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Plate Tectonics. The Earth’s Crust is Made of Plates.

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1 Plate Tectonics

2 The Earth’s Crust is Made of Plates

3 What Causes the Plates to Move? Convection- hot magma rises, cool magma sinks (like a lava lamp

4 Two Types of crust Continental Crust- made of granite (light) Oceanic Crust- made of basalt (heavy)

5 Plate Boundaries Cracks in the plates are called faults

6 Types of Boundaries (Faults) Convergent Boundary Divergent Boundary Transform Boundary

7 Divergent Boundary Plates move away from each other Forms volcanoes, new crust and rift valleys Ex) Iceland, mid- Atlantic ridge

8 Divergent Boundary – Arabian and African Plates

9 Divergent Boundary – Iceland

10 Rift Valleys A deep valley formed as plates move apart at a divergent boundary. Ex) The Great Rift Valley in eastern Africa

11 Sea Floor Spreading Mid Ocean Ridges – underwater mountain chains that run through the Earth’s Basins Magma rises to the surface and solidifies and new crust forms Older Crust is pushed farther away from the ridge

12 Transform Boundary Plates slide past each other Creates earthquakes Ex) San Andreas Fault in California

13 Convergent Boundary Plates move toward each other Earthquakes, forms mountain ranges Ex) Himalayan Mountains

14 Continental-Continental Boundary Plates fold, creating mountains

15 Convergent Boundaries - Continental & http://www.geology.com

16 Oceanic-Oceanic Boundary Creates trenches (deep valleys) Forms volcanoes Forms Island Arcs Ex) Aleutian Islands (Alaska)

17 Convergent Boundary – Oceanic & Oceanic & http://www.geology.com Subduction occurs when the denser plate sinks below the other

18 Oceanic-Continental Boundary Oceanic plate pushes down because it is more dense. Creates deep ocean trenches Creates coastal mountain ranges Ex) Andes mountains

19 Convergent Boundary – Oceanic & Continental & http://www.geology.com

20 Hot Spots Hot material rises from deep within the mantle. Heats the lithosphere, causing volcanoes at the surface. Ex) Hawaiian Islands, Yellowstone N.P.

21 Evidence of Pangaea

22 Vocab to Remember Fault Convection Divergent Boundary Convergent Boundary

23 Vocab ctd… Transform Boundary Rift Valley Hot Spot

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