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Male Reproductive Organs 22-2. Male Reproductive Organs 22-3.

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1 Male Reproductive Organs 22-2

2 Male Reproductive Organs 22-3

3 Penis 22-21

4 Structure of the Testis 22-5

5 Formation of Sperm Cells 22-6

6 Seminal Vesicle attached to vas deferens near base of bladder secretes alkaline fluid secretes fructose and prostaglandins contents empty into ejaculatory duct Vas Deferens muscular tube about 45 cm extends from epididymis to the top of the prostate gland

7 Prostate Gland surrounds beginning of urethra ducts of gland open into urethra secretes a thin, milky, alkaline fluid secretion enhances fluid mobility composed of tubular glands in connective tissue also contains smooth muscle 22-15 Bulbourethral Gland inferior to the prostate gland secrete mucus-like fluid fluid released in response to sexual stimulation

8 Semen sperm cells secretions of seminal vesicles, prostate gland, and bulbourethral glands slightly alkaline prostaglandins nutrients 120 sperm cells per milliliter 22-17

9 Erection, Orgasm, and Ejaculation Erection blood accumulates in erectile tissues (corpus cavernosa, corpus spongiosum) Ejaculation emission is the movement of semen into urethra ejaculation is the movement of semen out of the urethra Steps of Ejaculation 1.Reproductive ducts and accessory glands contract and empty their contents into urethra 2.Bladder sphincter closes 3.Bulbospongiosus muscle contracts 22-22

10 Actions of Testosterone increased growth of body hair sometimes decreased growth of scalp hair enlargement of larynx and thickening of vocal cords thickening of skin increased muscular growth thickening and strengthening of the bones 22-26

11 Organs of the Female Reproductive System 22-27

12 Transverse Section of Female Pelvic Cavity 22-28

13 Ovary Attachments 22-29

14 Follicle Maturation 22-33

15 Ovulation 22-34

16 Uterine Tubes, Uterus, Vagina 22-36

17 Lining of Uterine Tubes 22-37

18 Uterine Wall 22-39

19 Effects of Estrogens development of breasts and ductile system of the mammary glands increased adipose tissue in breasts, thighs, and buttocks increases vascularization of skin 22-44

20 Female Reproductive Cycle anterior pituitary released LH and FSH FSH stimulates follicle maturation granulosa cells secrete estrogens estrogens cause uterine lining to thicken LH surge released which stimulates ovulation corpus luteum develops and secretes estrogens and progesterone estrogens and progesterone cause uterine lining to thicken and become more vascular estrogens and progesterone inhibit FSH and LH secretion corpus luteum degenerates and no longer secretes estrogens and progesterone uterine lining disintegrates and sloughs off anterior pituitary is no longer inhibited and cycle repeats 22-45

21 Female Reproductive Cycle 22-46



24 Menopause usually occurs in late 40s or early 50s reproductive cycles stop ovaries no longer produce as much estrogens and progesterone some female secondary sex characteristics may disappear may produce hot flashes and fatigue hormone therapy may prevent effects on bone tissue 22-47

25 Mammary Glands 22-48

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