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2 “Engaging Form Classes” PROJECT ENGAGEMENT

3 Background There is a feeling amongst some students that form time is simply a waste of time. They struggle to see the importance of this time, as form time can often be deemed boring and monotonous. To create a culture within a house structure, form time is a crucial element where students not only receive valuable messages for the day ahead but they also get an opportunity to socially engage with students from a variety of age groups. This helps to build the family atmosphere which is crucial in developing a house spirit.

4 Background Attendance to school also has a huge impact on a student’s ability to achieve. “Students who attend school between 85 and 100 percent of the time pass the state tests in reading and math at much higher rates than students who attend school less than 85 percent of the time” (Minneapolis Public Schools). It is then extremely important to encourage students to be at school for the whole day, including form time.

5 Measurable Outcomes 1. Target groups attendance to form time will improve by 10% - 15% in comparison to the control group. 2. Student perception of form time will improve.

6 The Process 1. Recruited a Target Group of 4 form classes to work with that was a fair representation of the form classes in Pohutukawa. 2. The other 13 form classes will form the Control Group to compare against. 3. We then videoed the students in their form class before any interventions were discussed with teachers. 4. Survey Monkey was then used to survey the Target Group to see what the students wanted to see in their form classes.

7 Video – Pre Implementation

8 Survey Monkey

9 The Process 5.Met with target group form teachers individually to discuss material from the survey and decide on 3 focus goals based around 3 key ideas to create the “engaging form classes”.  Engaged e.g. Students are doing something during form time.  Friendly e.g. Teacher or senior students greet pupils as they arrive.  Communicative e.g. Triangle communication with parent, form teacher and student.

10 The Process For example – “______ decided that their major focus would be to call home more often. It is one area that ______ admits they could improve in. Time restraints and the potential negative response from parents are the main reasons why there has been a reluctance to call”. Goals were primarily based around media resources and communication with parents.

11 The Process 6.Teachers implemented “engaging form class goals” throughout Term 2. 7. Start of Term 3 re-surveyed students to analyse their thoughts on how they now viewed form class. 8. Form teachers were asked to grade how well they were able to implement the “engaging form class goals”. Each goal was given a score out of 10 enabling a total score out of 30.

12 Video during “Project Engagement”

13 Student Perception – Survey Monkey

14 Term 2 Results!

15 Term 2 Data & Graphs



18 Other Interesting Data Concern that there is a 150% increase in absence from Term 1 to Term 2 for Year 10 students in Pohutukawa. LevelYear 9Year 10Year 11Year 12Year 13 Term 1 Term 2 7.411.58.39.315.5 Increase Term 1 to Term 2 Absence 93% 150% 73%41%48%

19 Other Interesting Data

20 Outcomes Achieved??? 1. Student attendance to form time for the target group will improve by 10% - 15% in comparison to the control group. Achieved The target group achieved an 11% improved attendance in comparison to the control group at form time (Graph 2 ). There is also strong evidence to suggest that the more form teachers are able to create “engaging form classes” the better students attendance to form time will be (Graph 5).

21 Outcomes Achieved??? 2. Student perception of form time will improve. Achieved Results from Survey Monkey after the project was completed calculated that 38.2% of students from the target group thought that form time during Term 2 was more enjoyable than Term 1 (Graph 1).

22 Acknowledgements Target Group Form Teachers Peter Gall Keith Denne Hema Bhana

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