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Leadership Certification L E V E L 3 3 By Beth Chagas.

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1 Leadership Certification L E V E L 3 3 By Beth Chagas

2 What is the PURPOSE of a sermon? 1.Proclaim the Good News of salvation 2.Lead people to Christ 3.Make disciples 4.Help people apply the Word of God in their lives 5.Allow God to speak and minister to people

3 MAIN OBJECTIVE Changing lives is the ultimate purpose of a sermon

4 TYPES OF SERMONS 1. Topical or Textual Sermon a. List Outline b. Argument 2. Expository Sermon 3. Narrative Sermon


6 SERMON OBJECTIVES 1.Exegesis 2.Exhortation 3.Education 4.Evidences 5.Evangelism

7 THE TEXT Prayer and guidance from the Holy Spirit will influence choice Carefully choose a Bible text or scripture passage

8 THE Needs of the AUDIENCE 1.Physical 2.Mental 3.Spiritual

9 CONSIDER THE AUDIENCE 1.Age 2.Sex 3.Special date or occasion 4.Marital status 5.Location 6.Profession 7.Will your sermon/talk need to be translated

10 Three Step BIBLE TEXT ANALYSIS 1. Read the Bible Text: John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”

11 2.Note divisions: 1.God loved the world 2.God gave His only Son 3.Whoever believes in the Son shall not perish 4.Whoever believes in the Son shall have eternal life

12 Interpret the Bible Text Who? What? Why? When? Where? How?


14 Apply the Bible Text Read nearby verses or chapters. As you read, ask: What is useful in the text that the audience can apply to their lives? How can this message be applied to my live as the speaker?

15 ORGANIZING SERMON IDEAS Main Point Desired Result Benefits Lead toward Thesis Statement


17 FORMAT FOR ORGANIZING IDEAS FORMAT FOR ORGANIZING IDEAS OUTLINE - John 3:16 I. God’s Love A. Toward World 1. Nicodemus’ world a. Pharisee b. Church leader

18 2. The world today a. Secular world b. Christian world B. Toward Us 1. All humanity throughout all times

19 2. You and me II. God’s Gift A. Gave His Son 1. Only Son 2. GAVE B. Offers Eternal Life 1. Shall not perish 2. Living forever III. God’s Desire A. We truly believe in His Son B. We live eternally with Him

20 Mind Maps Offers Eternal Life We truly believe in His Son We live eternally with Him Toward us Toward world Gave His Son

21 POST-it Notes

22 WRITING THE SERMON 1. Beginning/introduction 2. Body 3. Conclusion

23 1. BEGINNING/ INTRODUCTION 1.Present Subject 2.Catch Attention 3.State Thesis 4.Transition into Body of the Sermon

24 2. BODY 1.Signal 2.State 3.Link 4.Support 5.Explanation (if necessary) 6.Illustrate


26 ILLUSTRATIONS 1.Verify that they are appropriate. 2.Do not try to fit yourself into the experiences of others. 3.Use discernment with personal experiences.

27 3. CONCLUSION 1.Restate or summarize the main point of sermon 2.Focus on application 3.Ask for a decision 4.Result


29 TITLE To attract listener’s attention To communicate the main idea of the sermon.

30 STUDY Allow Time Meditate

31 DELIVERY Notes – Written draft – Brief sermon outline – Use half sheet of paper – 14 point font – Leave space in margins and between lines – Underline important words or use colored highlighter

32 Verbal, Vocal, Visual Eye Communication Gestures and Facial Expressions Posture and Movement Dress and Appearance Voice and Vocal Variety Listener Involvement The Natural Self


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