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COPYRIGHT FOR FACULTY: WHAT’S FAIR ? Harford Community College Professional Development Day August 2010.

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1 COPYRIGHT FOR FACULTY: WHAT’S FAIR ? Harford Community College Professional Development Day August 2010

2 Prof. Kahn teaches feminist film theory every fall semester. He rents the video Mildred Pierce from Netflix and shows the video in class. Is this an infringement? What if the video includes the FBI warning “for home use only”?

3 What if Prof. Kahn uses a digital copy of the movie instead of an analog copy? Do the rules change?

4 Sally Student Life wants to show videos from the library’s collection for Tuesday Cinema Night in the student center. The public is invited, but no admission is charged. Is this a copyright problem?

5 If I give credit to the author whose work I am using, there are no copyright concerns. True False

6 What if I request permission, and it is denied? Can I still use the work?

7 What if I’ve contacted the copyright holder and never got a response? Can I use the work?

8 What if I want to make fair use of a book published in France? Does French copyright law include a fair use exemption?

9 Can I include photographs or music in a powerpoint presentation for a class lecture?

10 I wrote an article that was published last year. Since I’m the author, do I have the right to make and distribute copies?

11 Using the library’s subscription databases, I’ve found the perfect article for my Blackboard class. Can I download it as a.PDF and repost it in Blackboard?

12 I have an article that I use every semester in my “Theory and Practice of Surfing” class. That’s fair use, right?

13 I would love to require several chapters from the textbook “Cooking Beans Around the World” in my Nutrition class. The book costs $200!! I need about 4 chapters. I hate to have the students spend the money to buy the book. Can I just photocopy the chapters?

14 I’ve found the perfect image for my advertising class in last week’s Time magazine. May I post it to Blackboard for them to interpret and critique?

15 My colleague found a website that legally streams a copyrighted version of Lady Gaga’s song “Alejandro”. Can he add a link to this on his Blackboard page?

16 I want my health class to each have a copy of this great pamphlet I found on the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services website. Can I make copies and distribute them?

17 I’ve prepared a presentation for my “Hats Through History” class that uses lots of photographs. I didn’t get permission. Am I in trouble?

18 REAL LIFE EXAMPLE The magazine The Nation printed an excerpt from President Ford’s book on President Nixon. The excerpt was tiny, and had to do with Nixon’s comments when resigning. The publisher sued. Did the publisher win?

19 I would like to make a compilation of video clips of various movies about presidents to show my Political Science class. I’ve found a program that lets me “unscramble” the code that prevents copying. Is this fair use?

20 RESOURCES FOR FAIR USE Copyright Basics: Harford Community College: Fair Use Checklist: 9/10/fairusechecklist.pdf 9/10/fairusechecklist.pdf Fair use Guidelines:

21 RESOURCES FOR General Copyright Information Copyright Basics: Harford Community College: How to Request Permission: copyrighted-material.html U. S. Copyright Office Circular 21 c21.pdf

22 WHERE ELSE CAN I GO? Copyright Clearing Center: Creative Commons: Wikimedia Commons: Google Advanced Search: Limit by “Usage Rights”

23 FREE (Legal) DOWNLOAD SITES Music: (Itunes) Images:

24 STREAMING VIDEO SITES From the HCC Home Page, “Articles and Databases”: Films on Demand Intelecom Online Resources Network (Link or embed) Online Video Websites: WikiSpaces-- Video/Audio%20Searching%20Portals Video/Audio%20Searching%20Portals

25 MISCELLANEOUS SITES: Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video: materials/codes/code-best-practices-fair-use-online-video TEACH Act/Distance Learning 4271

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