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Presented by Mrs. Knowlton 2009 Welcome to the Big 6 Research Model.

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1 Presented by Mrs. Knowlton 2009 Welcome to the Big 6 Research Model

2 Overview of the Big6 Research Process The Big6 is a systematic process that enables YOU to find the information you need, use and apply that information, and to evaluate the information to see if it is appropriate for your assigned task. There are six stages in the Big6 Information and Technology Literacy and Curriculum model. Stage 1: Task Definition Stage 2: Information Seeking Strategies Stage 3: Location & Access Stage 4: Use of Information Stage 5: Synthesis Stage 6: Evaluation

3 Task Definition Define the Information Problem Identify Information Needed Define the Information Problem  What is my assignment?  What do I have to do?  What do I have to find out? Examples: Concept Mapping Graphic Organizers Identify Information Needed  What information do I need?  What types of information? Examples: Keywords Brainstorming

4 Information Seeking Strategies Determine All Possible Sources Select the Best Resources Determine All Possible Sources  What are all of the sources? Examples: books magazines, newspapers, journals maps, atlas television or radio shows sound or video recording databases, websites Select the Best Resources  Which ones should I use? Examples: Website Evaluation

5 Location and Access Locate Sources (intellectually and physically) Find Information Within Sources Locate Sources  Where will I find the sources?  How can I find that information?  Who can help me? Examples: classroom school library public library community internet Find Information Within Sources  What do I need to use to access that information?  How do I find the information that is in those sources? Examples: Comparing Search Engines Activity Boolean Logic Finding Information on the Internet

6 Use of Information Engage (e.g., read, hear, view, touch) Extract Relevant Information Engage  What information does the source give me?  Do I understand the information?  How do I record the information? Examples: note taking photocopy printing videotape / tape recorder photographing Extract Relevant Information  What information can I use?  How do I get the information from the source? Examples: Quotation, Paraphrase, Summarize Citation Machine

7 Synthesis Organize From Multiple Sources Present the Information Organize From Multiple Sources  How do I organize the information? Examples: graphic organizers outlines Inspiration software Present the Information  How can I present the information? Examples: written report multimedia presentation art project

8 Evaluation Judge the Product (effectiveness) Judge the Process (efficiency) Judge the Product  Did I complete the assignment?  Was it my best work? Examples: Assessment Rubrics Make Your Own Rubric Judge the Process  Would I change anything next time? Examples: time spent on useful activities time needed to complete tasks

9 The Big6 Website This is the official Big6 website. Janet Murray’s Website Janet Murray has taken the Big6 stages and created a chart that shows where the Information Literacy Standards and the NETS standards fit within those stages. Nuts & Bolts of the Big6 This site details each Big6 stage, provides resources and activities, and has a great Big6 game. Research Project Worksheet This worksheet provides a checklist for students as they work through the Big6 stages. Additional Big6 Resources

10 Works Cited Applying Big6 Skills, Information Literacy Standards and ISTE NETS to Internet Research. Ed. Janet Murry. 2005. 23 June 2007. Big6: Information Skills for Student Achievement. 2007. Big6 Associates, LLC. 23 June 2007. Infusing Information Literacy and Big6 Information Problem Solving: Research Project Worksheet. Ed. Kate Kelley and Michelle Steever. 2007. Chariho Middle School. 23 June 2007. Media Center: Big6 Information Skills Guide. Ed. Jeanne Barnes. 2007. John Newbery Elementary School. 23 June 2007 . Nuts & Bolts of the Big 6: In Search of Information Literacy. 2007. AT&T Knowledge Ventures. 23 June 2007 .

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