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-How To leverage Virtual Desktop for Manageability & Security -Desktop Computing “as a service” Andreas Tsangaris CTO, PERFORMANCE

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1 -How To leverage Virtual Desktop for Manageability & Security -Desktop Computing “as a service” Andreas Tsangaris CTO, PERFORMANCE

2 Virtualization Explosion! 0 200,000 400,000 600,000 800,000 1,000,000 1,200,000 1,400,000 1,600,000 200520062007200820092010 $- $2,000 $4,000 $6,000 $8,000 $10,000 $12,000 $14,000 $16,000 $18,000 $20,000 Virtual MachinesSpending on Virtualization Source: IDC Presentation, Virtualization 2.0: The Next Phase in Customer Adoption, Doc #204904, Dec 2006

3 Virtualization Total Addressable Market - 2010 $- $500 $1,000 $1,500 $2,000 $2,500 $3,000 $3,500 200520062007200820092010 File System Utility Data Protection & Recovery Clustering & Availability Change and Config Virtualized Clients Server Consolidation Source: IDC Presentation, Virtualization 2.0: The Next Phase in Customer Adoption, Doc #204904, Dec 2006

4 Low Resource UtilizationSoftware Compliance Risks HeterogeneityHigh Management Costs Security Threats Data Theft Virus / Malware Phishing Hacking Admin Inefficiencies Upgrades Patches > 70% of TCO ($6,800* / user/ year) ) Threat of Licensing Audits!! Internal External -IDC The desktop is the least utilized resource on the network! -IDC Need for preventive/ proactive measures State of the Enterprise Desktop

5 High Management Costs

6 Need for New Capabilities Disasters Alt. Workspace Outsourcing Compliance Need to contain desktop proliferation and build a standardized, centrally managed desktop environment that adheres to internal and external compliance guidelines Need to secure data and resources within the corporate data center and provide secure access to outsourcing / offshore developers or transaction workers Need to be able to support a virtual work environment where users have alternative access to complete desktop resources while working remotely Quickly recover, re-provision & re-establish user access to complete desktop environments to ensure business continuity Need for Instant Desktop Recovery & Provisioning Need for Alternative Workspace Access Need for Secure, Controlled Access by Outsourcing Entities Need for Desktop Consolidation & Standardization

7 What is Server-Hosted Desktop Virtualization? Data Center Power consumption cooling / heat space data security backups updates refreshes user administration tasks

8 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Provide end users with virtual desktop image that is managed centrally, more secure, flexible (runs any Win app w/min overhead), & feature rich -- nearly identical to physical PC.

9 VDI- How Does it work? ESX Server VirtualCenter 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 Connection using remote display software (e.g. RDP, VNC, etc.) 2 1 Virtual desktops hosted on VMware Virtual Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure optimizes and manages servers to deploy desktops Virtual Desktops Secure Data Center 3 Clients can be a desktop, a laptop or a specialized thin client Displays desktop of remote virtual machine

10 VDI – Overview -VDI leverages Virtual Infrastructure 3 and a remote control protocol such as RDP to provide users access to a remote desktop. Thin Client or PC Virtual Infrastructure 3 Server

11 Access Security

12 Best of both worlds Benefits of Server-based Computing = Benefits of Virtualization Centralized Management Data Security Lower Costs Remote Access Scalability User Management Desktop Lifecycle Management Remote access to full desktops Hardware independence Full application compatibility Complete user isolation Instant provisioning Dynamic resource management Disaster recovery Desktop standardization Virtual Desktop Infrastructure + (Always on, Always connected )

13 VDI Benefits – Centralization (1) Close to IT Operations –Virtual Machines (VMs) located in Data Center - close to the support staff that tends to them. –Management tools can access desktop VMs over high- speed local networks for patching & system maintenance. Application Performance –Close proximity to servers maintains application performance regardless of where the client is located. Security –All data resides on a secure network inside the corporate firewall. –Remote users only ‘view’ data so it never gets transferred to insecure devices - that can be lost, stolen, or hijacked.

14 VDI Benefits – Compatibility (2) Real Desktop Operating Systems –VMs run Win XP just like physical hardware so applications work normally without modification. –Applications can make system level changes such as registry writes & DLL replacements where necessary – offering desktop feel –Existing corporate desktop configurations can be easily imported. Isolation –Each VM runs separately, so a crashed VM or a poorly behaving application does not affect other users on same server. –VDI is suitable for developers because any type of change can be made to a VM without affecting other users.

15 VDI Benefits – Virtualization (3) Homogenous Virtual Hardware –All VMs use the same virtual hardware. –One base image can be used for many different VMs – driver management is greatly simplified. –Templates can be created in Virtual Center to aid rapid deployment of new VMs VDI is Virtual Infrastructure –VI3 Servers & Virtual Center are the core components. –Virtualized Server and Desktop spaces - leverage same hardware, architecture, & infrastructure. –Automatic Load-Balancing and High Availability through VMware HA, DRS, & VMotion features.

16 The Dynamic Desktop Total Cost of Ownership


18 BROnet’s Virtual Office “ Provide information technology as a utility to small and medium-sized businesses ” Eliminate software and hardware support issues Instant provision of new worksheets Provide guaranteed data protection and recovery Provide helpdesk services, currently only affordable by large enterprises –User support –Virus protection –Quick recovery –Patch & upgrade –Software lifecycle management Support remote computing Minimize Total Cost of Ownership “Pay as you use”

19 Architecture Utilize Broadband for Customer Access (DSL) Create “office” environments for each customer: Isolated Secured Managed Provide instant access to desktop & server resources

20 Thank You !!

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