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Ellen’s English Class Ellen Hsieh 3/17/2014. Sentence Pattern.

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1 Ellen’s English Class Ellen Hsieh 3/17/2014

2 Sentence Pattern

3 The _____ smells ______. The ______ tastes _______.

4 bacon coconut Cut grass Popcorn marker vanilla Melted chocolate Fresh air

5 Things smell good 1.Petrol 2.Vanilla 3.Bacon 4.Fresh air 5.Cut grass 6.Melted chocolate 7.Popcorn 8.Coconut 9.Markers 資料來源

6 Teeth gunk Rotten egg fart Stinky tofu skunk vomitPoo-poo Trash bin Dirty diaper durian

7 Things smell bad 1.Durians 2.Poo-poo 3.Trash bins 4.Diapers 5.Skunks 6.Vomit 7.Teeth gunk 8.Rotten eggs 9.Fart 10.Stinky tofu 資料來源 :

8 Whose cap is this? Whose shoes are these?

9 Whose ____ is this/that? glove mask backpack cap bow dress cape

10 Whose ____ are these/those? shoes pants Glasses

11 It’s Andy’s cap. Michael Jackson’s glove Mini’s bow Dora’s backpack Snow White’s dress Spiderman’s mask Superman’s cape Monster University ‘s cap

12 They’re Jack’s shoes Minion’s glasses Spongebob’s pants Mickey Mouse’s shoes

13 Phonics & Grammar


15 Simply Phonics

16 A: Write Do or Does 1.______ Jenny and you drink milk every day? 2.______ Mr. Hill jump rope every day? 3.______ the teachers play with yo-yos? 4.______ your baby brother read books? 5.______ your dog eat oranges? B: Write the questions with Do or Does 請寫在小黃並回答 Ex: He watches TV. Does he watch TV? Yes, he does. 1.She eats breakfast. Yes, 2.They play baseball. No, 3.Tim buys a book. No, 4.Amy loves chocolate. No, 5.You read English novels. Yes,


18 五年級英語班際競賽

19 小考

20 第一次月考

21 Prize for you

22 Oral test Guided Writing & Presentation

23 There are five people in my family. They are my father, my mother, my grandfather and my sister. My grandfather is 82 years old. He is strong. He goes jogging in the park every morning. My father is a writer, and he works at home. He always has crazy ideas, so his books are very popular. I like to talk with him. My mother is a teacher at the Taipei Zoo. She loves animals, and she teaches kids about animal protection. I am a student in Xingya Junior High School, and my sister is a student of Po-ai Elementary School. Her school is next to my school, so we go to school together. I love my family and we live happily. 資料來源 : 林淑媛, 取自

24 Check: Please check the sentence patterns in your introduction, at least 3 patterns.  There is / are  Age: -- year(s) old  Job / work: teacher, housekeeper, doctor…  Adjectives about personalities or characters: tall, young, crazy…  Prepositions of places: in, on, at… Ask and Answer: How many people are there in your family? There are______________________________________________ Who are they? They are my____________________________________________ How old are they? What are their jobs? What are their characters? / How are they? How do you feel about your family? 資料來源 : 林淑媛, 取自



27 Excellent 4-5 Good 2-3 Poor 0-1 Loudness 音量 Always speaks loudly enough for audience to hear 一直可以聽到 你的聲音 Usually speaks loudly enough for audience to hear 通常可以聽到 你的聲音 Speaks too soft or loud to hear. 太小聲 聽不到你的聲音 Reading 朗讀 Words are pronounced correctly and easily understood 咬字清楚容易了解 Most words are pronounced correctly and easily understood 大部分咬字清楚容易 了解 Many words pronounced incorrectly. 咬字不清楚不正確 Intonation 情感表達 Consistently reads with appropriate expression. 情感表達非常適切 Usually reads with appropriate expression. 情感表達適切 Reads with little or no expression. 情感表達很少或無 Fluency 流暢度 Always read smoothly. 念得很順暢 Sometimes stop. 有時停頓下來 Stop for many times. 停頓好多次 英文口試評分表 Oral Test Score Form Name:___________ Class: _______ Number:______ Total 總分 :_____________ Material: □ What time do you go to bed? □ My Family


29 Activity

30 Dubbing

31 31

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