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Welding : SMAW Safety and information

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1 Welding : SMAW Safety and information
By: Mr. Gross

2 SMAW = Arc Welding SMAW stands for “ Shielded Metal Arc Welding” , or commonly known as “Arc” for short What does SMAW mean? To use a ROD covered in FLUX with electrical current running through it to weld pieces of metal together

3 Arc Welding Safety: Light
Flashes are the most common and most likely occurrence when using an arc welder Flashes occur due to waves of INFARED and ULTRAVIOLET light. These waves of light are invisible to the naked eye, but have high potential for injury in the following ways: Flashes to the eyes Flash to bare and exposed skin + Ways to PREVENT FLASH INJURY - Wear proper helmet, lens shade 10 - Wear clothing covering your body, covering all skin - ALWAYS WELD WITH A HELMET DOWN

4 Arc WELDING : Proper Gear
Welding Helmet with a shade 10 lens Clothes with no mesh, fringes, or easily combustible materials Hair tied back if long, and possibly covered with a hat, bandana, or welding cap Closed toed shoes Arms and legs completely covered ( even if you are hot) Welding Gauntlets Pair of reliable pliers Cooling Tank

5 Arc Welding: Heat Dangers
Arc Welding occurs between 2,000 and 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit Metal is hot when welding is finished, DO NOT TOUCH you will be scalded or branded HOT METAL DANGERS: Spatter Burning Through Prevention: Stay Covered, Use pliers, Pay attention what is going on around you, use cooling tank, NEVER GRAB METAL BEFORE THE WELDER WILL

6 Arc welding: Booth and part I.D. and Terms
At this point we will go to the shop, take material with in order to take notes. We will cover Electricity, Terms, Procedure, and Things to know before you get in the booth

7 Questions over ARC Welding?

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