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Elements of Fiction.

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1 Elements of Fiction

2 Characters A character is a person, animal, or imaginary creature
2 Kinds of Characters: Protagonist: main character or hero Antagonist: another character which causes conflict for the protagonist. The antagonist can be a character, society, or object.

3 5 Ways to Develop a Character:
Characterization A description of individuals in a story 5 Ways to Develop a Character: Physical Description of Character Character’s Speech, Thought, and Actions The Speech, Thoughts, and Actions of Other Characters Eye-Awakening Situations Direct Statement about Character

4 Setting Where and When a story takes place

5 Plot The sequence of events in a story 5 Parts of Plot: Exposition
Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution

6 Plot Diagram Climax Rising Action Falling Action Exposition Resolution

7 Plot- Exposition -the beginning part of a story that: Sets the tone
Establishes the setting Introduces characters Gives the reader important background information

8 Plot- Rising Action series of actions which lead the story to the climax

9 Plot- Climax “turning point” of the story
The climax is the point of maximum interest. It usually occurs toward the end of a story, after the reader has understood the conflict and become emotionally involved with the characters. At the climax, the outcome of the plot becomes clear.

10 Plot- Falling Action occurs after the climax
conflicts are beginning to be resolved- loose ends are tied up

11 Plot- Resolution part of the story where the problem or conflict is solved occurs after the climax and falling action “the end”

12 Conflict struggle between a character and an opposing force
2 Kinds of Conflict: Internal Conflict External Conflict

13 External Conflict struggle between a character and an outside force such as society, nature, or another character Man vs. Man Man vs. Nature Man vs. Society Man vs. Animal Man vs. Machine

14 Internal Conflict struggle within a character’s mind
usually occurs when a character has to make a decision or to deal with feelings Man Vs. Self

15 Theme The underlying message in a story that deals with life or human nature When determining theme, think about: the title the way a character changes and what they learn Big ideas such as courage and freedom

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