implementation Student Exchange Faculty & Staff exchange Roles of ICT Credit Transfer System Quality Assurance Resource & Knowledge Exchange Proposed Strategic Priorities on Inter-Regional Higher Education Cooperation between ASEAN & EU Strategic Priorities Research Collaboration Student & Academic Exchange ICT in Education

7 EU-ASEAN Perspectives & Possible Cooperation From the 3 rd ACCESS Dialogue Proposed 3 Strategic Priorities: Research Collaboration Student & Academic Exchange ICT In Education Suggested implementation mechanisms: ASEAN – EU Inter-regional Centre of Excellence or Thematic Networks to drive forward research collaboration & academic exchange programme User-friendly Information &Knowledge Sharing Facilities An Inter-regional Credit Transfer System based on ACTS and ECTS - to ensure compatibility and comparability of relevant academic programmes - to enhance student mobility QA - strengthen and promote mutual recognition agreement of QA system Support - sufficient funding from governments, the private sector and other funding bodies should be sought - funding scheme is needed such as AUNP, Asia-Links Results from the survey Students: HE in Europe perceived a unique entity and be a choice for continue study need for funding support ready for physical mobility Academicians& Researchers: need strong research collaboration, joint curricula developments with EU high priority on virtual mobility of researcher

8 Erasmus Mundus Asian Cluster Legal structure New project started in March 2011 Aim: supporting analysis, reflection and knowledge exchange among the EM actors dealing with Asia Run by: DAAD and MENON Activities: Survey on EU-Asia cooperation within Erasmus Mundus (launch in May 2011) Workshop in Brussels (28, 29 September) Guidelines production

9 Thank you Fabio Nascimbeni MENON Network

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