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Trustworthiness PILLAR ONE.

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1 Trustworthiness PILLAR ONE

2 Trustworthiness Embodies Four Ethical Principles
Integrity Honesty Promise-Keeping Loyalty

3 Every lie or deception is like a time bomb...

4 People of character understand the importance of trust and pursue a life that makes them worthy of trust.

5 Trustworthiness Integrity

6 Integrity Integrity is moral wholeness demonstrated by a consistency of: Thoughts – what we think Words – what we say Deeds – what we do Duties – what we should do

7 People With Integrity Don’t do anything they think is wrong
Don’t lose heart if they fail

8 Do you have the heart to say no?

9 Trustworthiness Honesty

10 Honesty There are two types of honesty: Communications Conduct

11 Honesty: Communications
Truthfulness – representing facts and intentions to the best of one’s knowledge Sincerity – being genuine without trickery or duplicity Candor – volunteering information another person would want to know; being frank, forthright, and open

12 Honesty: Conduct Playing by the rules — no cheating
Being trustworthy with others’ property — no stealing

13 Honesty Do: Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth
Be sincere Be forthright and candid Don’t: Lie Cheat Steal Be sneaky, tricky, or deceptive

14 Trustworthiness Promise-Keeping

15 Promise-Keeping Promise-keeping is a vital moral aspect of reliability. Promises create duties beyond legal obligations. People have a right to rely on us to perform what we commit to do whether or not there is an enforceable obligation.

16 Reliability and Promise-Keeping
Keep your word. Honor your commitments. Be dependable — do what you’re supposed to do, return what you borrow, pay your debts. Show up where and when you’re supposed to. Be prepared — do your homework and bring what you need to do your work.

17 Trustworthiness Loyalty

18 Loyalty Synonyms: fidelity, allegiance
These denote faithfulness, as to a person or a cause. Fidelity implies the unfailing fulfillment of one's duties and obligations and strict adherence to vows or promises. Allegiance is faithfulness, as to a government or state to which one is subject. It is considered a duty.

19 Loyalty Do Stand by, stick up for, and protect your family, friends, school, and country Be a good friend Look out for those who care about you Keep secrets Don’t Betray a trust Let your friends hurt themselves Do anything wrong, even for a friend or so others will like you Ask a friend to do anything wrong Spread hurtful rumors or gossip

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