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Welcome to Missoula and the Study of the U.S. Institute!

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1 Welcome to Missoula and the Study of the U.S. Institute!

2 Program Objectives Participant Responsibilities Program Documents and Regulations Finances Health and Safety Transportation and Communication Lodging/Host Family Cultural Considerations Questions?

3  Mike Mansfield's remarkable career rooted in Montana  Navy, Army, and Marine Service  Longest serving Senate Majority Leader  Longest serving Ambassador  Renowned for integrity and collaboration

4 General Program Objectives Your Professional and Cultural Goals Long Term Expectations

5 Fulbright Hays Act of 1961 To increase mutual understanding between the people of the U.S. and the people of other countries by means of educational and cultural exchange...and thus to assist in the development of peaceful relations between the United States and the other countries of the world.

6 Provide an introduction to U.S. culture, society, values, and institutions through the lens of democracy and citizenship.  Ideas  Experiential learning  Meeting various partners

7 Encourage you to use your home experiences to put American studies in a global context.

8 Facilitate your work: research, curriculum development, projects, or general exposure.

9 A self-directed professional Able to work effectively in cross-cultural setting Demonstrated leadership abilities Flexible with expectations and reactions Willing to share expertise and learn from partners and each other. Congratulations on being chosen!

10 Present yourself effectively given the culture Use your background knowledge to make the most out of your experience Use your expertise to benefit colleagues Be actively engaged in new experiences Be thoughtful in participating, using Q&A time, and in completing evaluations Respond to our e-mails Consider lessons learned to take back to your home country

11 The time listed for session start is when the session actually begins. Please arrive early to ensure you’re ready on time. One member of the program team will be available 10 minutes prior to session start should you have questions or concerns to share.

12 We are your support team: talk to us! Share your needs, your enthusiasm, your concerns. Respect program staff, including student staff Support your colleagues Work to make your own program a success. Consult with us on other appointments you would like to enhance the schedule.

13 By signing the Terms and Conditions of the State Department, you have agreed to fulfill visa terms and program regulations. We photocopy your passport and visa to submit proof of arrival. Inform us of any situations that affect your ability to comply with program requirements.

14 Authorization to State Department to use your image or voice in regard to the program. Please let us know if your consent status changes.

15 $35 per day in Montana We have deducted part of this amount to pay for group meals. This money is to pay for your food and tips at restaurants. One more disbursement of funds: on June 20 for the national study tour. Per Diem increases to $45/day in Charleston and $50/day in Washington for lunch, dinner, and personal transport.

16 Many cultural activities are already scheduled. In addition to program activities, you receive a $200 Cultural Allowance. This money is provided to you by the US Government to encourage you to participate in more activities: plays, movies, restaurants, and to buy books.

17 You will be allowed to mail a small box home of approximately 8 kilos. Boxes will be provided. Be ready to ship the box on June 20. Staff will help you complete customs forms. You will have a scale to use June 20-22 to weigh your luggage.

18 Covered by health insurance. Keep your card with you. Not for pre-existing conditions If you have any health issues, talk to a member of your support team $25 co-pay per visit (more for emergency visits) Protect your body: drink water, eat healthy food, and get sleep Dress appropriately: use layers of clothing

19 Not in any buildings Not in any homes Not in any cars Not on campus at all Be sensitive to the fact that culturally, Americans generally are not comfortable with smoking

20 Call Deena or program team for any reason In true emergency, call 911 Use common sense Do not share cell numbers or private information with strangers Cultural Context/Sensitivities Traffic and Crime: Minimal! Water, Altitude and Heat: Drink lots of water! Differences in temperature: dress in layers Do not put metal in microwave

21 Vans to most appointments off-campus and field studies. Please be at the departure point at the scheduled time. Bicycles available and requested by 11 scholars. In Washington, Metro cards of $20 will be provided for free time. Ride more, self-pay. When traveling by air, stay with the group until you establish departure gate.

22 Your cell phone has funds on it to pay for calling and texts only: please do not use Internet Do not use your cell phone during sessions Do not use your cell phone to access the internet or you will run out of calling time Keep your cell phone with you and on during free time in case we need to find you Your family can call you on this phone. You cannot call overseas. Do not use international calling cards on this cell phone.

23 No SIM cards available in Missoula. Purchase international calling cards at Albertson’s or other local store to use at main Pantzer hall phone. Skype best method of communication. Internet in your room. Remember: please do not use cell phones or electronics to text or read e-mail during program sessions. This is not respectful to speakers and to your colleagues.

24 If you are having problems with your internet connection, let us know. Ensure you’re following set-up directions. UM requires use of their anti-virus software. If you have pirated software, your laptop may not work here. Computers in lobby of Pantzer Hall or use computer labs during work hours.

25 Two Fellows per room, pre-assigned and new every time so as to facilitate getting to know others. If you switch roommates, please let us know your new room number. If you have any concerns about rooming arrangements, talk to us. Please be respectful of your roommates’ sleep and quiet hours.

26 A rare opportunity to learn how an American family lives Americans generally do not have maids, so please help with cooking and cleaning. Be honest with the family about your feelings. Ask if you need anything. If you’re cold, talk to them about the heating, blankets, and jackets. Pay for your meals and outings. Call Deena with any concerns.

27 Representing yourself and your country Concept of time Concept of face is may be different in the US – anger, directness, assertiveness, and the word “no” Non-verbal cues Social Etiquette: openness, questions Discussions on politics, race, religion

28 Informality Directness Individuality Self-Reliance Punctuality Equality Diversity

29 Change of any kind can be hard Be aware of the reactions of your body and mind to a new culture Reflect on issues of sleep: oversleeping or insomnia You might miss food from home or cooked by your family You might not be used to the weather or the altitude You may feel tired, anxious, or frustrated

30 Have an open mind and use patience and humor throughout the day Exercise, eat healthy foods, and rest Focus on new experiences Use your support team to talk about new and confusing issues Remember that you will be home sooner than you think! Consider Reverse Culture Shock when you return home.

31 We are here to support you and provide you a life-changing experience. Thank you for taking time away from your family and your work to be with us!

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