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Ghost Story/ Lady or the Tiger Monkey’s Paw/ Cask of Amontillado The Lottery/ Most Dangerous Game Suspense and Inference Elements of Fiction GrammarVocabularyConflict.

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1 Ghost Story/ Lady or the Tiger Monkey’s Paw/ Cask of Amontillado The Lottery/ Most Dangerous Game Suspense and Inference Elements of Fiction GrammarVocabularyConflict 100 200 300 400 500

2 What kind of king ruled in, “The Lady or the Tiger?” Support your answer with details from the story. Answer

3 Semi-barbaric king. He gave men on trial a chance between two doors. Behind one door was a lady and the other was a tiger. The entire town watched.

4 Who was the ghost in, “Ghost Story?” Answer

5 Cardiff Giant

6 Why was the ghost in, “Ghost Story,” haunting the apartment building? Answer

7 His body was on display and he couldn’t rest until it was buried.

8 Identify the climax of, “Ghost Story,” and explain why the climax can’t be another point in the story. Answer

9 The it occurs when the narrator learns who the ghost is. After this realization, there is no more suspense because most of our questions are answered.

10 Explain where the suspense in, “Lady or the Tiger,” begins and ends. How does this affect where the climax of the story occurs? Answer

11 The suspense begins when we find out the princess’s lover is on trial, and it never ends because we never learn which door he opened. Because we never figure out what door he opened, the climax comes at the end of the story. The only thing that follows the climax is the narrator’s thoughts about the princess.

12 Name the 4 main characters from, “The Monkey’s Paw.” Answer

13 Mr. White Mrs. White Herbert White Sergeant Major Morris

14 Name the two main characters from, “Cask of Amontillado.” What is their common interest? Answer

15 Fortunato Montresor Wine

16 What are the three wishes in, “The Monkey’s Paw?” Answer

17 200 pounds Wish Herbert alive Wish Herbert dead

18 What is the final wish of the first man who had the monkey’s paw? How does this foreshadow the events of, “The Monkey’s Paw?” Answer

19 He wished for death. This foreshadows that something terrible happened due to the monkey’s paw—hence nothing good will happen for the Whites.

20 What is the climax of, “Monkey’s Paw,” and, “Cask of Amontillado?” How is the placement of each climax similar?

21 MP: When Mrs. White opens the door and Herbert isn’t there CoA: When Montresor puts in the last brick. They are both at the very end of the story.

22 Who is the main character from, “The Lottery?” Answer

23 Tessie Hutchinson

24 Who are the main characters from, “Most Dangerous Game?” Give a quick description of each character. Answer

25 Rainsford—a hunter; famous; think animals understand no emotions. Claims there are two classes in the world: hunters and hunted General Zaroff—Russian military; enjoys hunting humans because humans can reason.

26 Describe the lottery process in “The Lottery.” What are the different stages and rules? What happens when someone wins the lottery? Answer

27 Round 1: Heads of household draw a slip of paper from a black box. The family that pulls the black dot is selected. Round 2: Each family member from the selected family draws. The person who pulls the black dot wins. He/she is stoned to death by everyone else in town

28 In, “Most Dangerous Game,” Rainsford claims that the hunted experience no emotions. How does this foreshadow later events? Does his statement hold true? Why or why not? Answer

29 He becomes hunted! He experiences fear for the most part, but it is still an emotion. He even experiences pride and shame as he tries his different traps.

30 “The Lottery” and “Most Dangerous Game” revolve around a typical game/sport, but adds in a twist. Think about what this twist is. Keeping the above in mind, what might the theme of the two stories be? Answer

31 Evil of humans Broken society

32 Define suspense Answer

33 Growing interest and excitement a reader experiences while awaiting the climax of a story. Questions are raised in the readers’ minds.

34 Define inference. Answer

35 Using clues to predict what will happen later in the story.

36 Describe three clues from, “Cask of Amontillado” that we can use to infer Montresor’s plans for Fortunato. (other than the obvious) Answer

37 Trowel under Montresor’s jacket Going through catacombs Giving Fortunato wine Being a “mason” Toasting, “and I to your long life”

38 Although we are never told that Rainsford killed Zaroff, we know that he did. Explain the clues in the story that helped us make this inference. Answer

39 Zaroff was hunting Rainsford. Rainsford proved to be much smarter than previous victims. When they confronted each other at the end, Zaroff explained that only one person will be sleeping in that bed— Rainsford slept in it.

40 What is the relationship between inference and context clues? Explain. Answer

41 They both use clues to figure out an answer to something. Inference—what’s happening in a story Context clues—the meaning of a word/phrase

42 Define setting Answer

43 When and where a story takes place

44 List and explain the 3 points-of-view. Answer

45 First Person—a character in the story is the narrator. Uses “I” and “we” Third Person (Limited)– A character outside of the story (or main events) narrates. He/she only knows the thoughts of one character Third Person (omniscient)—A character outside of the story narrate. Is all-knowing and can give us the inner thoughts of any character

46 List and define the 6 points on a plot diagram. Answer

47 Exposition—Background information Inciting incident—starts the action of the story Rising Action—growing interest and conflict leading to the climax Climax—turning point Falling action—leading to conclusion. Resolution—all ends are tied up.

48 What is theme? Answer

49 The overall message. It gives a statement about humanity.

50 Choose one story and diagram it on a story structure plot. Answer


52 List the 8 parts of speech. Answer

53 Noun Verb Adjective Adverb Pronoun Preposition Conjunction Interjection

54 What is the difference between an adjective and an adverb? Answer

55 Adjective modifies a noun Adverb modifies a verb, adjective, or adverb

56 What is the difference between a noun and a pronoun? Which one becomes an antecedent? Answer

57 Nouns are specific things. Mindy; car; freedom; textbooks Pronouns are refer to nouns without renaming them. She; it Nouns become antecedents

58 Which two parts of speech can MUST we have in order to communicate? Answer

59 Nouns and verbs

60 The articles the, a, and an are what part of speech? Answer

61 Adjectives

62 How do you use context clues to figure out the meaning of an unknown word? Where do you look for clues? Answer

63 Context clues give hints about the words. Look for synonyms or antonyms, actions, setting, characters, and events in the story.

64 Who was bibulous in, “The Monkey’s Paw?” Who makes that claim? Hint: the bibulous man is the same person who proffers the talisman Answer

65 Sergeant Major Morris The Whites say this because they think his war stories are made up.

66 Who gets fettered to a wall in a deep section of the catacombs? Who fetters him? Answer

67 Montresor fetters Fortunato.

68 Who acts defiantly in “The Lottery?” Explain how. Answer

69 Tessie Hutchinson starts yelling out how “unfair” the whole process was and that her husband was given no time to choose. She tries to get her married daughters involved in the drawing.

70 Who had gouged feet? He had vagabond spirits from perdition with him. Answer

71 Cardiff Giant

72 What is conflict? Answer

73 Struggle between two opposing forces

74 Name and define the two main types of conflict? Answer

75 External—between protagonist and an outside force Internal—in the protagonist’s mind

76 Describe the four ways we witness conflict. Answer

77 Man vs Man Man vs Society Man vs Nature Man vs Self

78 Name and explain the type(s) of conflict in, “The Lady or the Tiger.” Answer

79 Man vs Man King against the lover Man vs Self Princess’s decision Man vs Society The lover breaking the rules

80 Name and explain the type(s) of conflict in, “The Monkey’s Paw.” Answer

81 Man vs Self He makes wishes although he doesn’t need them. He toys with fate and it works against him.

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