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Exchange Visitor Program Neal McCrillis, Director Christine Murphey, Administrative Coordinator Adam Johnson, Assistant Director.

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1 Exchange Visitor Program Neal McCrillis, Director Christine Murphey, Administrative Coordinator Adam Johnson, Assistant Director

2 Who Can Help You? Christine Murphey, Administrative Coordinator Administrative process Assisting you in obtaining your visa Questions regarding required documents for visa application Scheduling your required orientation with our Human Resources Dept. Obtaining health insurance

3 Who Can Help You? Christine Murphey, Administrative Coordinator, continued Assisting in the arrival process Reimbursement of costs (airfare, visa fee, etc.) Any questions regarding housing, transportation, etc. Obtaining your Social Security Number

4 Who Can Help You? Adam Johnson, Assistant Director Healthcare information: Which doctors to see if you become ill or injured Tax Assistance Which forms to complete when filing your U.S. taxes

5 Who Can Help You? Dr. Neal McCrillis, Director Questions regarding your courses Your responsibilities as a visiting scholar (including giving lectures across campus, etc.) Making contact with your colleagues on campus

6 Important J-1 Visa Information Maintain valid passport at all times If traveling abroad after your arrival – you MUST have a travel signature on your Form DS-2019 before leaving. CIE will assist with this. Ensure that you have a valid visa in your passport, to allow you to return to the U.S.

7 Mandatory Health Insurance All Exchange Visitors and their dependents are required to carry health insurance Insurance must be obtained through the University System of Georgia or you must provide proof of insurance from your home country prior to your arrival (obtain form from CIE) Your health insurance provider is UnitedHealthcare

8 Mandatory Health Insurance Contact CIE to determine cost, which depends on your age. Costs for family members vary, check with CIE $15 co-pay for standard doctor office visits Must visit a physician that is in-network Hospital emergency room visits involve extra costs including an additional out-of-pocket deductible. Dental expenses are NOT covered, other than injury to sound and natural teeth and removal of full impacted wisdom teeth

9 Social Security Number (SSN) You must have a SSN in order to work in the U.S. CIE will assist you in obtaining a SSN You must wait 10 days after your arrival to the U.S. before applying for a SSN CIE will provide you with a letter of employment You must go to the Social Security Administration to complete the application You will receive a social security card in the mail

10 CSU Benefits Shuttle bus between campuses Computer labs Library Fitness Center including pool, climbing wall, fitness classes (small monthly fee) Free or low cost admission to CSU events Sporting events Music performances Theatre performances

11 In addition … You have your own personal email address and account at CSU through CougarNet CougarNet also allows you to view and change your address, view account information and much more!

12 Housing Provided by CSU All utilities are included Scholar residence includes: Full kitchen with stove, dishwasher, eating area Washer & Dryer 2 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms Linens – sheets/towels Television with cable access & DVD player Computer Wi-fi Address: 25 W. 10 th St., Apt. 1 Columbus, GA 31901

13 Other Information Finances You will want to open a local bank account, as direct deposit of your pay into a U.S. account is required. This will allow for free check cashing and ATM withdrawals

14 Other Information, continued Telephone calls Local telephone service is provided Long distance telephone service - You will need to purchase a cell phone and/or SIM card, as well as a long distance phone card in order to make telephone calls Safety Issues In case of emergency, dial 9 1 1 on any phone Emergency contact numbers for repair issues to the residence, etc., are provided on site.

15 Other Information, continued Transportation There is a local transit (bus) system and a CSU bus system Purchase of a bicycle is optional (CIE can assist with this) Zip Cars are available on campus for hourly rental (contact CIE for more details on this, as a letter from your home country Drivers Services Office is required for use)

16 Other Information, continued Driving You may drive in the U.S. with your own drivers license Purchase of a car is not necessary, due to the short length of your stay.

17 Welcome to CSU! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions before your arrival! We look forward to your joining our faculty as a visiting scholar!

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