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Artist Entrepreneurial Workshop - Feb 27, 2007 Artist Grants and Services: What Do We Do? What Are You Missing?

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1 Artist Entrepreneurial Workshop - Feb 27, 2007 Artist Grants and Services: What Do We Do? What Are You Missing?

2 This afternoon’s presenters… Judy Rigmont, Community Arts Coordinator Julie Mento, Visual Arts Associate

3 Today’s Topics… Fellowships Percent for Art Program Artist Entrepreneurial Grants Grant Tips Artist Rosters & Listings

4 continued… Services & Resources  E-news  Artist Workshops  Other resources

5 First step… Where can I find guidelines and applications to apply? Answer:

6 Click on “grants” 

7 Our guidelines are organized by applicant type. Click on “Individual Artists” 

8 Read quick summary and click on your selection. You made it! The first one for today is… 

9 Individual Artist Fellowships

10 Fellowships In Summary An award, not a grant Up to 6 awards at $5,000 each Only two criteria  Artistic excellence based on work samples  Professional commitment based on resume

11 Fellowships Who may apply? Are over 18 years of age Are residents of New Hampshire at the time of application and for one full year prior to application Plan to reside in New Hampshire for the full Fellowship year Have a resume that demonstrates professional commitment to an artistic discipline Have Work Samples of recent work, not more than five years since completion, in any arts discipline Have submitted all final reports on past State Arts Council grants

12 Fellowships This award does not support: More than one Fellowship award within a five-year period More than three Fellowship Awards in an artist's lifetime Full time students

13 Fellowships Postmark Deadline: Friday, April 13, 2007 Simple Application Process Complete the Application Form Add required Work Samples Include a professional resume

14 Fellowships Three Application Questions… 1. Briefly describe what a State Arts Council Fellowship would mean to your career. 2. What form would your "Report to the New Hampshire Community" take should you be selected as a State Arts Council Fellow? 3. Artist Statement

15 Fellowships Support Material Follow the detailed instructions within the award guidelines. It is especially important that your Work Samples are anonymous.

16 Fellowships Special notes about Work Samples per discipline category Visual & Media Arts Performing Arts Literary Arts

17 Fellowships The Panel Process Three panels with 5 panelists each  Visual & Media Arts  Performing Arts  Literary Arts A mix of in-state and out-of state panelists

18 Fellowships Details Artist remains anonymous during panel review We rec’v 80 – 130 applications each year Each panel can recommend up to 2 applicants All recommendations are presented to the Arts Council for review and approval All approved recommendations then go to Governor & Executive Council for final approval

19 Fellowships The fine print Notification of your application status is normally sent via letter by September Only panelists’ technical feedback is given per artist’s request  No critiques will be given

20 Fellowships Any questions?

21 Next up… New Hampshire’s Percent for Art Program

22 Click on “about us” 

23 Click on “percent for art” 

24 You made it!

25 What is “Public Art”? The term public art properly refers to works of art in any media that has been planned and executed with the specific intention of being sited or staged in the public domain and accessible to all.

26 What does “Percent for Art” refer to? Many municipal, county and state gov’ts actively encourage the creation of public art, for example, budgeting for artworks in new buildings by implementing a “percent for art” policy. New Hampshire State Gov’t sets aside ½%

27 NH’s Percent for Art details Enacted by the New Hampshire Legislature in 1979 ½% of the bid contract price of certain State Building projects set aside for the commission or purchase of original artworks

28 Percent for Art Recent Examples: NHTI Dental Lab, Concord = $7,500 YDC, Manchester = $60,000 Bayberry House, NH Hosp = $1,900

29 Percent for Art How to Learn about Announcements Sign up for E-news Service Keep an eye on the NHSCA homepage Soon… postcard announcements

30 Percent for Art Anatomy of a Request for Proposals (RFP)









39 Percent for Art Artist Budget should include Materials Artist fees Studio rental Electricity Telephone Travel costs A small contingency percentage Installation costs (including engineering studies, if necessary)

40 Percent for Art Continued… Liability insurance while installing artwork on-site Insurance costs while work is under construction, during transportation and delivery NOTE: You will rec’v a 1099 Supplemental Income statement from the IRS

41 Percent for Art Visual Proposal for Commissions

42 Visual Proposal Example

43 Compared to Final Outcome

44 Visual Proposal Example

45 Compared to Final Outcome

46 Percent for Art After your proposal is received Collected, organized and reviewed by  Art Selection Committee  Site Advisory Committee Recommendations reviewed by Arts Council You rec’v either a “Congrats” or “Regret” letter Enter into negotiation phase with artist

47 Percent for Art Various Past Projects

48 “Passage”, exterior sculpture Northern NH Correctional Facility, Berlin Artist, Gary Haven Smith - $26,790

49 “Landscape” NH State Prison, Concord Artist, Calvin J. Libby, $3,500

50 “Light” Leaded Stained Glass NH State Prison, Concord Artist, Susan Pratt Smith, $8,343

51 “Meadow Stream” Dover District Courthouse, Dover Artist, Carol Aronson Shore, $4,000

52 “Birches in Winter” Carroll County Courthouse, Ossipee Artist Stephen Hodecker, $5,000

