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Queen Esther’s Brave Request F ully. R elying. O n. G od.

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1 Queen Esther’s Brave Request F ully. R elying. O n. G od

2 We Don’t Always F.R.O.G. Otherwise: We’d always stand out. We’d never fret about our needs. We’d always say no to sin. FACT CHECK: We fall short; we sin. Rom. 3:10- 12, 23

3 What Happens When You F.R.O.G.? That is what the Book of Esther teaches for those who believe in God. Rom. 8:28 We see a man who exemplified and exhorted how to rely on God. We see a young woman who makes an unbelievable request. Ultimately, we see God’s sovereignty and providential care for those who rely upon Him.

4 It’s Not Who You Are…It’s Who God Is! Mordecai is just another Jew… living in captivity. Yet, his reliance on God manifests his faithfulness to Him. His reliance is what allows us to see (by faith) God at work… even when we can’t see (by sight) God working. Heb. 11:1

5 Listening To Wise Counsel Mordecai raised Esther (as his own daughter). 2:7, 10 IMPORTANT TO NOTE: He taught/she learned to listen to wise counsel. 2:10, 15, 20 This speaks well of both of them. This attribute is VITAL to relying upon God. This attribute is VITAL to relying upon God.

6 The Stage Is Set for F.R.O.G. Mordecai’s concern for the king. 2:21-23 No doubt this would also affect Esther’s life. More importantly, God wills His people to do good unto all men. Mordecai’s ultimate allegiance to the King of kings. 3:1-3 Mordecai’s allegiance tested. 3:4

7 The Ultimate Test: Life and Death Haman’s hatred extended to all Jews. 3:5-6, 8-11 Mordecai’s agonizing suffering for relying on God. 4:1-2 All the Jews heard of their impending deaths. 4:3 Esther eventually learns of impending genocide but yet hasn’t fully relied upon God. 4:10-12 Mordecai, on the other hand, shines as an example of full reliance upon our heavenly Father. 4:13-14

8 The Rest of the Story Esther listens to her wise cousin and commits herself to rely upon God. 4:15-17 She has all the Jews fasting/(praying) for her 3 days. She will also fast. Then she will face her own life and death. “If I perish, I perish”… WOW! God saves Esther, Mordecai and ALL the Jews from Genocide… Haman justly executed. Ch. 7ff

9 Do You Fully Rely On God? It is EASY to preach our need to fully rely on God. It is EASY to agree to our need to fully rely on God. The question is: when faced with your personal struggle that seems so difficult how have you fared?

10 When You Fall Into Various Trials For those who acknowledge to be lacking – many among God’s people do – consider: Asking others – especially those whom you value to be faithful in service to God – to PRAY FOR YOU. Pray, pray, pray – FERVENTLY Make a commitment to do WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE… NO MATTER WHAT. Jas. 1:2-7

11 Remember: God Is Sovereign He wants us to KNOW our need to rely upon Him. Cp. Matt. 6:24-34 He wants us to LEARN to rely upon Him. He wants us to EXPERIENCE His salvation we can glory in Him! Rom. 8:31-39

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