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Volontari nel mondo FOCSIV Poverty is not a misfortune… …it’s an injustice!

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1 Volontari nel mondo FOCSIV Poverty is not a misfortune… …it’s an injustice!

2 Volontari nel mondo – FOCSIV is a Federation of 63 Christian Organisations of International Voluntary service, based all over in Italy. FOCSIV was established in 1972 In the last 36 years, it has been committed in the promotion of a global culture of justice and peace, working in poor countries as well as in Italy FOCSIV’s aim is to arouse awareness on problems related to social injustice: fighting against hunger and poverty, promoting human dignity, a culture of non-violence and social and economic development in the South. All member organisations are continuing to share the central role of international voluntary service and cooperation and a strong motivation coming from the evangelic values and from the dottrina sociale della chiesa.

3 International Voluntary service more than 15.000 international volunteers in the last 36 years in 2008, 701 FOCSIV volunteers and 345 young civil service volunteers were engaged in 870 projects in 82 countries of the 5 continents FOCSIV projects are developed through a partnership between the Italian NGO and the South Partner (in the most of cases it’s an organisation working together the local church reality) Projects are achieved in different sectors: environment, “agri-food”, art and culture, governance and citizenship, social communication and information, human rights and information, women and development, education, emergency and humanitarian aid, institutional strengthening and networks, healthcare and diseases, food security, economic development and trade, childhood and adolescence protection

4 Our commitment in Italy Implementing projects in the south of the world is necessary but it will be completely ineffective if the international rules and policies causing poverty and injustice are not changed. Lobbying – Advocacy and Campaigns Issues: trade, food sovereignty, global governance, financing for development, MDGs… At local, national and international levels With Italian, European and International Networks LET’S CREATE A CLIMATE FOR JUSTICE! or Today, FOCSIV is carrying on an international campaign on the way around the huge international debate about climate changes.

5 Main characteristics: -18 to 28 years young people -employed for 12 months -they receive a monthly financing from the UNSC almost always with a university degree, with poor work exp. Civil service Volunteers Since 2002, beside the “classical” figures employed in the cooperation projects, it’s significant the introduction of the Civil Service Volunteers. (Italian law 64/2001) Young people can choose between a national other an international experience.

6 “Caschi Bianchi: Interventi umanitari in aree di crisi” White Helmets: humanitarian interventions in crisis areas It’s a programme realised in network with other different countries and the general objective is the involvement of young people in international cooperation projects in order to give a contributions to programmes that are focused on justice and peace promotion. White Helmet features : to build relationships to intervene in social conflicts contexts with the non-violence to be the “voice” of “forgotten people” to be operator of solidarity, development and experiences sharing The main Objective: to give to young people a possibility to do an experience of personal training and development education in order to increase their active citizenship.

7 Currently… 137 White Helmets are engaged in FOCSIV projects in more than 40 different countries (Africa, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe). Since 2004 more than 600 young people chose FOCSIV for their International Civilian Service year.

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