53 “Ravine” and “Iron Bridge” Coos County Courthouse, Lancaster Artist, William Scolere, $150 each

54 “Rare Breed”, “Cow”, “Fox” Coos County Courthouse, Lancaster Artist, Elizabeth Mayor, $450 each

55 “Windows Coming Home” NH State Veterans Home, Tilton Installation View: Artist Gordon Carlisle, $12,000

56 “Windows Coming Home” Various panels

57 “Top of Mt Kearsarge” NH Veterans Home, Tilton – Atrium Artist, Sheldon Cassady, $4,000

58 Public Art Resources Americans for the Arts: Public Art Network  Café: WESTAF  Artists Register: WESTAF  Art & Community Landscapes: NEFA 

59 Percent for Art Any questions?

60 Next up… Artist Entrepreneurial Grants (formerly called Artist Opportunity Grant)

61 Click on “grants” 

62 Click on “Individual Artists” 

63 Click here 

64 Artist Entrepreneurial Grant Grant request = $250 - $1,000 Purpose Professional development, promotion of work and enhancement of business skills for artists

65 Artist Entrepreneurial Grant Eligibility Professional* New Hampshire artists at least 18 years of age who have been legal residents of NH for minimum of two years *Professional: People who devote a majority of time to practicing, performing, and/or teaching an arts discipline and who receive payment for their work in that discipline.

66 Artist Entrepreneurial Grant Eligibility continued… NH Roster artists who live within 10 miles of the border who can demonstrate that over 50% of their work is for NH audiences. Individual artists who have attained undergraduate degrees in the creative or performing arts at least one year prior to application.

67 Artist Entrepreneurial Grant This grant does not support… Purchase of equipment Current students Requests from Artist Fellowship recipients during the year in which they are Fellows. More than one application per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) Costs for producing a CD or DVD or framing artwork

68 Artist Entrepreneurial Grant Types of Projects Registration, tuition and travel costs for conferences, workshops or showcases that advances or promotes an artist's work and/or business skills Website development and marketing Mentorships between professional and "emerging“ artists Residencies at artist colonies

69 Artist Entrepreneurial Grant Quarterly Postmark Application Deadlines April 2, 2007 July 2, 2007 October 1, 2007 January 2, 2008 For projects beginning 3+ months after deadline.





74 Artist Entrepreneurial Grant Narrative Questions 1. Briefly describe the project for which you are seeking funds (maximum ½ page). 2. How will this project advance your work, or if a mentorship, the work of the artist you are mentoring? 3. How will you raise the required 1:1 matching funds for this project? 4. What percentage of your income for the previous calendar year came directly from your artwork? Are you employed either part-time or full-time in a position that is NOT related to your work as an artist?

75 Artist Entrepreneurial Grant Questions for Mentorship Projects Only 5. Describe the planning process and time frame for working with the other artist(s). 6. Describe how you will make the accomplishments of the mentoring sessions available to the public.

76 Artist Entrepreneurial Grant Support Materials Resumes or other informative written materials for project consultants and/or artists who are not juried by the State Arts Council Descriptive material on the conference, workshop or other professional development opportunity

77 Artist Entrepreneurial Grant Support Materials continued… Evidence of legal status as a resident of NH (copy of voter registration, driver’s license, etc.) Work samples (i.e., CDs, slides, DVDs, manuscript pages) for artists who are not already juried by the State Arts Council.

78 Types of Projects Website Development/MarketingProfessional Development

79 Mentoring Types of Projects Residencies at Artist Colonies

80 Artist Entrepreneurial Grant Any questions?

81 Next up… Grant Tips

82 After your application is submitted Staff review for eligibility & completeness Panel review: criteria ranking & recommendations Arts Council review of recommendations Grant agreements issued for Arts Council approved recommendations Governor & Executive Council approval Checks issued

83 Grant Tips What can delay the process? Incomplete application Not following the guideline requirements Improperly completed grant agreement

84 Grant Tips Talk to us! Review grant requirements & eligibility criteria Submit a draft application for review Provide clear & concise responses to all narrative questions Document project timelines and goals in mentorships

85 Grant Tips Make sure your budget matches your narrative Document your contingency strategy Provide your best quality support materials Don’t miss a deadline! Talk to us!

86 Grant Tips Any questions?

87 Next up… Artist Roster Traditional Arts & Folklife Listing

88 Artist Roster Juried listing of PROFESSIONAL artists Excellent resource for presenters and for artists Artists can apply annually Roster Categories  Arts-in-Education: Juried to work in schools around New Hampshire  Community Arts: Juried to create artwork and partnerships in community settings Deadline for applying: April 2, 2007


90 Traditional Arts & Folklife Listing A juried listing of traditional artists, community scholars & folklorists Excellent resource for presenters and for artists Artists can apply annually Deadline for applying: April 2, 2007


92 Matchbook.Org On-line artist roster for professional performing artists and literary artists. A resource for performing artists and presenters sponsored by New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) No jury process Artists can register directly on the website Free online registration anytime

93 Artist Rosters & Listings Any questions?

94 Next up… Services & Resources

95 E-news Artist Workshops Other resources Check back often:

96 Services & Resources Any questions?

97 THE END Thank you for coming!

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