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The European Year for Development 2015. Key facts about EU development co-operation The 28 Member States and the European Union are together responsible.

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1 The European Year for Development 2015

2 Key facts about EU development co-operation The 28 Member States and the European Union are together responsible for more than 50% of global development aid In 2013, the EU committed a substantial sum, EUR 14.86 billion, to external development assistance The total amount agreed for the external action financing instruments comes to just over EUR 51.4 billion for the period 2014–2020.* *2014 Annual Report on the European Union’s development and external assistance policies and their implementation in 2013 ΕUΕU US Other donors

3 Development cooperation under the Lisbon Treaty “Union development cooperation policy shall have as its primary objective the reduction and, in the long term, the eradication of poverty” (Art. 208) “The Union shall take account of the objectives of development cooperation in the policies that it implements which are likely to affect developing countries.” (Art. 208)

4 EU aid policy & history 1958 The European Communities Development policy is part of foreign policy 1950s–1990s EC expansion of aid to ACP, Eastern Europe, Mediterranean, Asia, Latin America, Balkans and birth of thematic programmes like human rights from association to partnership agreements 1992 UN Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro-Climate Change Convention 2000 UN 8 Millennium Development Goals: fixing poverty reduction objectives for 2015

5 EU aid policy & history 2005 European Consensus on Development 2011–15 Communications linked to the post-2015 development agenda 2011 EU Development Policy 'An Agenda for Change‘'An Agenda for Change‘ 2012 Rio+20 on Sustainable Development 2013 Decent life for AllDecent life for All 2014 Global Partnership for Effective Cooperation in Mexico 2015 Deadline to achieve the targets under the UN 8 Millennium Development Goals!

6 Millennium Development Goals Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger Achieve universal primary education Promote gender equality and empowering women Reduce child mortality rates Improve maternal health Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases Ensure environmental sustainability Develop a global partnership for development

7 Main actors European Commission European Parliament Council Member States EEAS EU Delegations Economic and Social Committee Committee of the Regions Private Sector NGO/CSO International Organisations Universities Schools Local and Regional authorities Foundations

8 Commissioners Neven Mimica, International Cooperation and Development Cecilia Malmström, Trade Johannes Hahn, European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Christos Stylianides, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Vice-President of the Commission

9 What does the EYD aim to achieve? Raise awareness of the benefits of the EU’s development cooperation and promote a sense of joint responsibility, solidarity and opportunity in an increasingly interdependent world. Involve EU citizens, promote their critical thinking and active interest in development cooperation such as, for example, the formulation of policies and their implementation. Inform EU citizens about the results that the EU has achieved together with the Member States as a global actor and will continue to achieve in the field of international development.

10 Why a European Year for Development 2015? It is an opportunity to showcase the strong commitment of the EU and its Member States in eradicating poverty worldwide. In an increasingly interdependent world, EU development cooperation benefits people both in the EU and in our partner countries Global development agenda beyond 2015 negotiated at UN level – a milestone for development policy 2015 is the deadline for the Millennium Development Goals

11 Who does the campaign target? Young people Policy makers Broader public Civil society and organisations Schools and universities

12 January– Europe in the World February– Education March– Women and Girls April– Health May– Peace and Security June– Sustainable Green Growth, Decent Jobs, Businesses July– Children and Youth August– Humanitarian Aid September– Demography and Migration October– Food Security November– Sustainable Development and Climate Action December– Human Rights and Governance Thematic months

13 Partnerships Website Social media EYD and the World’s Best News Communication toolkit Stakeholders’ initiatives Flagship events Core elements of the campaign

14 Toolkit – EYD2015 materials, visual elements and additional resources will provide tools to stakeholders to promote the EYD2015 through their own channels. The Toolkit also contains visual tools to support your engagement and efforts in promoting the EYD2015 goals and results. Campaign information and materials Educational tools EYD fact sheet and presentation Monthly fact sheets Infographics Two editions of the EYD newspaper Eurobarometer data (EU-wide opinion surveys on international development and aid) List of key campaign events at EU level Visual identity elements How to get involved with the EYD2015?

15 Website and social media Featuring key campaign news Stories of the week Campaign toolkit Event calendar showcasing partner/stakeholder events Key development facts and updates Platform for sharing ideas and for partners and citizens to get involved Dedicated profile pages for organisations involved in the EYD2015 Website and social media curation How to get involved with the EYD2015? #EYD2015

16 Get updates, share info, contribute your ideas! Join the group: Involve your networks! Promote the EYD2015 with your networks and stakeholders and encourage them to take part Keep in touch with us on the internet, Twitter and Facebook #EYD2015 Get involved, it's our Year!

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