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Slogan and SWOT Analysis of 7-Eleven

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1 Slogan and SWOT Analysis of 7-Eleven
Group Members: Sharon Hung Donna Du Xiao Bin   Nicco Yang   Judy Duan  

2 Outline Background of 7-11
A. History B. Company Objectives C. Services D. Scale: Numbers of employee, the amount of capital… II. 4PS of 7-11 (Price, Product, Place and Promotion) III. Marketing Strategies A. TV Commercial B. Lottery C. Coupon D. Slogans E. Mascot (吉祥物) IV. SWOT analysis V. Suggestions to 7-11

3 Background of 7-Eleven 英文四 Sharon

4 Introduction to 7-Eleven
Origin: 1927 Dellas Texas (Southland Ice Company) Founder: Joe C. Thompson Opening Hours: 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. 7-Eleven Products:

5 Introduction to 7-Eleven (Cont.)
History 1962: 24-hour Seven-Eleven in Austin 1980s: financial crisis 1987: Stock market crashed Ito Yakado as franshisee 1991:Took control, forming  Seven & I Holdings Co.

6 Company Objectives Provide ultimate convenience
“sincere, innovative, and willing to share” Be socially responsible

7 Products

8 Services 2009: 7-Eleven earned more than $ billion (USD) revenue and owns more than employees, becoming great model for other convenience stores to follow

9 4PS of Grocery Stores, Carrefour (Hypermarket) and 7-Eleven(Convenience store)
英四乙 Neko  純數四 Judy

10 Price& Product Grocery Store— Provide elasticity prices
Sell the products according to owner’s preference Product quality is unstable Defective rate of some products (e.g., egg, vegetable) is higher than others

11 Price& Product Carrefour— Large variety of goods
Goods are mostly in large quantity, but their unit price is cheaper than others

12 Price& Product 7-Eleven— Same goods with higher prices
The quality of products is stable Less variety of products Only sells some everyday items such as groceries, toiletries, alcoholic and soft drinks, tobacco products, and newspapers.

13 Grocery Store Carrefour 7-Eleven Price Cheaper Higher Product Variety Small Largest Medium

14 Place Grocery Store 7-11 Carrefour Countryside City Town Suburbs
Online shop

15 Promotion Lower price Breakfast set Special points for great rewards
Grocery Store 7-11 Carrefour Lower price Breakfast set Special points for great rewards Seasonal discount

16 Marketing Strategies of 7-Eleven
英文四  Donna

17 How do 7-11 promote through advertising?
TV advertisings-- Seven Select/Impossible Mission Lottery Coupon Collecting for gifts 憤怒鳥馬克杯: 飲料抽抽樂:

18 Slogans Convenience Sensitiveness; forming the customers’ impression
a. “Your convenient good neighbors” b. “7-11 is always there” c. “Always Open” Whenever you want some foods or daily necessities, 7-11 is always there, open 24 hours7 days a week.

19 Mascot Open將 From “Always Open, 7-Eleven” Memo Paster Bag Notebook

20 7-Eleven: SWOT Analysis
金企四 Xiao

21 7-Eleven SWOT analysis Strengths Weaknesses High market occupation
 Logistics Flow system and MIS(Management Information System) Good reputation Diversification strategy Low brand loyalty Variety of product is not as many as supermarket. Price are higher than supermarket. Food product quality are not as good as professional store such as a lunch box store , beverage store. Opportunities Threats Delivery service Occupy the most market Internet development High rent Products are easy to be copy. Competitor such as Family mart … Market saturation

22 7-Eleven: SWOT analysis
Strengths Weaknesses 高市場占有率 完善的物流及情報系統 商譽良好 多角化經營 品牌忠誠度低 同質性商品過多 價格較超市、全聯高 食品類產品品質不及專業店家 Opportunities Threats 外送服務 佔據大部分市場 網路商務發展看好 房租高漲 產品易被模仿 同性質競爭者多(例: 全家、萊爾富…) 市場飽和

23 Suggestions to 7-Eleven

24 Suggestions Offer delivery service. Offer bike renting.
Participate in more activity for public welfare in order to maintain and rise their Social image in public.

25 Suggestions 提供外送服務 單車租賃 多從事公益活動,以維持並提升企業社會形象

26 References

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